Can I add a loan onto a new mortgage?

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  •  Sun, Sep 30 2007, 10:01 PM

    Re: Can I add a loan onto a new mortgage?

    Hi Hayley,

    If you have a P60 with your total earnings that will help. Income that has provable bonus commissions are just the same as everything else. I will get to your borrowing limits later. If you have existing outgoings such as you loans, the monthly payments will be deducted from your income before deciding how much you can borrow. Another factor is whether you have a deposit, some Lenders as you say have 100%+ products that will allow you to consolidate your existing loans and provide no deposit.

    As you know the fact that when you consolidate these loans the amount you will eventually pay will be a lot more due to the longer term, but as you say your monthly outgoings will be less.

    In regards to how much can you borrow, usually the maximum is 4-5x joint income. That would be approximately 220-280K, this amount only if you consolidate, less if you don't.

    E.g. You could find a house for 200k, consolidate your loans and have a mortgage for 227k. The products normally secure 95% against the property and the remainder is provided as an unsecured loan at the same rate.

    It is confusing, but your a broker will be able to talk you through all the options and save you a lot of worry. It is very difficult to find the right product via comparison sites because so much more information is need before deciding the best route for you. I hope this gives you some idea of the options available to you?



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  •  Sun, Sep 30 2007, 9:33 PM

    Can I add a loan onto a new mortgage?


    Me and my partner are looking to get a mortgage together for a new house. Have a few issue's though. I have a basic wage of £20,000 plus commision which in total is about £30,000 plus in total. My partner is in the army and earns £26,000 per year. Will the fact that im commisioned based cause me problems getting a mortgage?

    Also I have a loan for my car at £15,000 and my partner has a loan at £12,000. I didnt know if its possible to include this on a mortgage as I heard you can add your loan into your mortgage and it will be less outgoings in a month.

    I have been trying to look into it but its all very confusing with all the different mortgages available, which is the bext one for us to look at and what could we look to borrow.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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