­­­­­­­­­­Christmas can be a fantastic time to spend with family & friends, and wonderful childhood memories are often created during the festive period.  In the face of a struggling economy, however, saving for presents, cards and seasonal socialising has become one of the less joyous aspects of Christmas.

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Presents, Christmas food and a good knees up may all form the basis of someone's catalogue of Christmas expense, but is there anything missing from this list? Moneysupermarket research suggests there are actually a whole host of additional costs that people rarely consider, such as travel and energy expenses, which can really mount up.

These extra outgoings are something that people should be aware of, but you don't have to come over all "Bah, humbug!" and Scrooge-like to have a more conservative Christmas this year. Check out our infographic for some thrifty Christmas tips that will allow you to enjoy Christmas without the financial hangover come the New Year...

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