Advice In Regards to Credit Card fraud

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  •  Wed, Mar 12 2014, 1:55 AM

    Re: Advice In Regards to Credit Card fraud

    If things get to a bad situation, you can simply refuse to pay. The credit card issuer always has the option to take matters to court and, if they can prove that a transaction was authorised by the appropriate PIN number and card at a reputable, main stream, high street store, then you would be expected to pay up. On the other hand, if they cannot provide reasonable evidence that you received what you paid for and if you turned up in court to explain the situation, then it is likely that the court would reject the card issuer's claim.
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  •  Tue, Mar 11 2014, 10:47 PM

    Re: Advice In Regards to Credit Card fraud

    You need to enter into a formal dispute with Tesco that these transactions are fraudulent. Tesco can reject the transactions, by sending them back.

    As long as you did not act fraudulently yourself, you acted with reasonable care ( did not openly reveal the pin no.) and reported it to Tesco as soon as you were aware, then under the Lending Code, Tesco have to deal with these transactions as fraudulent, refunding them off your card.

    If Tesco refuse to do this, they have to prove that that you are liable under the Lending Code, because you did not show reasonable care. i.e you had too many to drink in a club and openly showed the club staff your pin number. They cannot prove this unless they have CCTV or were there on the night.

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  •  Tue, Mar 11 2014, 9:10 PM

    Angry [:@] Advice In Regards to Credit Card fraud


    I have recently been on holiday, while I was out there I used two credit cards, Barclays and Tescos.

    I was out in a night club and the total amount that I was meant to pay was changed from £100 to £1000. A stupid mistake to make I know not to check but at the time I wasn't really paying attention. Barclays blocked the second transaction and since being back in the UK have refunded me the full £1000 after explaining what must of happened

    Tescos on the other hand, (first time this card had been used in months) let over £6000 worth of transactions pass through the account.

    They are also telling me hat I have to pay the balance? I don't have the receipts either so I have no proof to show that more may have been processed without me (if they saw me put in my pin number and skimmed the card)

    The transactions where all completed as POS for the club that I was at! with it being in another country its slightly harder to raise this with them in person

    Any help would be appreciated!

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