Anyone else had problems with Sky?

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  •  Fri, Apr 08 2011, 9:37 PM

    Re: Anyone else had problems with Sky?

    I have had dreadful problems with Sky this week when moving house. Contacted them 10 days before leaving the property and i wanted toget telephone, broadband and tv through them. Was told it would all be very simple- get my tv hooked up first then call for phone and broadband date.

    Called back a few days later to get it all sorted. Was told i would have to have an active Bt telephone number before they could install the broadband( even though i did not want BT!) If i wanted a number from Sky it would take 4 weeks.So i contacted BT and got the phone line connected which took 3 days. I have just called SJKy today to be told it will still take 7- 15 days to hook up Broadband !

    They stated it was to do with sending engineers out to send the broadband signal down the line and there was only one company who could do that.. BT! When i questioned them on why it was so easy 3 years ago they said then they were able to use their own engineers but since expanding into telephone lines they had to use...BT!

    Finally contacted Bt who offered me a better phone and internet package and could do it in 5 working days... Strange that!

    I suspect a BT stitch up but Sky miss sold the package hugely. At no time did they tell me it would take weeks to install

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  •  Mon, Feb 21 2011, 9:24 PM

    Anyone else had problems with Sky?

    Since our previous ISP (Uk Online) was being closed down by their parent company Sky. We decided after issues with Talk Talk ie. doing nothing to get our service connected, to sign up with Sky, they promised a smooth switchover.

    I was told we have our telephone and broadband switched in 14 days, I rang the day before the switch to query the whereabouts of the promised router, to be told only the phone was being switched a day late, but about 4 days after I would receive a router.

    After a month of various excuses, I rang to check progress for the 6th time to be told someone would check and call me back the next day, they did, twice, with two different excuses. I rang later that evening to find out which version was correct to discover that our phone line was still with our original supplier, despite being told it had been transferred.

    Enough, I cancelled the whole order and contacted a new provider just to find that Sky had tagged the line, I requested it be removed, Sky informed me tonight it will take until the 2nd March to remove, despite having never provided any services.

    Has anyone else been in this situation?

    Any ideas or solutions appreciated.

    We have had to resort to a pay as you go dongle just to get back on line.

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