Are Tiscali that bad?

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  •  Thu, Aug 21 2008, 9:39 AM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad? yep..

    If you haven't already logged a formal complaint against Pipex/Tiscali with Ofcom, do so now. The number is 020 7981 3040. It only takes a few minutes. If they see a rising trend in complaints against a particular provider, they will investigate.
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  •  Tue, Aug 19 2008, 10:08 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad? yep..

    YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! ................YES! Don't go anywhere near them. Everything bad that you've read about them is almost certainly true, and then some. They set the debt collectors on to me, too. That was <u>after</u> they'd confirmed in writing that I didn't owe them any money! Choose O2 instead.
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  •  Tue, Aug 19 2008, 7:20 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad? yep..


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  •  Tue, Aug 19 2008, 5:19 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad? yep..


    Tiscali are even worse than any of the posts I have read so far.

    Stay well clear of Tiscali. I have spoken to everybody in bombay and been through their carefully scripted procedures. After I have ranted, raved, begged, speaked nicely, ranted again they then finish with &quot;have a good afternoon and thank you again for choosing Tiscali&quot;

    I switched from freedom2surf (f2s) to Tiscali exactly one month ago. Tiscali own f2s. f2s say that Tiscali need a MAC code, Tiscali say they do not. Tiscali say that Pipex (Tiscali owned) have a tag on my line. Pipex say I do not have an account with them speak to Tiscali. f2s say that if Tiscali use a MAC code the Pipex tag can be removed. Tiscali say they do not need one. Tiscali say contact Pipex, Pipex say contact Tiscali. f2s say contact Tiscali. I have made 22 telephone calls so far and written 4 times to the CEO of Tiscali. I still have no internet access. You cannot get put through to another department you have to call yourself and go through their menu system. I believe the cost of the calls are 10p per minute. I have notched up 114 mins so far and paid the £30.00 registration fee.

    At one point Tiscali claimed that they did own Pipex but the tag on my line was from a different Pipex, that just by coincidence happened to have the same name.

    I do not know where to turn now and feel very let down. I can get no other internet access until Tiscali (Pipex) remove the tag on my line.

    DO NOT GO anywhere near Tiscali. You have been warned. I would not want anybody to go through the expense and experience that I have been through.

    f2s however have been fine and I only changed to try and save some money!!!!

    Do not go anywhere near Tiscali.

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  •  Sat, Apr 12 2008, 11:45 AM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    I have just switched back to BT ? BT broadband that is , but stayed with talk talk for line rental and calls , BT T & C now state &quot;that you need a BT line or similar&quot; . I just argued that my line is a BT line going to a BT exchange and serviced by BT engineers despite my paying line rental to Talk Talk for call package. They signed me up no problem and I'm going live on 18th April 08 no hesitation what so ever and the best bit ? the sales girl spoke english too .

    After a whole week of arguing with talk talk about their not so free broadband i.e &quot;get your free broadband now call us ??&quot; &quot; I'm sorry it s not in your area we cant give you it free but for £15 we can set it up? &quot; mmmmmm if they can give me it if I pay they can give me it for free!! anyone agree? Has anyone anywhere actually got it for free ? no-one I know has its a bit like Sky free broadband at least thats only a tenner , still not free but cheaper .

    Its a bit like all broadband packages and the main reson I left virgin media everyone offers &quot;up to 8mb **++''

    So pay us £24.99 and we can prob manage 64k after 6pm and still be within our remit of supplying the &quot; up to &quot; bit I had to install my modem again to get better speeds at night , and all Virgin Media would say is &quot;it depends on distance from exchange and line quality &quot; helllllooooooo my house does not move after 6 pm nor does someone replace my cables with inferior quality only to change it back at 8 am next morning and move my house back.

    Talk Talk said my line would only take 2 mb and wanted to charge me £31 for priviedge.

    Tiscali told me they offer unlimited broadband ( cept between 17:00 and 23:00) when most folk are home from work and want to surf the net they block ports too to stop P2P and games online ports?????

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  •  Sat, Apr 12 2008, 11:15 AM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    I couldn't agree with kkll more!
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  •  Fri, Apr 11 2008, 11:02 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    I've just joined forums only to tell you - yes, they are awful!

    They seem to think that if they will ignore you long enough, you'll give up and stop bugging them for any technical support or better yet, cancel contract and pay for full 12 months anyway (termination fee).
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  •  Thu, Feb 28 2008, 10:55 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    Yes - Tiscali are truly dreadful, but so are BT !

