Car insurance "change of address" fees

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  •  Tue, Jul 01 2008, 11:26 AM

    Re: Car insurance list of "change of address" fees

    There is a list of different charges which insurers charge for changes to your address etc.

    The Matthew Guide to Motor Insurance which is totally free of charge, gives absolutely every bit of info about all major insurance companies and brokers, including the fees that they charge when making any amendments to your policy. There are also some that do not charge whatsoever and they are listed too.

    I've just checked online at www.matthewsguide.com and Endsleigh charge £15 and Direct Line charge £17.85. If you log on they are all on there. As well as the charge for the amendment, dont forget there may also be a further charge based on your change of postcode.


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  •  Mon, Jun 30 2008, 7:16 PM

    Re: Car insurance "change of address" fees

    As far as I know, all insurers charge something for changes. In my experience, £15 is low. My experiences are that £30 - £40 is more normal. The charge will be more if they see the risk as increasing as a result of the change.

    There's nothing wrong with asking what the charge will be and then using this, plus the quoted premium, to decide who offers the best deal.

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  •  Mon, Jun 30 2008, 6:48 PM

    Car insurance "change of address" fees

    Does anyone have a listing of how much different insurers charge for changing your address during the course of a policy? I ask because I will be moving house in about a month but I need my new policy to start next week.

    I have heard that some insurers (Endsleigh?) charge £15 for simply changing my address - is this correct? If so, can anyone recommend an insurer that doesn't charge/charges a smaller fee for this "service"? I know it's not much, but when I move house my next residence will only be temporary - probably about 6 weeks - and then I'll be moving again!

    I'm currently considering Direct Line (not quite the cheapest but 0% APR on monthly payments at the moment) - has anyone changed their address with them recently? If so, how much to they charge?

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