Audi A2 Car Insurance

Small cars rarely seem to exude the class and sophistication of their bigger brothers but many argue that the A2 is one of the best examples of how one can - excellent build quality is married with an attention to detail not often seen in this class. Built mainly from a lightweight aluminium the Audi A2 feels spritely yet controlled off the motorway whilst solid enough to pound the miles when on.


All of this comes at a cost   the Audi A2 is not a cheap option, however it is not all bad news, once bought because of high desirability and the Audi badge they have strong residual value.

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Due to the lightweight structure and frugal engines the Audi A2 does have fantastic fuel economy across the range. Again though, due to the premium marquee, you will be looking at slightly higher servicing costs than for a comparable car   look for a reliable local specialist and you could save significantly. Also be sure to drive carefully, as that aluminium body work can be both time consuming and costly to repair. Most of the faults reported on the A2 are electric related so spend lots of time testing everything properly before purchasing.

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As for the Audi A2 car insurance it works out pretty reasonable with the 1.6 in around group eight and the petrol 1.4 coming in lower at about group five.

Once you have picked out the car for you make sure that you call round and search online for your Audi A2 insurance quotes, do not be tempted to simply stick with your current provider. As normal there are lots of common sense ways to get those costs down on your Audi A2 car insurance; try to park off road overnight, if possible in a garage, make sure you are only paying for the miles you drive and "extras" like a courtesy car if you actually need them.

†82% of shoppers obtained a quote in 5 minutes or less. Source eDigitalResearch December 2012.