Car insurance for cat D cars

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  •  Mon, Feb 16 2009, 7:46 PM

    Re: Car insurance for cat D cars

    Hi. Thankyou for your post.

    I have been driving this car for the last couple of years unaware that it was important to inform your insurance company, it was not untill my son had his accident that this came to light, so now as you have said in your post it IS important to tell them.

    I am still a little annoyed that on most online car insurance qoutes you are not asked this question? this may have rung alarm bells when applying for insurance.

    I have been doing my own survey and asking variouse insurance companies if they would insure a Cat D vehicle, most of them saw no problems accepting that a valid M.O.T was proof of repaire, (vehicles over 3 years old) newer vehicles (less than 3 years old) may require a check by the vehicle manufacturer or profesional garage ect,

    I have been buying insurance loss cars (for my self and family only) NOT to re-sell, it is cheap motoring and I am doing my bit re-cycling! even so if I buy a car for £5,000 that had a pre-accident value of 21,000 I want to be sure that in any accident I will at least get back what I paid for the car.

    Thank you for your advise, I have taken it in, and will be sure to inform my next insurance company.

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  •  Sun, Feb 15 2009, 11:56 PM

    Re: Car insurance for cat D cars

    If a car is an import, of a non-standard construction, had substantial modifications or suffered categorised damage... online quotes are not suitable, as they usually only cater for straight forward and UK mainstream cars. In cases such as those above you should contact the insurers direct or go through a broker and make them fully aware of the exact specification or which category the car has fallen into. Most cat D is <u>unrecorded</u> on the insurance databases as it is considered the lightest of damage to repair but is uneconomical for them to authorise, hence sold onto the trade....Category A & B are recorded and the car <u>must not</u> be returned to the road only sold as spares or scrapped. Cat C requires an independent motor engineers report to state the car is roadworthy & safe before it's allowed to be returned to the road.

    You are responsible in declaring this and must let the insurer know the category of damage that the car suffered and as a result the lower market value at which it is now regarded; as a result of the damage sustained. Most companies are willing to quote and are okay with cat D once you declare the extent of the damage and true lower monetary value, but you must let them know and you should always get <u>written</u> confirmation to minimise any misunderstanding in the event of a future claim & to fully protect your interests.

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  •  Sun, Feb 15 2009, 8:34 PM

    Car insurance for cat D cars

    I have a cat d car that I purchased and repaired my self about 3 years ago,

    I also bought one for my son who was recently involved in an accident that was proved not to be his fault.

    The insurance company only paid out a third of what the car was worth (or to replace like-for-like) saying that that they were not informed that the car had already had a claim against it? thus rendering the policy void?

    My question is this: If you fill in an online insurance quote (say Tescos) there is NO question asking you if the car was ever a cat c/d insurance loss, so who is liable?

    Secondly what insurance companies WILL insure &quot;catogorised&quot; vehicles?

    Call me dumb? but I cant believe that insurance companies do not have the relevent updated information about a car that you are trying to insure after all you only have to give them your number pate and they no the rest...dont they?

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