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  •  Thu, Mar 22 2012, 7:20 PM

    Re: DTC Direct


    I can't believe a company like DTC Direct would think it would be in their interets to mis-sell with so much at stake. And I'd be surprised if they aren't playing by the book cos it looks like they've been in business for some time.

    For the benefit of anyone who hasn't heard of DTC Direct, it is the trading name of a long-established company with a high reputation who have been selling internet srvices for hundreds of years. The company name is the well-known Docklands Telecom Centre Limited.

    I agree that a company like this is extremely unlikely to charge a long-standing customer £500 to change supplier unless they properly put it in the small print. The confusion about a the contract being either 12 or 24 months was no doubt a mistake caused by the customer not wearing the correct pair of glasses when reading and/or not wearing a suitable hearing aid and must surely not be due to any mistake by a company who everyone knows never makes mistakes.

    We all need to find sympathy for the employees who, were it not for these £500 charges, would be at risk of a cut in salary.

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  •  Thu, Mar 22 2012, 2:53 PM

    Re: DTC Direct

    I think it's up to the customer to be clear about what they're buying as well as their rights, maxstream. Companies can get into big trouble for mis-selling. It could be very costly for them. Not only that, but their reputation would be on the line, especially with so many consumer programmes on the telly - resulting in less people being willing to try them. I can't believe a company like DTC Direct would think it would be in their interets to mis-sell with so much at stake. And I'd be surprised if they aren't playing by the book cos it looks like they've been in business for some time. Maybe not always the case of the customer being 'bullied', but that they have not - for whatever reason - understood what has been said to them or properly read through the T&Cs before they buy. In which case it's up to the customer to ask - or at least make sure they are fully aware of what they are entering into before they commit - let alone part with any money. Just my thoughts.
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  •  Wed, Oct 20 2010, 11:01 PM

    Re: DTC Direct


    (is that true??)

    No. They can stick them where they like but anything significant like starting a new two year contract has to be brought to your attention in a clear and suitable way. If it's tucked away in their terms and conditions and you click "I agree", that's not enough for that part of the contract to be enforceable in court if it's something important or unusual.

    In reality, many people are bullied by the phone companies into accepting unreasonable terms and into making payments that they don't need to. If a customer is not willing to stand up for his/her rights, they risk being walked on.

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  •  Wed, Oct 20 2010, 10:09 PM

    Re: DTC Direct

    I disagree

    I have used this company for my landline and broadband for a while and i get a top service from them. I agree the terms and conditions were a bit small but not unreadable. Also if you look at other landline companies (especially bt) they all gave rolling over contracts and you have to give all of them 30 working days notice, I had to stay with BT 2 extra years because I tried to leave them FOUR days after my contract was up and they roll u over again into the same contract length you first signed up for (according to c/a you can do this). All I had from their customer services was it is tough luck you stuck here but you should have read your terms and conditions closer. EVEN THOUGH THEY HAD NEVER SENT ME A COPY, but according to BT they dont have to send them they only have to stick them on the website (is that true??)

    Anyway at least with DTC u get cheap prices, a nice person to speak to on the phone (that speaks english and is in england) and no constant waiting and 100 million options to press when u ring them on 8 different numbers.

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  •  Fri, Oct 08 2010, 3:37 AM

    Re: DTC Direct

    What you've quoted says that it's fine to give 42 days notice if you want to cancel after you've gone beyond 12 months. It sounds like they are trying to bully you into paying more than you should. In your shoes, I would write to them stating that the cancellation was according to the contract and no termination fee is payable. They might send red letters, threaten court action and so on but I would just tell them to take it to court if they can't agree something sensible any other way. You should keep copies of letters and get (free) posting receipts from the post office in case you need to produce them in court.
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  •  Thu, Oct 07 2010, 3:46 PM

    DTC Direct

    Has anyone else heard of this company? Been with them for 12months and phoned to ask what the notice period was. Firstly I was told that I had a 24 month contract (despite my letter which states 12 months) and when I corrected them they said that it was a 42 day notice period. During this call there was no mention made of the contract being extended to 24 month on the anniversary date. Duly sent notice off and received letter this morning saying that "because I am still in contract with them.......if I wish to terminate early.....it will cost £529.41.

    When I phoned them and queried it, they said that because the notice had been received after the 12 month "anniversary", I now had to pay for the remaining 12 month!!!

    The (very!) small print states "This Contract shall have full force and effect from the date on which the Customer signs this Contract or commences service, which ever is the later.This agreement, subject to condition 9 shall continue to be in full force and effect for a Minimum Period of twelve months and shall continue for subsequent 12 month periods, unless and until terminated by either party giving to the other not less than 42 days notice in writing."

    This smallprint is extremelysmall (can't even see it with myglasses on!!!) - has anyone else had any dealings with this company and - more to the point, is there any credence to this T&C? It states nowhere that the notice of termination has to be received before or on the date the contract was taken out.

    Many thanks

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