Criminal Injuries Compensation

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    Re: Criminal Injuries Compensation

    Good afternoon Craig,

    Sorry to hear of your partners incident.. I have no direct experience of the CICA however reading into their site you can claim for the actual injury plus further costs for loss of earnings. In addition the Victim Support charity has an excellent and detailed site and covers Criminal injuries and the complete process. They can also offer practical support with dealing with the CICA and the claims procedure, might be worth a look.



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  •  Mon, Apr 07 2008, 8:27 PM

    Criminal Injuries Compensation


    My partner was slashed quite badly a few years back - doesnt sound very nice but his nose was almost taken off (wasn't pleasant to look at!) - he was walking down the street on the phone to his friend to get a lift home after a night out and a young bloke jumped out at him with a knife - he wasn't robbed or anything, just slashed. He had to attend hospital to get his nose stitched back on spending 2 nights in the hospital then 2 weeks off work. He then had to go back to hospital a year later for another nose op as one of his nostrils was constantly blocked (a part of his nose had collapsed) which involved another overnight stay and another 2 weeks off work. He has a scar on his nose and cheek and has no feeling in the tip of his nose so can't feel when his nose is dripping (quite often in cold weather).

    He has had a claim in with the criminal injuries compensation authority since it happened and has eventually been given an offer of £1500 for "minor scarring". The letter states he can either accept or reject the offer and he wants to reject it as it doesnt really seem enough for the trauma he has went through, don't get me wrong he's not greedy but £1500 doesn't even cover the wages he lost when he had to be signed off.

    Has anyone had any dealings with CICA or can anyone give any advice? A few people have said that its standard practice to reject the first two offers then accept the third but we're worried that his appeal will be rejected and he'l end up with nothing!

    Thanks for any advice

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