Corgi Three in One Cover

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  •  Fri, Apr 08 2011, 12:05 AM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    Hi there I guess you can ask via customer services , as I did for clarification on the replacement...I emailed and had a helpful answer back the same day... good customer service in that respect !
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  •  Thu, Apr 07 2011, 7:34 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    That's helpful. Can you also clarify the point about the £200 maximum and the reference to a £550 payout in your promotional material.
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  •  Thu, Apr 07 2011, 5:27 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    Quote from corgi customer services.

    The terms and conditions are correct in that we will not replace a boiler if no spare parts are available for the system.

    I will explain this.......In order for us to justify providing cover on any boiler we have to be able to provide a service where a boiler can be repaired. If no spare parts are available then we could not provide cover on the boiler.On the flip side, spare parts will be available on all systems for 15 years.The replacement boiler on the cover is only used when spare parts are available but the cost of replacing them outweighs the cost of replacing the boiler. This then makes it uneconomical to repair and a new boiler would be fitted.I Hope this was helpful
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  •  Tue, Mar 22 2011, 7:12 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    Thanks for your input Mal - I note below quoted from their smallprint T & C's what you're saying regarding the fact a £200 limitation does exist, for any One (single) event on the plumbing and electrics side of the cover (not the heating), although not too much of a pitfall in itself... it does need to be taken into consideration.

    2.2 Plumbing and Electrics

    2.2.2 The maximum amount we will pay under this policy, arising from any one event is £200 (including VAT). 'Any one event' is defined as a single socket replacement or a single leaking overflow pipe, etc.

    The contradictory quotation below is taken from their own FAQ's - Which although it gives no direct indication it would cover the whole fuseboard cost, a misleading impression that it would be covered is given...otherwise why would a fuseboard costing £550 be mentioned at all.? (this could be construed as misleading marketing).

    From the FAQ's.

    4. Why do I need the CORGI HomeCare Plan?
    Repair costs for your heating system, electrics or plumbing can be very expensive. For example; a typical boiler repair £280, gas leak £150, water leak £98, new radiator £230, motorized valve £210, new pump £175, new consumer fuse board £550, lights not working £120, new double socket £90, typical plumbing repair £150, overflow repair £90 plus the hassle of finding suitable trades people to carry out your repairs, plus out of hours call out charges of up to £200 per visit!

    The jury is still out in this one as far as I'm concerned, certainly until such time as some active and positive feedback is forthcoming.

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  •  Tue, Mar 22 2011, 6:13 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    On the face of it this looks a very good offer compared with other providers such as british gas but anyone considering taking it out needs to read the detailed terms as there are lots of exclusions. Also there seems to be an element of confusion as far as I'm concerned in that there is a reference to a maximum payout of £200 on any one incident yet there promotional material infers, for example, that they would pay out on higher amounts than this (eg. £550 for a new fuse board). This need clarified.

    Also, as far as I can see, there is no guaranteees regarding future premiums so this may be a special low offer just to get you in, though there's nothing to stop you leaving after a year if they bump up the premiums unreasonably.

    In my case I currently pay into a domestic emergency policy (less than £5 per month) which mainly covers plumbing, electricity supply, the failure of the heating system and drainage (the latter not covered by Corgi) ; these policies are usually sold as an 'add on' to building and contents insurance or by, for example, Water Authorities. This is basically an emergency policy but that's all many of us want. In addition I pay £65 to a local company for the servicing of my boiler (much better and cheaper than British Gas), so basically I 'self fund' the boiler repairs. If you start putting money away (say £100 per year) from when the boiler is installed I think you will have a reasonable fund by the time any repairs are needed and the emergency policy covers me in the event of a complete failure or breakdown of the heating system.

    At the end of the day you pay your money and take your chance.

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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 8:10 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    Interesting, thanks Jalexa. - I would firstly like to see some independent and impartially sourced reviews of the customer care that was obtained from other everyday punters, relating to the accuracy of Corgi's claimed response times, the level and the effectiveness of the service that has been received on those occasions and the reliability of the workmanship that was provided.

    If Corgi do what they say for the affordable prices stated, then this is an unbeatable offer, as it would not only be invaluable to those who are DIY inept, it would also be of particular reassurance for the elderly or the more vulnerable in times of emergency or dire need and more importantly, only one number to call at a time of almost any worrying household crisis.

    Has anyone already taken this service on, if so could you provide any input either ......good or bad.?

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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 7:26 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover


    ..taking consideration of the whole package how does it compare in your opinion, do you consider it to be a good value package...

    Hmmm. Well I strongly support the 12 year cover (assuming sensible interpretation). The "Eon and others" 7 year limit is ridiculous. The headline price is certainly keen for the apparent cover.

