UPDATE! The Christmas Craft-Off Competition Winners Have Now Been Announced Below!

Celebrate the start of the festive season by entering the Moneysupermarket.com Design a Christmas Card Competition, yule be glad you did! Inn Keeping with the Christmas spirit, you can give a loved one a Christmas card fit for a King, on the budget of a part-time shepherd.


If there's a creative side to your character, then set it free and get cracking on a Christmas card design that could win you a brilliant prize. We have two separate categories, one for adults and the other for children under the age of 12.

Your home made card could win you a brand new iPad mini! Even if it doesn't, you'll still have a great card to send to a loved one this Christmas!

So get into the Holy Spirit of things, whip off your mittens, grab your colouring-in pencils and get started... whether your entry is a bit of a turkey or a tree-topping star, it's all good fun!

And the winners are...

The judges were really impressed with the level of creativity and thought that went into the cards - choosing the winners for each category wasn't easy to say the least!

The winners were chosen due to the effort that they'd gone to with their cards and they really took the home-made element to another level!


1st prize - Louise from Lulu and Cardmaking was chosen because our judge Hilary thought she made great creative use of the leftover scraps she had to create a lovely multi-layered card. It really stood out as a unique design, and the bunting was fantastic. The card had lovely subtle tones, but there was just enough sparkle and embellishment to make it festive - well done Louise!

2nd Prize - Hilary chose Lorraine from Cold Waters 2, as she made a beautiful bright card that really stood out, with a great use of the poinsettias petals throughout the layers.

3rd Prize - Elaine from Destination Art was selected as Hilary really liked all the embossed and inked lettering on the card, which added texture and interest.


1st Prize - Pierre's finger-painted snowman card on the Madhouse Family Reviews blog won as Cat, our judge, loved the swirly finger-paint used on this card as it made it look like a snowman on a stormy day - great job Pierre!

2nd Prize - Emmy's hand print robin card on Emmy's Mummy and Harry's too blog was chosen as Cat thought it was a great idea to incorporate a hand-print in to the design of the card and the robin looked so cute!

3rd Prize - Trouble One won 3rd place with her homemade recycled Santa card on the Trouble Doubled blog. Cat said that the card was super cute and she loved the sequin embellishment on the reins.


Cat - Morley

Cat Morley

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