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    Re: Debenhams/Santander Cards-Viking Collection Services LTD

    I work for Santander Cards on collections and I'm quite happy to let people in on our system. Heres advice and tips.

    Basically Viking is the last chance you get before we sell your debt on to a debt collection company. We pretend we've already sold it on and call ourselves Viking. Santander/Viking will not take you to court, send balifs round etc, that make us look bad. Instead it get sold on to another company at a discounted price, we swallow the loss and let them chase you for it.

    All credit agreements under Santander Cards are legally enforcable. I'm affraid unless we've not got a copy of the application (ie we've lost it), which happens every now and then (but it's rare), your legaly obliged to pay.

    If you want to set up an arrangment then just call us and say you can't afford the minimum payment and we'll sent you an income and expenditure form. We'll need proof too, basically a bank statment. We won't just believe what your telling us, if we think your lying about how much you spend on food or whatever we'll not accept the arrangment......

    However, if you go through a debt managment company like the CAB or CCCS the we don't need proof as we'll just accept that the debt managment company has checked it over. You can even pick up the inc/exp form from CAB/CCCS fill it in and send it to us yourself.

    When we call you and you scream down the phone to stop calling that doesn't work. Instead, go through security and tell us to remove the numbers and we will.

    When you call us, be nice. You'd be surprised at the number of people who scream at us expecting us to remove late fees and thing becasue they're angry. Usually no means we can't, but sometimes we just don't like your attitude. Sometimes I've taken a dislike to customers within seconds of taking their call, and you just decide your not going to take the charge off before they've asked. You catch more bees with honey.

    If your make a payment with a card over the phone to us you can call in about 2 days later, get it refunded and then pay us the same amount again. It'll count as paying us twice the amount.

    example; your monthly payment if £30, your a month behide so owe us £60. Call in and pay £30, then have it refunded and pay us the same amount again. You'll still only have reduced your balance by £30, but you'll have brought the account up to date with the previous months payment, and then covered your curret payment.

    This is a very good trick if your in the situation where you can afford the monthly payments but can't pay the arrears up to date. YOU CAN'T TELL US THIS IS WHY YOU WANT A REFUND. JUST SAY YOU DIDN'T MEAN TO PAY THIS ACCOUNT AND IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.

    If your asking for a charge to be removed then tell us you've been in hospital or something you;ll have a better chance, but don't give us a full sob story. Not recieving a statment is not a valid reason.

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