    I moved my line-rental to Tiscali a year ago having been paying them for calls, but rental to BT. I shifted because BT refused to take less than £17 a month, even though no call-charges were payable and I was only due £11 rental. That was all fine and saved some money. Broadband started going wrong when I opted to to upgrade to 8Meg from 2 Meg. My LinkSys modem simply stopped working and I had to revert to the non-wireless one Tiscali initially supplied.

    The REAL trouble started in December 2007 when my option for the new FREE line-rental + BB bundle went live. Previously, the phone system had basically still been on BT kit even though Tiscali collected the rental, so it worked OK .

    NOW I am fully LLU (Local Loop Unbundled) onto Tiscali systems and my phones don't work ~50% of the time (no dial-tone, reception of 'silent' callers, though they can hear you). BB not too bad sometimes, but I keep having to reset the modem when it locks-up. More than 2 months on, and Tiscali have proved absolutely incapable of making my phone work. Their Indian call-centre effectively prevents you from talking directly to a technical person. Help lines are 0871 and cost a fortune because you're always ages on-hold (first catch a slot when you've actually got a dial-tone). I've been fobbed-off with promises to fix it but they can't, because it is their system that can't cope. I believe they use a VOIP link somewhere in the system that just bottlenecks.

    I eventually gave up and tried to move my line back to BT (impossible to revert to the old functional Tiscali system apparently). Found to my despair that BT's Indian call centre is just as bad. They lost or cacelled my order, tried to sting me £1.75 a month for call-barring I hadn't asked for, and were going to take £24.50 a month just for a simple home-phone with free evenings+weekend calls deal. I was shocked because I was just expecting to pay line-rental plus a couple of quid for the odd few daytime calls. So I killed the BT order and am now in process of moving the whole shebang to PlusNet - who are owned by BT apparently. It will cost me £105 to move the line, then ~£20 per month for phone+basic BB.

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  •  Thu, Feb 28 2008, 12:29 AM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    Yes Tiscali are that bad and probably a lot worse than you could ever imagine.

    My advice to anyone thinking of swicthing to Tiscali is dont do it. You could end up spending more money in one call to support than you would save in a year by switching from BT. Just read the forums on tiscali's own website - see service and see how many people are complaining and not event getting a response.

    Do not join Tiscali not matter what the savings.

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  •  Wed, Sep 19 2007, 10:31 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    Well, the comments on Tiscali have really cheered me up/totally confused me. I have been in two minds about whether to dump Tiscali. They dangled an offer months ago of 8Meg broadband, TV & free line rental (but I had to wait until August). When I try to take up the offer, TV not available but I can have 2 Meg. Unfortunately (and I need help here) I think their offer of line rental inclusive for £19.99 p.m. is unbeatable. Against that, I really do feel annoyed with Tiscali about the non existent offer. I'm thinking of Sky (I know, I've had bad experiences in the past in trying to speak to someone who understands the English language). I'm in a poor Freeview area and there is no cable available. I want a new broadband supplier do all in all I can't see any choice but to to Murdoch. I was going to spend £££ on a PVR (Humax) and wireless but it seems I can get all this from Sky.
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  •  Wed, Sep 19 2007, 2:25 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    I know it's bad form to post on a forum without first having a scout round to see what has been written before on a subject. However I was just browsing through this forum when I came across two statements on this thread that made me feel I had to register immediately and post before my workplace internet lunchtime happy hour ended.

    The first was was that someone was about to join Orange. DON'T DO IT! Talk about out of frying pan into fire. I've just left Orange after all sorts of stressful hassle. And I was not alone. Look at orangeproblems.co.uk. Yes, such forums are weighted on the negative side, but from my own experience mirrored by many posts on that forum, I believe Orange's problems are widespread. On migration day from Orange my speed, stability, customer service all soared upwards. For your own sanity don't join Orange.

    The second went along the lines that all ISP services are similarly awful so may as well just go on price alone. A little online research* would show you that there are ISP's out there who have well-deserved good reputations for service. The ISP I joined, BE (not a typo of BT) is one, but there are others.

