BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

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  •  Fri, Jan 09 2015, 9:04 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    I'm so glad to hear they backed down.

    Well done you!

    A lot of big companies are taking the mick because they are being allowed to get away with it and as far as I am concerned OFCOM are not doing their job or this wouldn't be happening.

    Consumers need to say a big NO to this treatment. Don't let them rip us off any more.

    We've had Sky for well over a year now and no problems whatsoever. Fibre optic broadband perfect. Very understanding if you want a little extra time to pay a bill. Great customer service surprisingly.
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  •  Wed, Dec 24 2014, 8:58 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    Plusnet might be owned by bt, but its not the same experience like the bt hell that you go through just to speak to somone and genraly bad managment and attitude. I left bt and moved to plusnet because i was sick of bt blaming everyone for my bad line data rate and after 4 weeks of being with plusnet they found the fault and ive never had a problem since and i was even given 3 months free broadband for my trouble and if that was not good enough i pay 10 a month less now and its same package that i had when with bt. Plusnet management knows what its doing and as a result things work.
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  •  Wed, Dec 24 2014, 4:53 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    you wont find it any better its owned by bt
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  •  Wed, Dec 24 2014, 4:26 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    Hi Lanasheman, BT finally backed down as I had insisted at earlier stage while talking to a Customer Agent in India on an email confirming that there would be no charges. I also think it helped that I had sent information to OFCOM about BT failing to meet the two week deadline for transfer the MAC.

    I haven't found the service from Plusnet is significantly better than BT's. I may well be moving my account again when I can do so without penalty.

    It seems to me a lot of big companies prefer to spend money on advertising than upgrading services. Papers are full of ads for ISPs that also offer TV and Virgin have delivered to my letter box about 50 envelopes over the last four years despite several being returned to sender with a note that they were not wanted. (I've never forgiven Richard Branson for several train journeys in summer in carriages that had no air conditioning. Not only that, conductors would not allow even the elderly to move to the many free seats in the much cooler first class carriages.)
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  •  Wed, Dec 24 2014, 2:51 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    hi,i have been having *** from bt for 7 months i left them ages ago because they lied to me and went to the post office for broadband but my router has been resetting itself all the time i have had 3 new routers its not the routers its the line over 7 months i have had engineers out the 1st one said it was my phone and told the post off ice he had fixed the problem,2nd came out he said it was my phone number blocker and unplugged it and left,he also told PO that he had fixed the problem,3rd one came out said it was the box on the wall and changed it he was going out the door and i said my router has crashed he see`s it has and says what you need is a broadband engineer and left i waited to days and rang the post office and asked when the broadband engineer was coming out they looked at the report of the engineer and it said there was no fault,so had the 4th engineer come out on the 19/12/2014 i let him in and showed him what was happening he watch as i logged onto my laptop and the watched the router crash and start to reset, he then said i will check the green box down the road and went and came back 10 mins later and said the fault is from my house to the green box so he got ladders and checked outside bedroom window he said thats fine,i will check the pole i watched him climb pole and run tests,he then came back to me and said,IT IS AN UNDERGROUND FAULT FROM THE POLE TO THE GREEN BOX AND A team might fix it that day or tomorrow,well 3 days later i emailed the post office and said when will it be fixed,and they said engineer had tested it and had shown me there was no fault they are all liers,when i get £400 together i am getting my broadband via a satelight dish and you dont need a land line so BT can kiss my hairy ars,its about £400 with insterlation have a look there are a few doing it hope this helps you to stick your fingers up to bt
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  •  Sat, Nov 22 2014, 6:24 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    Absolutely gutted to find out BT own Plusnet. So now I'm being charged by BT to essentially stay with BT and there's nothing I can do about it. I can't believe that is legal even. If I didn't need internet at home for work, as I do at the moment, I think I'd just say sod it and do without home phone and internet.
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  •  Sat, Nov 22 2014, 11:36 AM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    If you have to go to Ofcom please let us know how you get on

    They didn't back me up whatsoever even though BT were blatantly lying and conveniently 'lost' the telephone conversation I had with them when I moved home where no new contract was stated to me

    I'm so sick of these big companies taking advantage of the consumers

    I even emailed don't get done get Dom lol. Maybe if enough people do this then it might get tackled. I emailed Watchdog too, but something tells me that the BBC don't want to tackle BT

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  •  Fri, Nov 21 2014, 11:11 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    It seems to me that BT have spent so much on football for their TV channels that they can't afford decent service for customers. I have had a gut full of issues not resolved and waiting for replies so used the price increase to increase to transfer to another provider. I had to persist to get an email from BT confirming they would not charge me for leaving.

    I finally got a reply that states, “Please take this email as confirmation that as you are moving providers due to the price change within the agreed 30 days there will be no cancellation charges due.”

    Three weeks later I get a bill that includes £93 in penalties.

    I will take to OFCOM if needed.
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  •  Fri, Nov 21 2014, 7:35 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    BT and Plusnet are the same company. BT bought Plusnet years back. Its a good way to generate extra income by blaming each other.

