Advise on best instant cash ISA

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  •  Fri, Mar 15 2013, 1:54 PM

    Re: Advise on best instant cash ISA... (Santander 2.5% maybe)

    Its that time again, My now Santander ISA is going to revert to 0.5% but in looking around and almost taking the plunge with Nationwides cash isa at 2.25% I notice Santander have a cash isa of 2.5% info below link


    Seems like a good deal considering how low the interest rates being offered are? Any thoughts before I press the GO button.

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  •  Fri, Mar 23 2012, 8:29 PM

    Re: Advise on best instant cash ISA

    Thanks for the advise, I'm going to give <span class="smallerText">Santander's 3.3% direct isa a go.

    One last question if I may, is the maximum you can have in an ISA £10k?


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  •  Sun, Mar 18 2012, 11:38 PM

    Re: Advise on best instant cash ISA

    According to the comparison tool, those two are up at the top along with Cheshire BS, Santander, Nationwide and Barclays offering over 3%. As the rates are very similar, I personally wouldn't automatically go for the one with the highest rate. The lists shouldn't be regarded as a recommendation, merely a list of some of the deals available in my view.

    You can get a little more with fixed term deals.

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  •  Fri, Mar 16 2012, 9:14 PM

    Advise on best instant cash ISA


    This is my first post so excuse me if this is a daft post.

    Basically my Halifax ISA saver direct is about to revert to a low interest rate (end of march) so its time to swap to a better interest paying ISA so I am here seeking advise.

    I can see that MoneySupermarket recommends TheAA and Natwest but TheAA does not offer transfer in and the Natwest only offer's 3% on less 10k, is there any better offers than Natwest's 3% or is this best out there?

    Hope someone can help.


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