Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

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  •  Tue, Nov 25 2008, 2:24 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    I was directed to this particular forum from another link as I thought it looked interesting. Not sure that these stories actually rate as scams though. Not good initial customer service and the obvious overselling of products to boot perhaps, but it does not sound as though any of these companies have actually taken money in an unfair way? Also, credit cards if used well are in general a very good free service. Ok the balance transfers mainly cost admin charges nowadays, but lets be honest, if we all stoozed as much as we could, these large companies would lose money on the deal ! So I suppose what I am saying is that you can hardly expect them to jump up and down on the customer services side once we have a complaint. It is not as though we have actually paid them for a service...(if we stick within their t and cs!) Still, frustration is a nightmare though...!

    One to watch out for though - you may have read this elsewhere, but worth reiterating: I have just been offered another zero % balance transfer deal by phone from a company through which i have 2 cards, both with outstanding sums on them (silly me). When i said that the only balance I have to transfer is from their other card, they offered cash to my bank at only the transfer cost - leaving me free to pay the balance off on the other one. However, this would effectively trap the existing outstanding balance on the lending card 'beneath' the new loan, so that whenever I make a payment, it only goes to the zero percent portion til this is paid off, leaving me accumulating full rate interest on the remainder. I think that this is a deliberate move on the part of the lender as I have recently transfered other amount away from them. Whether or not they are actually trying to trap the remainder deliberately or just seeking debt custom is another question and you can draw your own conclusions - just don't draw the cash !!

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  •  Fri, Nov 14 2008, 9:16 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    This letter of mine should tell you of the level of scum I am dealing with, the very edge of the scummy froth where most of the dirt particles reside.

    Dear ..............

    I see the references to my emails in your letter, but am terribly disappointed that there is no mention of my letter and fax.

    Please bear in mind that you are not in a position yet to clarify Barclaycard’s position as you yourself admit that you have not been successful in identifying the representative/s that was/were dealing with my case. This in itself is shameful – time lag and non maintenance of records.

    I am glad of one thing at least in that you make an admittance that you have caused me inconvenience, though your goodwill in no way reflects upon the inconvenience caused. This is so arbitrary for it in no way takes account of the inconvenience caused. You as a professional organization should not be so sloppy and careless in your attention to detail, or are you as a deliberate policy trying to 'fob me off', as they would say in the trade.

    To help and better reflect upon the quality of goodwill/inconvenience caused, I shall list a few of the considerations that need to be considered at arriving at a more reasonable compensation.

    Interest charged by the other account from where the balance was to be transferred.

    0% interest for 28 months (double the time) for the whole amount which includes the purchases and the balance transfer from the date of the balance transfer.

    A sum of not less than £500.00 for the whole manner in which this account has been handled.

    Card deliberately sent late in order to penalise the customer of the 60 day period for the initial 14 months interest free balance transfer.

    Misleading the customer all along by making false statements.

    Gross errors in the customer’s statement even to the day. Looks for dates mentioned

    9 Oct and 10 Oct.

    Not being able to resolve this simple matter from the beginning of August to this day. This reflects upon the non willing aspect of resolution, for an organization like you when it could not find records to the file notes, which had been detailed in my emails and letter, should have found immediately in favour of the customer. There seem to be a very poor handle on customer relationship.

    Finally you mention that if you do not hear from me within 8 weeks you will consider my complaint as closed whereas you in the same letter also mention that you have not been able to get to the bottom of the complaint. This in itself is so contradictory and patronizing.

    I await your more thought out, reasonable and deliberate response.

    I shall be away from the 23/11 to 30/12.

    As usual

    One very very very disappointed customer (I add a very for every disappointed response I have to give to the very low quality nonprofessional response I get from you)


    Eco, your valuable comments would be appreciated.

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  •  Wed, Nov 12 2008, 6:11 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams


    a voice of reason always trying to maintain the balance.

    we all do get just a bit carried away at times.

    re barclaycard, trust me if only they gave me reason enough to tip the balance of probability scale in their favour, I would.

