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  •  Wed, May 09 2012, 10:22 AM

    Re: UPDATE from google

    My brother also placed an order though this company. Unfortunately, he wasn't lucky enough to secure the refund so lost out. Hopefully now that Google is aware of the company's scamming it'll stop them appearing in search results so others don't come across the website.
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  •  Tue, Apr 03 2012, 6:28 PM

    Re: UPDATE from google

    I too placed an order with this company and received the same message as you have. I have requested a refund from Google and am still waiting for this to be confirmed by my bank. My advice to anyone else considering buying anything from this site...don't!
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  •  Tue, Apr 03 2012, 12:47 PM

    UPDATE from google

    I have just received this from google... Why on earth are they allowing this company to trade via their system, as it would appear they already know about them....

    Thank you for contacting us about Google Order #4139..xxxxxxx. We no
    longer allow Businesses Wizard Ltd(UK Buy Direct) to process orders using Google Wallet.
    As your account shows that you have already been charged for this order,
    we have issued you a refund to the credit card used to place this order.

    Refunds can take up to an additional three business days to appear on your
    credit card statement. If the refund does not appear, please contact your
    bank for more information. To see which credit card was used in this
    transaction, visit https://wallet.google.com/receipt/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    If the refund is successful and the seller provides sufficient evidence
    that your order was completed according to our Terms of Service and their
    published policies, you may be recharged for this order. If you don't hear
    from us within four weeks, please consider this refund final.

    If you'd like to place a new order with this seller outside of Google
    Wallet, please do so at your own risk. Alternatively, to view a selection
    of other stores using Google Wallet, please visit

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this order may have caused


    The Google Wallet Team


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  •  Tue, Apr 03 2012, 12:40 PM

    Advice please - help!

    Last Friday I paid for a TV that seemed to be at a great price on ukbuydirect.com listing its products via google shopping.

    I decided to buy it from them, because of a £200 saving on the item compared to elsewhere and because the stock level went from 6 to 3 at the time I ordered and then to zero the day after. (I had monitored this). It has now gone back to 6 items (as of 03/04) in stock on this product.

    The site seemed fairly legit and as always I did a quick search and found some reviews from customers who had made previous purchases from them. There weren't many but what there were seemed to be honest.

    I payed via google checkout (now google wallet) with my credit card and received a confirmation email from google - and 24hrs later (on saturday) I received a confirmation of order email from UK Buy Direct.

    UK Buy Direct then sent another email on Monday as a confirmation that my order had been shipped and would be with me 10/04/2012 later than usual due to the easter bank holiday weekend. I sent one in return saying that if there was anyway they could upgrade the postage (at my extra cost) so that I received it before Friday it would be much appreciated. They returned by saying it was unlikely, but if they could and an opportunity became available they would let me know.

    They then recalled (via Microsoft Exchange - I had no control) the two emails for the confirmation of shipping and the response to my question as to whether the shipping could be sped up.

    Today I received this email:

    Dear Mr XXXXXXX,

    Unfortunatley Google checkout seems to have cancelled your order and have not processed the payment for your order. As your product has been shipped and is due for delivery on 10/04/12, we have no option but to put on hold your delivery unless we get cleared payment. If you would still like your order you will need to make payment for the total amount on your invoice (Please follow the payment instructions below). Also please Immediatley request Google to refund your payment by Clicking Here if they haven’t already done so. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank You

    If you would still like your order to be delivered on your specified delivery date then you will need to make payment by direct Bank Transfer to the following account within the next 72 hrs.

    Account Name: Businesses Wizard Ltd
    Sort Code: xxxxxx
    Account Number: xxxxxxxx

    Once you have done this please reply to this email. So that the hold on delivery can be lifted and your product can be delivered on your specified delivery date.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Customer Services Team,
    UK Buy Direct


    I have checked my bank account and with google and the payment has cleared (it has not been cancelled) with them and has been marked as dispatched.

    They could refund this through google checkout if they wanted to if there really was an issue - but it all seems to be a scam to get more money off me. The link in their email goes through to a page on google requesting to file a dispute and to reclaim the money.

    Obviously I have not sent any further payment. I have tried contacting them since via email, telephone and via their website but they do not respond. The forms on their website do not seem to work.

    I can't get hold of google (unlike paypal) who have a support telephone number - the only way of contacting them about this is to file a support request.

    Should I contact my bank? Has anyone any experience of ukbuydirect ?
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