Best Value Pay-as-you-go Sims

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  •  Sun, Dec 14 2008, 2:08 PM

    Re: Best Value Pay-as-you-go Sims

    Hi, I'm currently on the O2 unlimited calls + texts to O2 for £15 a month. Family and friends are on O2 mainly so works well for us. The other thing to think about which i have just done is not actually cancelling your phone.

    Call the cancellations dept, tell them you want to cancel, they'll chuck lots of deals at you in the end i got mine agreed to free line rental and a new phone if i signed for 18 months. I signed, not paying any line rental and receiving my new phone. I do not use this sim and have e-bay'd the phone, didn't even open the box. Easiest £250 i've ever made. Look at what you can get the most for and then choose that phone. Make sure don't get tempted to keep it, i was but thought not worth the money i could get for selling it. Just an idea


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  •  Sat, Dec 13 2008, 7:46 PM

    Re: Best Value Pay-as-you-go Sims

    02 have various options including 250 free calls to other O2 mobiles or landlines with standard numbers from your home address if you top up by £10 each month. If one of their deals suits you, you can't go far wrong. I believe Orange do some good weekend deals as well.

    Your exsting phone will probably only take sims from your previous provider unless you get it unlocked. Now your contract has ended, your provider might unlock it for free.

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  •  Sat, Dec 13 2008, 6:29 PM

    Best Value Pay-as-you-go Sims

    Hi there I am just coming out of a contract and want to find the best value Sim. Don't want to be tied into 18 month contracts anymore. Can I use my existing phone (which I have been using on contract) and what is the best value sim card. Have looked at o2 and Orange they seems pretty okay. Any suggestions wouold be welcome.

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