Elephant Insurance cancellation fee!

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  •  Thu, Apr 10 2008, 1:18 PM

    Re: Elephant Insurance cancellation fee!

    Hi, I wouldn't advise cancelling your direct debit in an effort to dodge the fee. Most car insurance polices are unfortunately annual, and thus you do incur an early cancellation charge if you decide to terminate any time during the course of the year/before your renewal date. In addition to this, depending on the final balance, most companies will have no qualms about issuing you with a CCJ or a default if you continue to ignore their letters chasing for an outstanding balance.

    As mentioned above, Elephant are required to make you aware of this at point of sale as well as in your original documentation, so scan your policy and see if it is mentioned. If it isn't then by all means dispute it, but be aware that the adviser who sold you the policy usually includes it in the scripts at point of sale. Likewise the internet website where you originally set it up will most likely include it in the small print/terms & conditions, and thus from a legal standpoint the company has done everything they are required to do.

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  •  Thu, Apr 10 2008, 1:10 PM

    Re: Elephant Insurance cancellation fee!


    unfortunatly Elephant prob have got the right to apply a £45 canx fee. When you took the policy up you would have been sent docs which state there is a canx fee. i highly doubt that a company like elephant would not. Have a look on the back of your cert/schudule, it may say there


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  •  Wed, Apr 09 2008, 6:48 PM

    Elephant Insurance cancellation fee!

    I have just sold my car and I phoned Elephant asking to cancel my policy. The phone call took 2 minutes and the polite call taker pressed a few buttons and told me it was cancelled. Then she mentioned the £45.00 admin fee to cancel my policy. I asked why it was so much and she couldn't give me an answer.

    Shall I just cancel my direct debit and argue the £45 fee? I know it's not much but the point is she couldn't give me an answer as to why it is so much?

    Elephant have since emailed asking for the certificate back, I know by law we have to but I emailed them saying there would be a £45.00 admin fee for me to do that!

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