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  •  Thu, Jan 10 2008, 1:58 PM

    Lloyds TSB/Loans Direct

    Hi, Im afraid Im back with another complicated situation so please try to bear with me, any advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Like alot of people I was offered alot of credit when I was 18/19 and stupidly took out 2 store cards and a credit card along with an over draft for £1000. This made my combined card debt £3,800.

    As I was only paying the interest each month (and unfortunately missing payments) I took out a loan offered to me by Lloyds TSB through loans direct(it was offered to me over the phone when I rang with a direct debit query)

    So I paid off all of my debt including my overdraft in February of last year and started to repay the loan by direct debit each month.

    This was fine until September when I cancelled the direct debit to loans direct as there was a problem with my wages. I planned to call and pay by debit card the next day but my wages were delayed for longer than I thought. When I did call I was told that I would be able to spread the missed payment over 6 months as part of a payment plan putting my payments up from £155 per month to £181 per month. It would also mean that my account would be passed to 'collections' for the period of 6 months until the arrears were cleared. During the call I agreed to this and set up a direct debit for the new amount to leave my account on the 14th of each month.

    During the next month i checked that Loans direct had set up a direct debit and it appeared as active in my online banking account.

    In Novermber I received a call from a very rude man telling me I was in arrears, I was shocked at this as I thought it had been sorted. Upon some investigating I found that loans direct had continued to take the lesser amount of £155 out of my account and this is the first i had heard of it. I once again set up the payment plan and assumed it was sorted.

    In December Loans direct took both £155 out of my account and £181 out of my acount, leaving me overdrawn and without any available funds. I was told that they could authorise a withdrawl if I went in to a branch as a refund would take 7 working days. The first branch I went to refused as my account is with collections so I went to another where the manager agreed to see me. He called collections on my behalf and and it was agreed that the £155 would be returned to me but (and I quote) "it may well happen again in January" This was 5 days before Christmas and on top of some other issues I had going on I got quite upset but once again thought it was sorted.

    I checked online a week or so later and the £155 had been reimbursed but with dismay I saw that because it had sent mo overdrawn that Lloyds had actually refused to pay the £181 anyway! How could this happen when I was sitting with the bank manager the day they took the £181????

    So I am now left with the situation where no payment was made to loans direct in December and I am now scared to put money in my account in case they leave me pennyless again!

    Throughout all of this I have had to make more then 10 telephone calls to Lloyds collection centre where I am always given conflicting advice and at least 3 visits to branches and I could be faced with doing the same this month.

    I cant believe a company such as Lloyds can get away with this, my account and loan is being managed awfully and I am left stressed and on a payment plan for 3-4 longer than I should be.

    Is there anything I can do about this?? I have decided to cancel the direct debit that was active and make a payment by debit card instead- at least then I know how much they are taking from me. But after paying off my c cards I was hoping that my credit rating would improve and this just isnt helping(although I take responsibility for the fact that I missed a payment).

    Apologies once again for the long post but Im at a loss as to what to do. This site has helped in the past so hopefully will again.



    P.S- SHARK- thanks for advice re aol, got refund and confirmation of closed account this morning!

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