    Before it was bought over by BT, Plusnet service was brill, after that the service was exactly the same as BT. The customer service is crap, you have to wait more than 15 mins, you go through the process of telling them what the problem and then they tell you its your equipment, even if you have prroved that your equipment is not faulty - I am a it engineer so do my checks before calling them and you will be charged for the BT engineers visit if it turns out to be your fault. thats £75 or £95 last time I called them. I have listened to music for more than 15mins for a 2mins conversation to be told that I need to check online portal for the response. They did not respond to my question my the portal, as they said I need to speak to someone. That is how good they are - NOT. I was with plusnet since they started off (thats nearly 7-8years) but the service got <span>ridiculously crap and their engineers did not know what they were taking about.</span>

    Did you watch Watchdog this week about Openreach. Its a monopoly and OFCOM does nothing to seperate it, even thought industry has been asking for years. I guess it gets money from BT so why seperate it. Also one of the minister is an ex-BT boss, So hey, the consumers suffer

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  •  Fri, Nov 21 2014, 3:13 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    If I were you I would dig your heels in. It's the only way these big companies will learn they can't treat people like this

    I can't remember if I put this in my last post now but my account went to debt collection. The debt company called me and I said tell BT to take me to court because they aren't getting any money out of me.

    I haven't heard anything since. It's also not on my credit file so I'm guessing BT decided to drop the case.

    Proper scam artists just trying to rip people off as much as possible. I will never have anything to do with them ever again

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  •  Fri, Nov 21 2014, 1:18 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    Same problem here! BT are total scammers.

    Despite using them for phone line for ten years I got stung with an "early termination" fee. They say when I contacted them to move house I signed up for a years contract, it may have been hidden in small print but I was not aware of it and I didn't actually sign anything. Also within 3 days of contacting them to change address I moved supplier to Plusnet so I should have been within their 14 day free cancellation period but as it takes a couple of weeks to change the phone supplier BT say I am out of the 14 day period. Plusnet say that's just how long it takes. So basically BT have that covered, you can't get around it.

    I really don't want to pay this fee, out of principle more than anything else but don't want to end up with bad credit because of it. Any suggestions? Do I just roll over and let BT treat me like scum. The only other thing I can do is make sure I never use their services again and bad mouth them at any opportunity...
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  •  Sat, May 10 2014, 12:23 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    I also had nothing but problems with BT (since moving house) and then when I decided to leave now over a year ago I got a whole load more problems from them, and it's still going on now.

    I received my final bill for just over £50 last year and 2 days later received a bill for almost £200 made up of mostly cancellation fees.

    It's a long story but I had been a BT customer for 12 years so was well past the 12 month contract. According to them I entered a new contract when I moved house, although nobody informed me of this.

    They 'lost' the phone conversation I had with someone at BT when I moved address and apparently they sent my contract details to my email address at the time I moved home. They did not, and the email address they claimed to have sent this to did not exist at this time as I had not used it for such a long time.

    Unbelievably the communications ombudsman found that I had no case

    Today I received a letter regarding this from a debt collection company

    I now have to get myself a solicitor. Further charges have been added and the bill is now around £250.

    I find BT to be disgusting. I have been with Sky since I left BT, have loads of channels and super fast internet connection for half the price I was paying with BT. My broadband wasn't even working half the time with BT.

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  •  Fri, Apr 25 2014, 1:42 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    I'm currently with BT and have nothing but problems with them also and reading this forum is no surprise to me ppl are sick of BT.

    I'm on a upto 16mb unlimited anytime calls package even tho my line is only rated upto 8mb and

    for the last 3 months im only receiving 1mb at peak times so I complained to them that in itself was a horrible experience, I was told im on a congested

    exchange and they would see if anything can be done, nothing has been done and since Wednesday morning this week I've had no broadband at all from them, so I

    spoke with a BT mod and he said he cant do anything until 9th may when a new update will take place, so I said I want to cancel my account then and he flatly

    refused to agree to it so im kind of stuck now and find it unbelievable that this can happen with-in the British law system.

    I understand that every area and exchange will differ in its output, but BT have spread themselves very thin and as a result there is a massive number of

    congested exchanges, so at peak times 6pm - 11pm and all weekends you will be in the slow lane.

    They are not easy to contact and once you do get through to someone you can understand they are bordering on being rude and sarcastic.

    If you try and be herd via their forums then forget it as they have that base covered also,
    They move your post around in their forums to suit themselves and to hide your complaints with-in a web of old post.

    They also use India call centres that will send you mad if you ever do have to phone them.

    The worse thing I ever did was to let this cowboy company be my isp. all they provided me with was a headache and frustration.

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  •  Sun, Feb 09 2014, 11:30 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    my best recommendation would be to call another provider advise that there isn't an active landline at the property and you are unaware of the number. an engineer will need to install a new one and you will loose the number that you have that way you get a new line and the old one will not be released also bt have to keep the original recording for a minimum of 5 years according to ofcom. if you raise the complaint as a miss selling and they still have the call of com will check it out and if ruled in your favour then bt will have to waver all charges
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  •  Sat, Jan 25 2014, 4:14 PM

    Re: BT Cancellation Charge. Another rip-off?

    I have a similar problem and if anyone could help that would be great.
    A few years ago my mother signed up with BT (best package for the cheapest price) it was just a home phone with intention of broadband added later. So with 3 teenagers in the house she asked for a cap of £100 to make sure nothing too bad happened. That was fine FOR A MONTH ! Until she got a bill for over £500 ! She rang them because obviously there was some mistake. Nope they said no mistake it was because of internet usage (We had an old amstrad to check emails) but my mam had been told it was a penny a minute after 6 and it was never used more than 5 minutes every other week.
    Mam asked the woman she was speaking to to get back to her after she'd checked it out. Nothing for a week so mam rang them back they said they were investigating and would get back to her. So mam asked to cancel as it was useless to her he said OK. Next week we get a letter from a debt collection agency for the original bill plus fees for unpaid bill plus cancellation fee plus the agency's fee. Along with the direct debit charges for returned payment. After talking to BT they said work something out with the agency. So for the last few years this huge bill has been stopping us having any home phone or broadband as they won't give up the line without us paying the bill which we can't afford. Any help would be fantastic.
    Thanks in advance
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