AA Renewal - June 2010

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  •  Tue, May 22 2012, 2:27 PM

    Re: AA Renewal - June 2012


    Thats what I call a saving

    Please read my earlier post spud19. There are greater savings to be had. If using the comparison tool, it's worth noting that the lowest quote is likely to come from "Rescue my Car" but they charge £40 for every call out which means the policy isn't worth a lot, in my view. The AA will probably come out as most expensive, even for a new policy. You should still find plenty of good options for £30 - £50.

    If someone tried to overcharge my by £63+, I would be inclined not to use them again.

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  •  Tue, May 22 2012, 11:43 AM

    Re: AA Renewal - June 2012

    Received my AA renewal. The cost had gone up to £163.

    Called AA and told them that as a new member, I could get the same cover for £100

    Without any further presure, the cost was first reduced to £125, then to £93 as I'm a long standing member

    Thats what I call a saving......... do not renew without contacting the AA first

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  •  Sat, Oct 09 2010, 8:30 PM

    Re: AA Renewal - June 2010

    I've done exactly the same with the AA for the last 3 years!

    I wonder how many people don't bother checking the online price, and just let them take the money?!

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  •  Tue, Jun 15 2010, 3:38 PM

    Re: AA Renewal - June 2010

    My breakdown cover is thirty-something pounds. I believe there is the option under the red "Insurance" tab at the top to compare different breakdown covers although it sounds like it is too late for you this year.
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  •  Tue, Jun 15 2010, 11:22 AM

    AA Renewal - June 2010


    Save money on your AA renewal

    My AA membership was up for renewal 30/06/2010 - (£147)

    I looked on the AA web site and they were offering a large reduction for new customers who signed up.

    When I rang the AA and asked about the reduction for new customers I was quickly offered a large reduction which made my renewal cost only £95

    A great saving for the cost a short phone call

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