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    economy 10 - EON


    Ive had numerous problems with my electricity at my property, back in 2005 it was discovered after I queried a bill of £300 debit (paying £56 dd per month) that the night and day readings had been transposed since moving into the house in 2001. The most recent problem was a bill for £1,400 in May due to underestimated bills, which I queried - and eventually took to the Ombudsmen. The outcome was a reduction in the bill (this obviously went on for some weeks and at great length) and I was required to pay £442 - which I did. I felt that that would be the end of it, but now having been paying dd of £50 I recently had a bill of £203.71 and a letter 3 days later to say they would put my dd up to £129 per month (which I can ill afford). I was cross that they had not given me a chance to pay the bill of £203 and suggesting this would be incorporated within the monthly payments. After a conversation and the payment of this bill, one of the customer staff put the dd to £57 per month. Subsequently I had another letter saying thanks for changing your tariff - after a further phone call I found out that she had changed my tariff from Economy 10 to electricity guarantee - and I have night storage heaters!!! The guy I spoke to changed it back (well I jolly well hope he has) & backdated it and set the dd back to £50.

    All I want to do is pay by dd per month and over the next three months access how much this should be so that I get the bill and it is covered or at the very least a little debit.

    On none of the comparison sights or on E On's own site can I get a comparison for Econ 10 - why is this. I work in estate agency and my colleague our EPC surveyor spoke to E On yesterday on my behalf. He has suggested a timer on my immersion heater and switching the night storage heaters off at the mains during the day.

    I am sole occupier of a six year old two bedroomed terraced house, all electric and with two night storage heaters.

    Your comments would be most grateful.


    Janice Carter

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