Acceptance Rates for Hitachi Finance

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  •  Wed, Aug 15 2007, 6:17 PM

    Acceptance Rates for Hitachi Finance

    Hello all,

    I am looking to take some finance out for something in the next couple of weeks and the company in question uses Hitachi Capital.

    I am originally from Southern Ireland and have only been in the UK since July 05. Because of not having 36 months consecutive address or finance history in the UK I still find I am only able to get high interest credit cards and am frequently turned down for other things.

    I have fallen off the voters roll at my address with not enough time to get back on.

    I do now however have 2 credit cards, a contract phone and have been granted mail order in the past, aswell as having two granted overdrafts with two different Halifax bank accounts.

    A recent equifax report shows that I have nothing negative on my credit reference summary however it still only rates as fair because of the 36 month factor. I have only had one or two searches performed this year so far so even that's not an issue. And I do have two overdraft facilities with Halifax who have a high acceptance rate, but then again I do work for them.

    I am panicky about getting this finance approved - granted it is only for eye surgery - but I do need it!

    Any advice or knowledge about Hitachi's acceptance levels etc. And what company's do you think will accept me or at least allow me to appeal to an underwriter.

    Share ideas people. lol

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