12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

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  •  Mon, Jul 13 2009, 9:46 AM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    I never said anything about actually buying the agreement. Just to take the time to let us do our jobs and listen to what we have to offer. Because for a FACT, you dont know the inside and outs of anything that goes on within the business or how it works. So just shut up and listen for a change. and i believe this when i say it. If you take out a cover on a kettle then you really like throwing money away. I cant remember the last time i had a kettle that broke. The only thing i would even consider taking extra thought about would be a washing machine purely because its an ESSENTIAL item to my home. But i would make sure i know every in and out of the agreement before a penny was spent on it. And for your information, you may think you get hounded at by sales colleague for warranty, but tbh... you go and buy a tv and you'll get hounded at to buy every essential you need to make sure you dont come back unhappy. For example, have you considered a HDMI cable for all your High definition needs, placement of your tv, stand of wall bracket, protection, a surge protector incase your home is struck by lightning and everything blows up, services such as sky freesat and virgin, and finally, how would you like to pay, Cash or monthly figure... Its not all about the warranty, but as soon as its mentioned, the customer will just say no before you've even finished. THAT IS MY POINT, not whether or not you buy it. Just to listen. But if you dont give me the time of day, then why should i apply this attitude in return?

    As for comet. I love it when a customer walks in the store... Stands at customer services for ten minutes shouting his head off. Gets out his receipt from comet, and then finds hes in the wrong store shouting at the wrong people. But still does not apologise.

    It's common sense that you want a good deal and a good service... But atleast let the people do there job before just saying no.

    Go watch that film with Yes Man. Say yes :)

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  •  Mon, Jul 13 2009, 7:48 AM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    callum 2009:- I'll never take out a shop extended warranty ever again.

    2 examples - paid over £300 for a 5 year extended warranty on my first ever PC back in the 90s with Currys. After 2 years it packed in printing; after numerous phone calls (which cost well in excess of £20!) the "help" desk refused to accept it was a motherboard hardware fault, kept asking me to reformat/ reload software! Finally I gave up, bought a plug in ISA card with a parallel port and got my printing back within 5 minutes!

    Second example - dishwasher bought with extended warranty from Comet - in 2 years soap dispenser stopped opening 3 times- clear design fault. After 3rd occasion I was refused a repair as it must be "operator error" !! When we got local engineer out to replace the part he told us that it was a very common fault on a number of different models at that time!

    Now if I buy a new high value electrical item I just make sure I'm saving an extra £5-10 per month in a savings account - The account is worth about £17000 since the 90s!

    The other thing that annoys me is when the assistant tries to push an extended warranty on something trivial worth about £20,like a kettle !

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  •  Mon, Jul 13 2009, 4:15 AM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    callum2009:i work for currys and wish that people would give you the time of day to actually explain how our policies actually work and the benefits... But you're just to busy trying to save every penny when in the long run you'll get even more screwed over. And every time a customer like that leaves the store I truely hope they do because they cannot give the decency to atleast even hear you out with what potentially could make the service so much better.

    With that sort of attitude I hope I never have to set foot in your Currys store Callum, you hope that people get screwed over because they don't play ball and buy an extended warranty from you. Maybe it is because they get hounded to buy a warranty every time they set foot in a store that they do not want to hear you out and listen to the "same old, same old" all the time.

    If I had bought an "extended warranty" every time I purchased an electrical item, I would have been well screwed over because the only one that failed was a £24 kettle and that was replaced by the store anyway (not Currys)

    When I wanted to save money on the larger appliances for my old rental business, I just went along to a shop that sold "regraded appliances" and boughtthe washing machines, fridge freezers etc. A 40% or 50%saving was easily obtained from there with a 1 year no quibble guarantee. In fact the 5 washing machines I bought as replacements for the first lot all lasted longer than the originals because with the savings I could buy a better make. The regrades were either items with scratches or slight dents on a side panel or were catalogue returns

