Can anybody offer some advice please?? - Used car purchase gone wrong!!!

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  •  Thu, Nov 22 2007, 12:41 AM

    Re: Can anybody offer some advice please?? - Used car purchase gone wrong!!!

    Hi --- You could use the link below from the vehicle inspectorate, VOSA who run the computerised MOT vehicle testing database, it will tell you if the vehicle has had a MOT test recently, (pass or <u>FAIL</u>)..... you need to input the car registation number and the V5 registration document number.. (log book) to get a result.


    I know when it's a private sale without a guarantee a car is bought, &quot;sold as seen&quot; usually, but the seller by law is still obliged to declare the honest truth to your specific questions.

    In one of the replies they have stated, &quot; I see no reason why it wont pass, the last time I MOTed it it passed no problem. &quot;..................Have you still got that response in email form, or in your ebay reply folder. ?

    If you find that the car has had a recent MOT and failed it will show, along with the faults that caused the failure, you therefore have subsequent proof that she has knowingly lied and broken the law, in which case you could demand a refund in full.

    If they do refuse a refund, inform them that you have the above documented evidence..... that they have blatantly lied to you, in order to wrongfully mislead you into the purchase of the car.

    If that still fails, go and see a Solicitor about it....... with a view to taking the case to court, if needs must.

    Do you by any chance have motoring legal expenses cover on your car insurance. ? ...This case costs could possibly be claimed on that, if things were to go that far. ????

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  •  Wed, Nov 21 2007, 9:18 PM

    Can anybody offer some advice please?? - Used car purchase gone wrong!!!


    My wife and I were looking for a cheap run around for me to get to and from work, first port of call - Ebay.

    We came across the car on the following item number.


    <font color="#000000">Moderator edit -- Live link to ebay listing removed and replaced with the item number, in accordance with MS terms of service.</font>

    <font color="#810081"><u> </u></font><font color="#000000">It sounded like a good buy... so asked the following questions:</font>

    <font color="#810081">&quot;<font color="#000000">Hi,
    Like the look of the car, could you tell me whether there is actually anything wrong that you know of that would stop the car passing its M.O.T? why has it not been driven for such a long time? are there any leaks from engine, coolant system etc, is there any rust on the bodywork partic around the arches?

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">Responce:</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">&quot;Hi. The car has been sitting because I bought a new car, we didn't want to part with the calibra because we like the car, its our third calibra and it was genuinely a strong car and never let me down so we kept it in case we ever needed it, but as its just sitting there its time for it to go. We have turned over the engine from time to time and it starts no problem. Because it hasn't been driven it will need a service prior to MOT but that is to be expected, I see no reason why it wont pass, the last time I MOTed it it passed no problem. No rust around the arches, just some on the corner of the drivers door but excellent for its age and nothing that would be too difficult to put right. Body work genuinely good for its age. No leaks on this car whatsoever! Good luck,&quot;</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">Question:</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">&quot;Thanks again... sorry last question I promise.. does the car have any service history and how many owners has it had from new?&quot;</font></font><font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">

    <font color="#810081">&quot;<font color="#000000">No problem. It has had 6 owners from new and I have had the car since 2004, it doesn't have any documented service history but we have looked after the car and it has regular oil change.&quot;</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">The following day we picked the car up.. paid our cash, I asked again if there was anything I should know about I was told and agreed that as the car had been sat for upto 2 years I was to expect a degree of wear on the usual consumable items.. Brakes etc..</font></font>

    The drive home I discovered that no hot air came from the fan, the warning light was on for the water level, screaching noise from the front end.

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">The day after we picked the vehicle up we took it to our local garage for a full inspection and MOT.. This is were it all went wrong!! First indication from the garage was that it seemed that due to the chalk markings underneath the vehicle the car HAD been put through its M.O.T recently. After further inspection it was found that there were many faults. Our garage did not see any point in continuing with the inspection so sent the car to the MOT station to see exactly where all the problems were.. They listed as follows:</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">001Offside front direction indicator not in good working order (not working)</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">002 offside front headlamp insecure</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">003 nearside front headlamp aim too high</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">004 offside front headlamp aim too high</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">005 offside front windscreen wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">006 nearside - ditto</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">007 at rear in front of axle - fuel pipe leaking</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">008 rear exhaust system has a major leak of exhaust gases</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">009 nearside front brake disc excessively pitted</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">010 offside rear brake pipe excessively corroded</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">011 offside front (rubbing on driveshaft) brak hose excessively chafed</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">012 steering rack leaking - power steering ram(s) leaking from a failed component</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">013 nearside front (rear bush) suspension arm rubber deteriorated resulting in excessive movement</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">014 offside from frin wheel bearing has excessive play</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">015 exhaust emission lamda readin after 2nd fast idle outside specified limit</font></font>


    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">016 nearside rear (inner) brake disc slightly pitted</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">017 offside - ditto</font></font>

    <font color="#810081"><font color="#000000">018 general heavy corrosion on all steel fuel pipes</font></font>

    <font color="#810081">I understand that most of these faults are general wear and tear but with an estimated £1000.00 bill.. We have contacted the seller to exclaim our dissapointment to see whether or not she would be prepared to reinburse us with our cash but we get the same one liner &quot; i did say that it was standing for 2 years, you have to expect some deterioration during that time!&quot; I'm sorry, this may be just my stupidity or just plain ignorance but I think I was sold a duff motor.. can anybody please advise how or even if I will be able to take this further??</font>

    <font color="#810081">thanks for your time.</font>

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