    I seem to think, these are deliberate tactics used by these scums, borrowed from our cowboy cousins across the ocean.

    we were good till we started aping the cowboys.

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  •  Wed, Nov 12 2008, 1:32 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams


    thanks lofty for your valuable input

    now this is getting interesting

    barclaycard are now trying to disguise their dishonesty as incompetence

    this company is rotten to the core.

    will post details later, but have got my work done.

    No matter what Barclays say you wont believe them, you've mate that very clear.

    Also, any comments made about firing people and wishing companies to go bust show just how irrational this thread has become.


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  •  Wed, Nov 12 2008, 12:04 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    thanks lofty for your valuable input

    now this is getting interesting

    barclaycard are now trying to disguise their dishonesty as incompetence

    this company is rotten to the core.

    will post details later, but have got my work done.

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  •  Tue, Nov 04 2008, 11:37 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    These holding letters are standard practice for Barclaycard. They refuse to buckle down, even the threat of legal action doesn't bother them. They are a disgrace, it seems from my encounters with them that there is no communication at all between departments or people in the sam department.

    They even stick two fingers up at the regulators. As you are probably aware if people make a complaint under the data protection legislation or face the consequences from the government body in charge. From what I have heard every other organisation manages to do this, but Barclays are apparently too busy to be able to.

    The sooner this scum is put out of business the better for everyone, they are an insult to the bad name of banking.

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  •  Sat, Nov 01 2008, 7:49 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    I have received a letter from Barclaycard on the 30th exactly a month after their interim letter, guess what????????

    Still trying to get to the depth of the case and have deposited 50 Pounds to my card for the inconvenience, without even addressing the problem or even so far as mentioning it.

    All they are saying is that if they do not hear from me in 8 weeks , they will treat my complaint as satisfied.

    Anyone going through my posts, tell me would you fire the people working in this organization, or is this organizational policy.

    Will write more next week after I might have hopefully solved the problem.

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  •  Sat, Oct 18 2008, 10:53 AM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    Capital One are well known throught the industry for advertising that borders on the misleading. They are very clever hiding a lot of small print behind their lucrative up front offers. For instance, they offer 10 months interest free on purchases but, don't assume that if you apply, that is what you will get. They are, in many case, more likely to sent you an acceptance but you will find that the interst free peiod on offer is now only 4 or 6 months. If you complain, they will point to the small print.

    They do the same with interst rates, offersing what looks like a low rate and then, tell you that you did not qualify for that rate but, hey, they can offer you xomething at 15.9%

    I'm not a lawyer so I don't know if their adverts breach any codes, maybe someone could answer that.

    Of course, none of this would matter particularly EXCEPT Capital One will have done and recorded a credit check before they inform you they have moved the goalposts. So, if you decide that you don't want to take up their offer, you may have more problems getting a card from somewhere else because you already have a search on file.

    You just have to ask yourself whether you even want to get involved with such a company...probably not

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  •  Sat, Oct 11 2008, 11:07 AM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    Guess what - my card came this morning!

    Good service and a response to my complaint or just continued innefficiency? Who knows? - least of all the people in customer services who by the way turn out to be at a call centre in the Philipines.

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  •  Fri, Oct 10 2008, 10:01 PM

    Super Angry [8o|] Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    thanks tp53 for sharing, which really was one of the ideas of this thread.

    eco, it is not so much the service, but one gets the feeling that something is being held back. it seems so fishy.

    now whether this is happening across the board or random, I do no know and to say so would be speculation.

    hence the thread to get more people with such experiences to speak up.

    also does not mean that I cannot have a stab at some thought, or maybe barclaycard,,,,,,,lol

    let us see then,

    it is my guess that people with a larger balance to transfer are being given this rough shod treatment that I am talking of.

    if you go through my posts again you will notice that it is not shoddy service and then correction, but a continuum of deceit disguised as shoddy service.

    let us say it was bad service made worse, does it take more than 2 months to try and put that right.

    there is more to it than is meeting the eye , and that is because the eye likes to see straight, and these people are crooked to the core.

