desperately need advice for my mother

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  •  Tue, Apr 17 2012, 5:33 PM

    Re: desperately need advice for my mother

    Do you or your brother own a property? If so you may be able to remortgage and pay off the debts for her.
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  •  Mon, Apr 16 2012, 2:50 PM

    Re: desperately need advice for my mother

    Hi If her debts are more than £15,000 Bankruptcy is your answer
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  •  Wed, Apr 11 2012, 12:34 AM

    Re: desperately need advice for my mother

    Check out the simplified newer DRO (debt relief order) I have posted all the acceptance conditions below. These orders are a simplified version of bankruptcy where the debt is under 15k and cost just £90 to start, or free where there is hardship. They last for One year, after that she would be automatically discharged and free from any debt burden, the CAB are authorised to start one if the order is suitable for her needs.

    I do wish her all the best, nothing is worth taking such drastic action over ....at the end of the day it's only money and it's a lot worse when they owe it to you !


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  •  Tue, Apr 10 2012, 11:22 PM

    desperately need advice for my mother

    Hi guys,
    This is my first time posting on here, and I'm desperate for help and advice.
    I got a phone call this morning to say my mother had been admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke. However when I got there we found out it was actually an overdose. She is currently unconscious but not in a coma, the doctors are confident that she will recover over the next few days.

    Later on today, my brother went to the house to find out what pill bottles he could find, to help the doctors treat her. And he discovered a suicide note saying that basically she was in so much debt she could not cope any more and had decided to kill herself. For the last couple of years she had been hiding her debts from everyone - even my father did not know how far in debt they were. So it came as a huge shock to discover these debt's and the fact that she felt things were so bad she needed to take her own life!

    My mother is about 76 years old and living in a council house on a state pension along with my father. They have no assets that I am aware of, even their car is a mobility car.

    At the moment the only option I can see for my mother if she survives is bankruptcy, I doubt a debt management plan or whatever would really be of any use given her low income on the state pension. Also I feel that given the obvious psychological stress she is under she needs a quick resolution to her debt problems not something that could last for three years.

    Can anybody advise me on what the minimum amount of debt is before you can claim for bankruptcy. And would it be possible for me and my brother to arrange this for her or does she need to handle the details herself (again I'm trying to help her avoid stress when she is discharged)

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can offer
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