ASDA on-line car insurance

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    ASDA use Capita (BDML Connect Ltd) to handle their Insurance.

    I would suggest that you also write to BDML Connect Ltd CEO Mark Townsend at or give him a phone call/email
    <a rel="nofollow" href="mailto:Mark.townsend@bdml.co.uk">Mark.townsend@bdml.co.uk
    tel: 023 9265 6845

    BDML Connect Limited
    The Connect Centre
    Kingston Crescent
    North End
    PO2 8QL

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    ASDA on-line car insurance

    Please dont make the mistake of taking out motor insurnce with this company.
    They will take payment off you.in full..they ask you to send your details off which we did then 1 month you will recieve a letter from them claiming they have not recieved your documents cancelling the policy and charging you a £75 cancelation fee.then they will say you have to re-new so we did because all of a sudden we have no insurance.but to get your money back you have to send the certificate of insurance back to get the refund which we swiftly did and low and behold they sent us another letter saying they havent recieved these documents either.all along with our full payment sitting in their account even though they cancelled the policy and we had to take out a new 1. So now the situation is we have to write a letter saying we no longer have these documents and they have been lost in the post (for the 2nd time ) then requesting all your documents again i.e drivers licience ncd.so we phoned them up and they revealed to us they they had already recievced the drivers licience and ncd for the 1st policy but cant use them to renew so can you send them again. So we have contacted the financial ombudsman on 0800 023 4567 and they will investigate.

    Please guys and girls if you dont want a whole lot of hassle do not make our mistake of taking a policy out with this company,if you look on-line to see their reviews we are not the 1st ones to be fobbed off..

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