Deposit Paid - Can retailer increase the price??

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  •  Thu, Dec 01 2011, 3:23 PM

    Re: Deposit Paid - Can retailer increase the price??

    a full return of your monies is a start you could ask them for a little "Customer Care" on top if they wished to keep your custom sometimes firms who acknowledge their mistake can be squeezed for a token gift card or voucher which will give you discount in their store. It doesn't cost anything to ask for one and quite often you will be surprised that it works and you have a nice little voucher for later.

    i always say that if business's make mistakes then they should pay just as they expect their customers to pay when the customer makes a mistake.

    i always ask for "Customer Care" when i have been let down by a company.

    I think everyone should, especially in these hard times.

    One other thing.

    Be Polite about it and don't raise your voice try to be humorous but don't make too light of it. they have to see you are willing to take your custom elsewhere in the event that a "Customer Care" package is refused. it's a fine art but once learned it will get you some surprising results.
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  •  Tue, Sep 13 2011, 2:50 PM

    Re: Deposit Paid - Can retailer increase the price??

    Once the seller has accepted your offer (acceptance), then even though you have only handed over a holding deposit, the seller has nevertheless agreed to supply you with the goods at the price agreed, this now forms a contract to supply on those terms.

    This is all well and good in theory; but in practice forcing the retailer to supply on those terms stipulated or trying to sue for a, 'loss of bargain' would be time consuming and probably more hassle than it was worth. If they are offering you a full unconditional cancellation, I would be inclined to just take the refund and accept that a genuine mistake may have occurred, then shop elsewhere for similar goods at the best possible price with a competent retailer.

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  •  Tue, Sep 13 2011, 10:11 AM

    Deposit Paid - Can retailer increase the price??

    I recently made a baby list in a nursery shop (UK) and I got quoted £165 for the cotbed at the start. Then I went back 2weeks later and ordered it along with 8 other items and they where still quoting me the price of £165, so I put a £50 deposit down on all the items for them to order it.

    All was fine until I got a telephone call from the shop this morning (10days later) saying that they quoted me the wrong price for the cotbed saying that it is £295! They asked me what do I want to do with the order, if I wished to continue or not. I told them I would phone them back. I now want to know my rights where do I stand do they have to honour their mistake??


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