Does anyone know how to CONTACT MARTIN LEWIS of MSE?

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  •  Wed, Nov 14 2007, 8:38 PM

    Re: Does anyone know how to CONTACT MARTIN LEWIS of MSE?

    Hi drumster

    I presume you've already read this on the contact details of the MSE website.

    "If you have an urgent issue with something published on the site, then e-mail abuse AT moneysavingexpert.com. We do provide a direct e-mail address as a back up for complaints, though it is filtered by members of the team, is not read by Martin directly and takes many days to filter through; it is Martin AT moneysavingexpert.com. Though again, if you send MoneySaving questions, we simply can’t respond".

    So basically - you can e-mail martin at moneysaving expert but it's not actually him and if you have any moneysaving questions they can't respond anyway!!!   If you have a complaint it will be 'filtered through' after many days.  So it seems that's the only way to contact MSE (not Martin), by making a complaint.  ~:-{

    Martin Lewis dashes around at supersonic speed and you're right - he misses lots of things out.  He's a jack of all trades and master of none.  It's good that's he's encouraging the consumer to stick up for themselves and to save money but his website leaves a lot to be desired.

    Good luck.

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  •  Wed, Nov 14 2007, 8:20 PM

    Does anyone know how to CONTACT MARTIN LEWIS of MSE?



    Martin Lewis of moneysavingexpert has, once again, recommended ICICI HiSAVE today without reservation.   The ordinary small saver cannot contact Martin Lewis.


    I refer you to the very recent posting here entitled HIGH INTEREST INTERNET SAVINS ACCOUNT, where you can use the search facility by sign in, which raises concerns about HiSAVE.   The thread at 11 – 11 – 2007, 7:31 pm is not “one can phone the FSA” anymore.   They have been contacted and volunteered to contact their consumer investigation division.   ‘THIS IS MONEY’ online which is the Daily Mail group expressed their concerns on October 29 2007.


    Martin Lewis is a force for good but no one is perfect and as he rushes around at intellectual and physical ‘super speed’ he misses things.   This makes him a bit of loose cannon which is worrying enough but the added worry is that the very people that he is trying to help may be ‘short changed’ because they cannot contact him.


    Does anyone know how to contact Martin Lewis?   Thank you.


    By the way recently while I was thinking about the importance of an extra 0.05% I stopped and thought what that was.   It’s 40p per annum after basic rate tax.   Oh sorry I nearly forgot for every one thousand pounds!

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