One Way travel insurance

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  •  Thu, Mar 15 2012, 11:21 PM

    Re: One Way travel insurance

    Hi again,

    Staysure was one of the companies that I had tried already, but with no success.

    I am going to try Explorer tomorrow - tried online tonight, but I need to ring them with details of medical history.

    Thanks again
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  •  Thu, Mar 15 2012, 10:32 PM

    Re: One Way travel insurance

    Try staysure.co.uk to see if they can offer cover at a more competitive price.
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  •  Thu, Mar 15 2012, 9:39 PM

    Re: One Way travel insurance

    Thanks Huckster for these leads.

    I have looked at EHICPLUS who have advised me that their cover 'is not suitable for my needs'

    Today, I followed up a web quotation with a telephone call with World-first.co.uk who were unable to cover me on a Multi Trip Annual policy, but would provide cover on a Single Trip basis, but it would cost us very nearly £600 per trip, and so I respectfully declined.

    P J Hayman were unable to provide cover, even for single trips, where the duration of stay is to be in excess of 45 days!

    I have also tried several other 'specialist' Insurance companies supposedly specialising in one of my conditions, eg Diabetes, and even then suitable cover has been unavailable.

    In short it is proving nigh on impossible to get cover for a combination of situations, i.e.

    1) Cover required for a 71 year old, and a 67 year old for travel to the Greek islands, &
    2) Cover required for up to 90 days duration &
    3) Cover required for multiple pre-existing conditions, some of which are long standing, all of which are totally under control with appropriate and unchanged medication, except, and it seems a vital exception, insofar as one new condition required hospitalisation less than two months ago, but no surgery was required, and the condition is now managed seemingly quite effectively with the medication prescribed.

    We therefore now find that we have a superb holiday home on a Greek island, that we cannot visit, due to having no travel insurance at an affordable premium.

    It would now seem that we have to remain in the UK for at least twelve months after my hospitalisation this year, in order to fall within acceptable criteria for Travel Insurers to provide cover.

    Not a very pleasing prospect after years of hard work to create a wonderful holiday home!

    Any other practical ideas out there will be followed up, except selling the house, which is nigh on impossible in a market that currently makes the UK look positively buoyant!.

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  •  Mon, Mar 12 2012, 10:33 AM

    Re: One Way travel insurance

    Have a look at EHICPLUS, which covers single trips up to 122 days. It is not one way Travel Insurance, so may not be any good, if you don't know the date of your return to the UK.

    World-first.co.uk are Travel Insurance specialists and may be worth speaking to. PJ Hayman also provide many different options and would be worth speaking to.

    Have a think about what cover you really need. If you are taken ill whilst staying in Greece, are you happy with the healthcare arrangements there, given the state of the Greek economy. Remember that the normal EHIC only covers state health services and if you need private treatment or repatriation to the UK, it won't be covered. This is where Travel Insurance comes in very useful.

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  •  Mon, Mar 12 2012, 9:53 AM

    One Way travel insurance

    We have a holiday property on the Greek island of Crete, and do not need travel insurance to cover the period whilst in Crete.

    We need to find travel insurance to cover just the flights from the UK to Crete, and of course the return leg from Crete back to the UK.

    The policy needs to be for travellers aged over 70, and needs to cover a range of pre-existing medical conditions.

    European Annual policies are not applicable, as they seem to only cover a maximum 31 day stays at our age, which is insufficient duration for us, and they also insure for the duration of the stay in Europe, which we do not need.

    European Single Trip policies whilst sometimes covering up to 92 days trip duration, also cover the period of stay in the European destination, which is not required, and are prohibitively expensive at our age when covering our pre-existing medical conditions.

    Can anybody help with details of Travel Insurance cover for the usual range of events, but only for the lead up to, and duration of, the outbound and return flights?
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