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  •  Sat, Mar 10 2012, 3:30 PM

    Re: Bell Car Insurance

    Many Thanks for the response Huckster.

    I have asked for a breakdown in writing - they seemed to be struggling with this request (kept me on the phone for 10 minutes)

    They are now saying they have included a "back charge" on the expired policy because I didn't declare the SP30.?

    Which again seems comical - because if there was an issue, and my car was stolen - whats the bet they would have used this as an excuse, and said I wasn't fully covered because of the SP30 wasn't declared.

    Plus I certainly wouldn't have stayed with Bell (or entertained renewing with them) if they had bumped up the price after a minor speeding offence.

    LVE cover me now (including the SP30) for £392 total - which shows how ridiculous the £645 cost is.

    The issue letter stating the increase to £645 is dated 28th Feb, however, this didn't arrive till 3rd March, they took the money on the 1st March, giving me NO CHANCE to stop them! I cancelled it as soon as I saw the letter.

    I just wish I hadn't renewed with Bell Insurance! (its lost me £177).

    The worrying thing is, once Bell have your card details there is nothing stopping them taking what they want from your bank.

    They can quote £411 but take £645 - without even a call, and only refund £468 - its just feels like theft.

    Could they have taken £1000, £2000, or whatever wanted from my bank? its madness - I've emailed my bank with concern about this! I may cancel my cards today as well.

    All I can recommend to anyone is NOT to use Bell.
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  •  Sat, Mar 10 2012, 10:25 AM

    Re: Bell Car Insurance

    Ask for a breakdown of the cancellation amount they have taken.

    They needed to write to you giving notice of the revised premium amount before they debited this from your account. Failure to do so, is a breach of FSA rules and you should make a complaint. If this has caused any charges/interest, Bell will have to compensate you.

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  •  Fri, Mar 09 2012, 11:05 PM

    Bell Car Insurance

    Bell Car Insurance sent me a car policy renewal of £411.

    Whilst this wasn't the cheapest I accepted it for ease, only to find later they took £645.70 from my bank.!

    2 day's after the £645 was taken from my bank account, I received a letter (which was the first I knew of it!) saying there was a discrepancy with my policy details - which had changed my policy price by £234 (for a forgotten SP30)

    I immediately contacted them and cancelled the policy (which was 3 days after the renewal started),

    If I knew the policy was £645 I would never have taken it).

    They have ONLY refunded £468 (of the £645 taken) - which is a shortfall of £177.

    Surely this is nothing short of theft.?
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