BT Broadband

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  •  Sun, Feb 19 2012, 3:10 PM

    Re: BT Broadband

    Although I dont have infinity I did have a problem with bt and these limited downloads, suddenly I started using more tham my allowance even though I thought I was unlimited, they started charging for going over the allowace each month but didnt warn me. When I complained I found out they had been sending emails to my incorrectly spelt email address, the upshpt was that I complained to the cheif execs office and got my money back and then cancelled and am changing to a new provider that is cheaper and has no download limit. As for the speeds they vary on my line immensly with bt, lets hope the new provider is more stable!
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  •  Mon, Feb 06 2012, 9:26 PM

    No [N] BT Broadband

    BT are busy selling infinity stating how wonderful infinity is, yet they forget the every day broadband user providing a sloppy upload speed of only 10kbs max. Sure they are not alone many other providers limit the speed, if you ever try to send family video it will take forever. What gets me is that the infinity can be got at the same price as normal broadband so why not increase upload speeds and meet present day needs.
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