    Edit: *I found Thinkbroadband.com useful

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  •  Wed, Sep 19 2007, 2:13 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    Try contacting BT Warehouse they are good when it comes to getting help with MAC Codes I am sorry I don't have a number but I am sure BT will help you with that number. After all it is BT that issue the MAC codes to the ISPs.
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  •  Wed, Sep 19 2007, 1:51 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    I know the problems only too well and too my cost with Tiscali. At the moment ISPs have become such a big market so very quickly and each trying to grab a piece of the action by fair or foul means its a case of finding one that will suit your needs best but I know, as I have already said, to my cost its not Tiscali. I have actually sent a strong letter to their Chief Executive Officer at their head office laying out my experience of trying to exit Tiscali and reminding them it is against ISP policy not to provide a MAC code when the customer asks for it(within 5 Days). What I will say is never lose ANY letters or documentation you receive from any ISP as this is what I used to fight Tiscali as they denied all knowledge of letters and cancellation. I eventually got them to admit they were wrong but only after a lot of copying scanning typing and being threatened with debt collectors and me contacting OFCOM then I got a an email to say I was right and a rather offhand apology. Personally I think the work I did to sort out <u>their</u> problems (I didn't cause the problems!!) is worth more and that is what prompted me to take it to their CEO. I wouldn't nor could I recommend Tiscali to anyone. The fact is in the circumstances I warn people away from more trouble but I can only speak as I found. You maybe know differently but you can only speak on your own experience.
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  •  Wed, Sep 19 2007, 1:25 PM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    I have just joined the forum today after seeing your message. I know you sent this in a while ago but if you haven't already joined tiscali DONT!!! I was with tiscali for around 2 years having general logging on problems as anyone might have, tiscali eventually sorted things out, fair enough. I received a leaflet through the post for sky broadbrand and thought i should transfer as they were offering broadband free as i was an existing customer with top sky package. My real problems started when I tried cancelling with tiscali in February 2007 and didn't mamnage to leave until July 2007, as i then thought i could transfer to sky by now, sky informed me that tiscali still have a tag (not sure what this is but i was told it is highly illegal) on my line and until that is removed we can not transfer to anyone. I am still waiting today despite numerous letters and calls (which is very annoying) to have this tag removed from my line. I have informed tiscali that i will be instructing a solicitor and they're reply was that 'it was ok they have they're own legal team to deal with matters like that. I also informed them that i would go to the papers or TV watchdog, they just reply that they have already been on Watchdog. I can't stress enough not to ever join with tiscali, i regret it and wish i had never done so, i hope it is not too late for you.
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  •  Wed, Sep 19 2007, 8:53 AM

    Re: Are Tiscali that bad?

    In my experience, when I switched telephone service provider from Talk Talk to BT, I had to call Tiscali to let them know, and was aware that I'd be without Broadband for a few days. I let them know on day one, they said I would be up and running by day 9. On day 13 I called they said it was 9 days from the time they advised BT, and they hadnt done that til day 6. I called again 16, they said they hadnt submitted it despite previously telling me they had, after a dozen calls and having spoken to lots of people who were actually very helpful, each one reassuring me that the errors of the previous caller were to be rectified, NONE of them fixed my problem (there is no way in my mind that all these people could be equally as incompetent as the last, they clearly have received the training and beleive genuinely that they know how to fix the issue), I ended up speaking to a supervisor, who assured me that I would be refunded the 7 WEEKS worth of BB fees that I eventually went without, though this inevitably has never been refunded on to my account. Since then I called Tiscali to request a MAC code, having felt let down by the service, which I never received. I called again, and again, and again, and finally on the 5th attempt I told the operator that I was sick and tired of Tiscali and that having visited the internet looking for help, I was aware that thousands of people were unable to leave due to a lack of a MAC code. He asked me WHO I wanted to change to (Orange), and very kindly told me lots of negative things about Orange BB, none of which were anywhere near like what I had experienced with Tiscali, and then promised my MAC code would be texted to my mobile phone promptly. Never received it, so eventually called their customer care centre yesterday, told them Ofcom had said I can take things further if I dont receve it this time, and received my MAC code by Text whilst still talking to the same operator. So I have spent literally hours on the phone, have never received an apology, was never refunded for the time I was offline despite being promised by a supervisor, and only when I threatened to take things further did I finally receive the quality of service that I expected during my first call. Thats my experience with Tiscali, wish me luck with Sky (Orange wont accept an LLU code). I know Sky and Orange and all sorts of others have their issues, but in all honesty, I have rarely read GOOD reviews about any of them. One thing is for sure, Tiscali it would appear are the one to avoid at all costs, and the complaints online that I've come across probably outnumber all the others combined
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