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  •  Sun, Jul 12 2009, 11:53 PM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    i work for currys and wish that people would give you the time of day to actually explain how our policies actually work and the benefits... But you're just to busy trying to save every penny when in the long run you'll get even more screwed over. And every time a customer like that leaves the store I truely hope they do because they cannot give the decency to atleast even hear you out with what potentially could make the service so much better.
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  •  Tue, Jun 16 2009, 11:16 AM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    Hello........I work for PCWorld and I deal everyday with this warranties problems. I cannot deny that the company makes a good profit on the so common called "extended warranties", however, you really need to understand how they work and what they cover, before spitting out useless words. The "product" is called "PC Performance" and runs parallel to the manufacturer warranty and offers relevant benefits that the manufacture will never give to you. Lets take in consideration that you buy a laptop, pc performance will cover: 1- accidental damages like coffe or tea spillage or if you drop the laptop and smash the screen whilst the manufacturer will just laugh on your face. 2- PC healthcheck for free 3- data recovery for free. Not mentioning, helpline, web support, world wide protection, courier collection, replacement if yours can't be fixed in addition to the friendly support on the desk for minor problems like "my internet is not working, can you fix it please?" (at least in my store).

    All of these are not achievable through the manufacturer "limited warranties" nor with insurance companies. Also there will be no excess to pay and its a "pay as you go" service so you can cancel it any time that you want and in most cases you get the first month for free. Cost?: more or less as much as a starbucks cofee a week.

    So please guys, don't be so negative about these products nor so confident that nothing is gonna happen to your TV or your PC or whatever cos when it happens it could be too late and remember that manufacturer warranties only deal with "faulty products" and if a fault appears after 6 month of purchase, it could really be a pain in the neck for you to prove that it was a faulty product.

    Anyway........that's all from me.

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  •  Tue, Dec 30 2008, 2:32 PM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty


    I too read this post with interest.

    We recently purchased an LG steam washing machine from ebay. It was an unwanted wedding present brand new delivered to the couple in October 2008 so still wrapped in original packaging.

    We love the machine but recently it has been playing up saying the door is open and we can't use the machine. We contacted LG under the 12 month warrantee only to find without the original receipt the warrantee means nothing.

    According to LG if you receive any of their items as a gift the warrantee is invalid also.

    Thanks to the previous post we have contacted warranty direct and have now covered a number of major household items including the washing machine.

    Please people be warned LG warrantee means nothing even for a machine they haven't been making for a yr.

    Thank you again to previous poster

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  •  Thu, Jan 31 2008, 7:32 PM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty


    I read with interest the post from a member smala01 (Post 01/31/2008 at4.40pm)

    He/She states there is no such thing as a 12 month warranty.Where do they find these people apart from the funny farm<u></u>

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  •  Tue, Nov 20 2007, 11:49 PM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    Hi --- You're welcome --- Retailers make high profits on these expensive policies, the sales staff are put under pressure to sell these which greatly adds to the stores profits, often the cover is disputed when a valid accident claim is made and they frequently try to worm out of their obligations whenever possible.

    I never buy these insurance plans or extended warranties offered by a store, instead I always have accident damage on my house contents insurance (everything covered one payment), and arrange seperate, better and cheaper extended warranty cover, only if I think it's important for the purchased goods.

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  •  Tue, Nov 20 2007, 11:35 PM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    Many thanks for your may i say excellent advice .The insurance was as you say&quot;Whotever Happens&quot; The sale person at currys was very miss leading any thing for a quick sale attitude.

    Once again many thanks

    Regards Geoff

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  •  Tue, Nov 20 2007, 3:23 PM

    Re: 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    Hi --- Remind them that, &quot;under the sale of goods act&quot; ..they..... Curry's, as the retailer are obliged to repair or replace the television set or offer a refund if they cannot do either whilst it is under warranty.

    This is an additional legal right that you have in addition to the manufacturers warranty of 12 months, you are not required to take out an insurance plan in order for your rights above, to exist, and indeed they are trying to mislead you into buying a policy in order to further profit from you, according to the statement in your above post.

    The Insurance plan is probably an accidental &quot;whatever happens&quot; policy that provides cover in the event of an accident, you will possibly be already covered under your household insurance for accidental damage, so check your policy as there's no benefit in paying twice for the same cover. !!

    You can take out an extended warranty a lot cheaper if you so wish, by getting cover with a company such as, Warranty direct for component failure, once the guarantee has or is about to expire.


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  •  Tue, Nov 20 2007, 2:30 PM

    12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

    I was informed by the sales person at currys on buying a new hdtv you will only be covered for parts only call out would be extra ect,.Under the man/warranty, <u>but if i took out there insurance plan i would be covered</u>.Any advice would be very helpfull
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