Drive other cars with their owners permission

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  •  Thu, Mar 01 2012, 1:02 PM

    Re: Drive other cars with their owners permission

    Many thanks for your reply, I would like to point out this firm is supposed to be a online insurance specialist, so buisness is done on line, and I should not have to read through pages and pages of their own web site looking for traps and loopholes, this is what Money Supermarket is supposed to do in my view before advertising clients services, having reviewed the other quotations I got at the time and the 21 years of driving exp I hold, yes it is NORMAL practice for fully comp insurance to cover third party cover on another car with the owners permission, stating that it is not law that this is part of a fully comp cover means nothing.

    I also pointed out, the excesses for all but the windscreen cover exceeded the cost of the entire car! in the areas of fire and theft, meaning the policy was for all intents and purposes only going to cover one legally to drive the car.

    I am sure everyone reading this will agree this is not a fully comp policy, and again in my view a deliberate act to mislead people desperate to afford car insurance to fit their needs.

    I wont be holding my breath for the FSA to do anything, as per normal they will do nothing but be a figured head powerless expensive goverment department.

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  •  Wed, Feb 29 2012, 6:42 PM

    Re: Drive other cars with their owners permission

    Not all Insurer will provide driving other cars cover on comprehensive policies or it depends on the details of the policyholder arranging the policy. If this was of interest to you, phoning the Insurers to check on this would have been advisable.

    Insurers are able to charge a cancellation admin fee of up to £50 per the financial ombudsman service. Any complaint may therefore fall on deaf ears.

    Comprehensive policies, which also include windscreen cover are often cheaper than third party fire and theft policies. Sometimes the excesses for own damage claims, may prevent a claim for own damage being worth it.

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  •  Wed, Feb 29 2012, 4:56 PM

    Drive other cars with their owners permission

    Buyers beware, having had the misfortune to buy car insurance of this firm: E CHOICE Car Insurance

    Having purchassed via M supermarket, Standard Comprehensive cover terms were assumed, unless I am wrong this includes the legal cover to drive other cars with their owners permission.

    Only after purchasse and when printing off the insurance documents <span class="tl">immediately, I find no, I am covered for my own car only!.</span>

    Now given also the eccess charges on making any kind of claim on this policy, it basically comes out at third party cover, not fully comp, fully comp was stipultated in the Money Supermarket search.

    So when I ring up straight away to sort appropriate cover or cancel lesws than a hour later, I am informed SMUGLY that I am liable for a £25 fee to cancel.

    So all in all £25 out of pocket, in this day and age one would think Shark buisness practices and the extortion in my view of members of the general public would not take place, I am of course making complaints to the bodies who regulate insurance services.

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