Bt Line rental

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  •  Mon, Feb 27 2012, 9:55 AM

    Re: Bt Line rental

    Your broadband is not true fibre but FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) - your "phone line which is copper is actually acting as the final connection to the Internet, so it doesn't seem unreasonable that BT charge you rental for the line.HOWEVER, I agree that the level of the line rental set, is very high for someone not using the phone! And it certainly isn't "the law"!

    BUT the "free" weekends and evenings package is not free (normally £3.15 per month) UNLESS you have agreed to a tie in of 12 months with BT. Be careful that the phone line contract is running concurrently with the Internet contract - there have been cases where people have had contracts for phone lines renewed before the internet contract ends.

    Don't think you can do much for now - but negotiate like mad when your renewal date comes around!!!
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  •  Sun, Feb 26 2012, 5:30 AM

    Bt Line rental

    Hi guys and girls and thank you in advance.

    I am a bt customer, I'm happy with the service provided.

    I pay £44 a month I have 40mb broadband which I get 39mb constantly.

    I also have a landline with free evening and weekend calls.. I don't even have a home telephone. I spoke to bt regarding why do I have to pay line rental as I have a fiber connection. They told me they have to provide it by law.. I pointed out that can't be true as virgin can provide broadband without a phone line. I was then robbed off and they couldn't comment anymore..

    I'm about 10 months into 18 month contract.

    So my question is this..

    Is there anything I can do to lower or remove my line rental? The free evening and weekend calls are a freebie apparently so removing those wouldn't affect anything.


    P.s. friend of mind has joined them with the same package. He pays £39 a month. When I questioned this. I was informed I had 3 months free as my incentive to join.. I pay £5 more than my friend a month.. clearly it wasn't "free"
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