Beko washing machine set on fire,Beko wont help!

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  •  Thu, May 24 2012, 12:31 AM

    Re: Beko washing machine set on fire,Beko wont help!

    <BLOCKQUOTE>I am threatening to take them to trading standards and watchdog if they do not help out.</BLOCKQUOTE>

    I believe that is the most appropriate way to progress your predicament. Trading standards should take on your case to seek compensation at no cost to you, especially after the manufacturer has admitted liability.

    Their investigations may even trigger a recall of suspect machines on safety grounds and in the public interest? There has been known problems with certain Beko fridge freezers that have caused house fires in the past, which lead to a recall of certain models.

    Under the sale of goods act 1979 (as amended) the machine must be fit for purpose amongst other requirements. You would also expect the machine to last considerably longer than two years (up to Six).... be safe and certainly not burst into flames causing endangerment to life.

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  •  Wed, May 23 2012, 7:41 PM

    Re: Beko washing machine set on fire,Beko wont help!

    I forgot to mention that this machine was brought from new and I still have the receipt and after looking on the government website it does state the vender of the goods should either repair,replace,refund the item they cant repair and they dont need to replace so they should refund the cost we have had to pay out
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  •  Wed, May 23 2012, 7:21 PM

    Beko washing machine set on fire,Beko wont help!

    Hi everyone I am new to this forum but I have heard such good things about this site helping people I had to give you a try.

    My story starts with my partner putting the washing machine on at night before we went to bed as we had loads of washing to get through and no time in the day to do it, it did not turn then sparked and actually set on fire, I did the obvious thing in turning it off and unplugging it and dragging it out into the centre of the kitchen so it would not spread so easily, after putting the fire out I emailed beko the following morning bearing in mind the washing is 2 years old and was out of warranty but you dont expect your appliance to set on fire at any point in its life time warranty or not, I made it very clear that I wanted a timely response by a person and not the standard automated emails.

    they did manage to do this and responded within 24 hours to our problem and organised an inspector to come out and check the machine to make sure it was there appliance at fault, this took about 2 weeks to happen so we had to go out and buy a new washing machine in the mean time out of our own wedding fund at our dismay.

    the engineer was extremely polite and could not stop apologising and mentioned in all his time working with beko washing machines he has never saw 1 that has set on fire and advised he would try and push it through to get sorted as quick as possible.

    this is where the problem has started I received an email from beko today stating that they do accept the fault is with there machine and something to do with the wiring...BUT as we have brought a new washing machine there is nothing they can do to help it is preaty much saying &quot;yes its our machines fault but you sorted yourself out so bugger off&quot;

    this I find to be extremely unsatisfactory they expect us to suffer for nearly a month between the problem starting and this email today without any way of cleaning our clothes and then refuse to help after admitting its there fault!

    I am not after a big fat cheque but I dont expect to be shuned aside because we didnt want to live in filfy clothes.I have emailed them back today expecting a minimum of the price of the new washing machine that was near enough the same price as theres and a little extra for all the hassle and sleepless nights it caused thinking if it had happened halfway through that cycle I would not be writing this message now and my home turned to rubble,

    is there any advise anyone can offer to me on what to do if beko try and shun me again as I am threatening to take them to trading standards and watchdog if they do not help out.

    http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn303/cluboholic1988/bekowashingmachine.jpg if you wish to check out the result of the fire just check out my picture of it

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