    It wasn't my intention to closely scrutinise the "whole package", or what you are minded to do, and I haven't, but the acid test will be how it works for less well informed people. Refer to the previous "boiler" thread as more typical of the type of problem which is common and has featured several times in this forum, the "limescale and sludge" get-out.

    However I worry that the EU will soon compel legislation against "basket-case boiler" discrimination, a distinction that the "Corgi" package economics is founded on.

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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 7:03 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    When taking consideration of the whole package how does it compare in your opinion, do you consider it to be a good value package...particularly coming from a previously well known and trusted brand name.?
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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 6:55 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover


    ...It does not make common sense...

    That I agree, or "perverse" as I orginally argued. The main counter argument to any clauses that limit coverage is the price, even factoring in the "effectively mandatory" service and inspection inclusive price.

    For the benefit of others as you say. And I'm certainly in favour of shaking up the "big guys".

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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 6:38 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    And to cap it all off,
    a Special Offer!

    As an incentive to switch to us, sign up now and you'll avoid our initial £10 registration fee. Not only that, we'll give you our Free Replacement Boiler Guarantee.
    Simply put, although we'll cover your boiler for life, in the first twelve years, if we cannot repair your boiler we will:

    • *Replace your existing boiler free of charge
    • *Offer includes all parts and labour, including the boiler
    • *Give your system a free Powerflush at the same time

    Jalexa - I had another look at clause 2.1.4(c) - During the 12 years the Corgi policy would not replace the boiler if spares were [not] available.............................. [was this not the typo] and simply one not too many.?

    Which should have read = During the 12 years the Corgi policy would not replace the boiler if spares were available.

    I have to say Jalexa, for the benefit of others that I consider that is probably just a simple unintended, 'typo error' in their T&C as it is a double-negative. It does not make common sense, particularly when compared to their, 'cap it all' special offer above.!.....Would you agree this is far more than likely to be just a simple typo or a print error on their part. Taking everything into consideration do you also believe this cover to be worthwhile and would it be better to go for the full £16/99 by also including the annual boiler service.(effectively just £36 for a boiler service)?

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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 5:13 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover

    Yes I have taken that into account and personally that does not really bother me as I believe that at 12 years, the boiler may have alrerady reached or be approaching it's intended useful longevity. and will probably need or have been replaced before that part of the cover ever became necessary.....either that or I may have. : - )

    Some other clauses in their legals of interest are :

    1.2 Eligibility
    The CORGI HomeCare Plan is only available to homeowners who have installed or upgraded to a high efficiency condensing boiler in the last five years.

    1.3 - *** Please note that you are not permitted to make any claims or callouts on your maintenance plan until the 30th day expires.

    2.1.3. - If you ignore the recommended service schedule of your boiler and you suffer a boiler breakdown as a direct result of a lack of servicing and/or maintenance, then the subsequent repairs will not be covered.

    ***Therefore, seriously consider opting for their £16.99/month cover to be certain that you're always covered, also your own safety and peace of mind and in the interests of economy.

    5.2 - If you choose to cancel your agreement within the first 12 months, we may charge you an administration fee of £30.
    If you cancel your agreement within the first 12 months and have had any callouts during that period, we may charge you 50% of the cost of the callouts.

    In summary, there is nothing of major concern stipulated in their clauses that puts me off (certainly no worse than others). If you understand and accept the above, then overall it's a good value policy IMO especially with the unlimited electrical & plumbing callouts thrown in as integral cover.......as long as they answer the phones and respond within their stated times.?

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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 4:57 PM

    Re: Corgi Three in One Cover


    I know you are more than capable of understanding the small print and fighting for your rights but I thought I should highlight one quite significant difference (apart from the cost) between the Corgi homecare plan and (typically) the Eon plan referred to in a very previous post.

    I noticed right away that "Corgi" covered boilers for 12 years which is longer than is common, Eon for 7 years which is fairly common. During the 7 years the Eon policy would replace the boiler if spares were no longer available. During the 12 years the Corgi policy would not replace the boiler if spares were not available (clause 2.1.4(c)).

    I hope I have got that right because it seems quite a perverse behaviour but probably is factored into the price.

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  •  Sat, Mar 12 2011, 4:27 PM

    Corgi Three in One Cover

    I have self insured on my own central heating breakdown cover in the past and luckily have always managed to stay in profit. However, after just receiving details of the, 'Corgi homecare plan' below which provides cover where upgrades to combi-condensing boilers have taken place within the last Five years, and additionally gives cover to the other electric & plumbing problems all for £12.99/month, I am now seriously considering changing my mind and outsourcing that risk instead.

    This all inclusive offer also includes electrics cover for your house and plumbing cover, I am currently sifting through the fine print as you read, but I have yet to come across any other offer out there that could closely compete with what is on offer here from Corgi. I have no financial interest whatsoever except my personal saving and nothing to gain, as you can see it's just a good offer in my opinion that a few of you may wish to check out and bear in mind for yourselves.


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