Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

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  •  Mon, Mar 05 2007, 1:32 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Yes,i was looking at eclipse,they seem like a good company,i am glad you pointed that out ;)

    As for pipex homecall,i dont know whats going on there either??
    They still insist they are not providing me with BB,because of this "marker" that is preventing them from there own marker on
    I would take a good guess that there marker is there's,and what has happened is,they tried for some reason to place a second one on,and this has come back as failed,because of there own marker already there
    So i am still getting "free" broadband from somewhere,and unless you can tell me of any problems that might occur in the future,and i think i will continue just grabbing it while i can.
    They wont get a penny from me,if in 6 months they say,they made a mistake,you owe us 6 months BB.
    I have a reference number from pipex which links my account to a statement from them,that clearly states they admit they are not supplying me with broadband.
    Pipex homecall admitted they use tiscali as a supplier,and thats who should be supplying me with broadband.

    I had a message from there boss of cancelations,Dean saunders,who said my account can be cancelled without any charge.
    I dont know whether just to leave it as it is,until i get cut off,or they catch up with me??

    Btw,I Still use pipex for my line rental and calls,do you reckon this may affect me using another isp?,i mean,will they need a "BT" line
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  •  Mon, Mar 05 2007, 9:54 AM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Hi Hursty

    OK I've checked your location and it appears there is no Tiscali LLU in your telephone exchange. This suggests it's not PIPEX Homecall on the Tiscali LLU network but either PIPEX on the BT Wholesale network or Tiscali from a former customer on the BT Wholesale network.

    I'm still very perplexed by how you're getting PIPEX and yet they don't recognise you as a customer nor are they aware of the marker on the line.

    My advice is to change your provider as soon as possible to someone who seems to know what's going on and will appreciate you more as a customer.

    Since PIPEX don't seem to recognise you as a customer send a letter by recorded delivery to their customer service team stating that you intend to leave and that they have 10 working days to respond, if they don't respond you will work on the assumption that means you have cancelled your contract with them without any penalty.

    In the meantime I would sign up to a new provider - now in extenuating circumstances BT Wholesale can remove the tag on the line for you. I think this is a special case and when you make the change to the new provider I would speak to BT Wholesale and explain your situation and ask them to remove the tag so you're new provider can use the line.

    In terms of providers in your area, here's some deal ideas:

    Eclipse Evolution Option 1: 8Mb/unlimited broadband for £14.99 a mth

    Madasafish Max Broadband: 8Mb/5Gb broadband for £14.99 a mth

    Virgin Broadband Plan 2: 8Mb/unlimited broadband for £17.99 a mth

    I would probably go with Eclipse first then Madasafish followed by Virgin Media (non cable).

    I hope this helps?



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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 5:15 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Problem is then,i have this marker on my line,that no-one at pipex seems to know anything about.

    I am not sure whether i am wise just to carry on using the internet,i mean,....its free,or so i think it is
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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 4:50 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Pipex couldn't find their ar5e with an atlas.

    This sounds to me like one of their scripted "Ways to get rid of a customer complaint" routines. I believe that they have authored the slopey-shouldered, money grabbing, cheating book of charlatanism that they call Customer Service and you are merely another hapless victim.

    Pipex has many names that they have acquired or trade under and this makes it harder for anyone to sue them or demand the service that they pay for. They have now also adopted the LLU strategy which effectively ties you into what passes as a service from them.

    My advice - write a letter of complaint terminating all further business with them and do this to their head office at Stoke Mandeville giving the statury one months notice and citing breach of contract for failure to provide service as advertised. Do this by recorded delivery. If they fail to respond, send another recorded delivery letter stating that this will be the last letter that you will send and that thwir silence or failure to rectify the situation to your entire satisfaction will effectively temrinate your contract with immediate effect. Once the deadline for this has passed, notify your bank that the direct debit should be cancelled and instruct them NOT to make any payment to Pipex Internet or any of their subsidiaries without your prior written notification.

    it is time that this company was brought under control.
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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 4:35 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Ok,the line is marked by tiscali (pipex homecall),of whom they say are not providing me with any service
    the line was tagged on the 27/2/06,but i have been using there service for a little longer than that
    postcode is le12 8qq
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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 3:36 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Hi Hursty

    In order for me to help you I advise you start by doing 2 things:

    i) tell me your postcode.

    ii) call BT Wholesale on 0800 169 0934 to find out who has their tag on your line - they will confirm it either way

    Once we know this information I can help advise you on the next steps.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 3:19 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Well i have had a phone call from them saying the cancellations manager there has agreed i can terminate my contract without suffering from any cancelattion fees
    I was quick to point out "Cancel what???",...."You say you are NOT providing with any broadband!!!!"
    Pipex are just a mess,with a 2 bit set up,with a system with more holes than well used cheese grater.
    I know for a fact they are supplying me BB,its just not registering on there system,they are just about as much use as a choc teapot.

    And for those that dont realise that when they sign up for pipex-homecall,your broadband supplier is TISCALI and NOT pipex,no matter what they tell you
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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 2:56 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Why, BF, you thinking of ambushing the man or what???

    And who is the funny mini-lookalike guy in the ads?

    Sorry, I'm really not helping. My advice would simply be to complain, in writing, over and over again and, if they fail to respond, and sort it out, I would imagine you can then take your complaint to the regulator.

    Hopefully, someone else here will know more.

    Good luck.

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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 1:16 PM

    Re: Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Is David Hasselhoff actually running this shower?

    Gosh, why would anyone use them? I am sorry I can't offer any advice,its not my forte at all but I do know that they won't be getting my custom.
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  •  Fri, Mar 02 2007, 12:48 PM

    Someone PLEASE work this one out,at wits end

    Someone please explain whats going on with my pipex account....

    i signed up a few weeks ago,only to find out there speed restrictions are horrific
    i am on the 8mb unlimited package (max speed is 3mb during the day)

    it cost me £30 per month (homecall package) (line rental/calls/BB)

    the speeds were very slow,and after digging into pipex,found out they had put me on the heavy user server

    now if anyone dont know the limit of this,its 1GB PER WEEK BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 5.30PM -11PM,you go over,and your off,until a following week.
    So i tried to cancel the service due to being mis-sold the package..anyway,thats another story

    So today,trying to follow up my dispute,they told me they were NOT even supplying me with Broadband!!!!
    Even though i am connected as we speak,and i am using There broadband password/username
    Even though a week earlier,they told me i have downloaded too much,etc etc
    They said they could not connect,due to my old isp not removing the marker
    I contacted my old ISP,ukonline,who said that my line was clear,completely??,and they have nothing more to do with me.

    I ran a isp test,and it shows my isp is TISCALI,who i know is connected to pipex homecall.

    Now i am like,are they supplying me?,or are they not?
    Are they going to in a few months time say,oh btw,you owe us 6 months worth of broadband?

    I just dont know what to think anymore

    BTW,here is the FREEPHONE NUMBER

    0800 107 6443
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