car insurance - owner is not driver

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  •  Thu, Mar 29 2012, 4:00 PM

    Re: car insurance - owner is not driver

    Thanks for that!
    Assumed this would be the case, but thought I'd check first if there were alternatives

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  •  Thu, Mar 29 2012, 3:51 PM

    Re: car insurance - owner is not driver

    If the car is hers, then the registration V5 should be in her name and the Insurance should be in her name as well. She will in fact be the main driver, as even when she is teaching you, she needs to have control over the car. What for example would happen, if you drove 3 miles down the road and for whatever reason she needed to drive the car home. You are a provisional licence holder so cannot have sole control over the car. You need to have a full licence holder in the front passenger seat with you at all times, when you are on a public road. The idea being that if you got into difficulty they could coach you or take over control of the car themselves.

    When you have passed your test and you become the regular main driver, she would then need to let her Insurers know this. Most Insurers will not allow you to Insure a car that you do not own. This is why they ask the questions about ownership of the car.

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  •  Thu, Mar 29 2012, 2:18 PM

    car insurance - owner is not driver

    Hi there,
    i'm a bit confused as to what/who needs insurance for our car - hoping you can help clear this up!

    My girlfriend and I have bought a car together.
    She is down as the registered keeper (car to be kept at her house to use secure parking)
    She has held a licence for 20 yrs, but does not want to, and will not be driving the car

    I am going to be the main driver.
    I have provisional, and am taking lessons, and plan to use our car for test practice (with her in vehicle of course)

    So which do we need?..
    1- does she need to take a policy , and add me as additional driver?
    2- can she open a policy with me as the only driver?
    3- do I organise my own policy, although I am not the registered keeper?
    or 4- something else???

    trying also to keep it as cheap as possible, though I am looking at temporary learner insurance till I pass.

    Help and advice would be greatly appreciated
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