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  •  Fri, Oct 10 2008, 2:54 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    Capital One - I'm getting very suspicious too.

    I've applied and been accepted for a Capital One card - 4 weeks ago. I've received a pin number but no card. When I spotted this discussion a couple of days ago I started to think the delay might be down to more than just inneffiency. I too have chosen not to transfer any balances - I wondered whether the delay was because they didn't really want my business.

    I've just tried to chase the card with little success. I eventually got hold of a customer service agent (so called) but the process has left me even more suspicious.

    First I tried the customer service number provided (at least it was a freephone number) and selected the option for card application queries. After a short delay I got the message 'We have been unable to connect your call' and was cut off. I did this 5 times within about an hour. On the sixth time, I selected the 'new application' option. After 13 minutes I did get through to an agent, but of course he couldn't help me - he said he could only deal with new applications. He gave me a slightly different freephone number to call for customer services. Although I got the same menu options as before, this time I wasn't cut off. After 23 minutes!!! on hold I spoke to an agent - somewhere in Central America from his accent. His responses to my query didn't stack up.

    I opened by saying I was worried my card might have been sent but lost in the postI Before I'd given him any details, he said not to worry it isn't lost in the post. How would he know unless they're just not sending cards out? When he'd taken my details, amidst a number of profuse apologies he said that they were suffering delays because of a system upgrade, assured me my card would be sent out within seven days and said all their customers were being affected and were frustrated.

    I said I wasn't impressed or convinced by his story and that if they wanted my business they needed to get the card to me in the next 4 days. He said he couldn't influence that and repeated his 'sent in seven days' promise. ...and then signed of with the standard customer service phrase 'is there anything else I can help you with!!' What do you think I said?

    We'll see if the card arrives. I somehow think it won't. I'll let you know!

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  •  Thu, Oct 09 2008, 9:36 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    So do you believe they are doing this with everyone then? Or are they picking at random? Or maybe, just maybe, its just been a mistake thats been made worse.

    You are simply speculating that many others have been affected when you have no evidence of this. What good does that do?


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  •  Thu, Oct 09 2008, 10:14 AM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    I know 'scam' might seem too strong a word for now, but unfortunately at its' peek it would have been unfathomable to call Enron a scam

    Have not the banks been slapped many a times by the SFA for unfair charges.They are no angels.

    It is all about maximizing.

    One idiot like me makes no difference to them, too small too minuscule, as long as they are on the maximizing road with everyone else.

    And it is not just me, I promise you. There surely must have been many more who have been switched into a different more cash generating product as well.

    Remember the cash back model of the mobile phones, these 0% for 14 months also work along the same lines. How I wish there was some research study of the same.

    It is all about awareness.

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  •  Wed, Oct 08 2008, 10:53 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    I guess i am just being objective. I think the word "scam" is too strong because that suggests that everything that has happened was pre-planned to get more money out of you, which i dont believe to be the case. Its hardly been cost effective has it? Making customers upset isnt exactly going to drive business is it?

    I think we will have to agree to disagree.

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  •  Wed, Oct 08 2008, 8:15 PM

    Re: Barclaycard and Capital One Scams

    thanks eco about being objective, unlike the other idiot who keeps popping in and i guess is bumped off. good moderation.

    i guess i can discuss point by point with you as to why these guys are not so much awful service in comparison to being decietful.

    as an example and rightly so you think it is a wrong product they have tied me into.

    if you read my earlier post and the guy saying to me that i needed to transfer within 60 days for the 14 months offer in itself is saying that the product was right.

    him accepting that they would extend the offer further for me for no fault of mine and would send me a letter in itself is admittance that the product is and was right.

    now not following up on the same especially when there must be notes of and to the conversation where even the supervisor comes in

    and still requiring 30 days initially with a further 30 day extension for investigations is not just pathetic and shameful but downright passive proverbial shove.

    this is not wanting or reneging on a business in which there are hardly any initial margins.

    i think i have rightly so asked them to waive the transfer charges and to pick up the interest charges for the balance that i needed to transfer

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