Audi Car Insurance

German manufacturer Audi is one of the big three luxury brands and one of the most successful car manufacturers in the world. A subsidiary of VW, Audi was the first mass-market manufacturer to produce cars with 100% galvanised bodyshells to guard against corrosion.

The company also pioneered aluminium space frame technology to produce lighter but stronger frames. However, Audi is most famous for its Quattro four-wheel-drive technology, which, since its debut on the 1980s rally circuit, has earned the company huge motorsport success and has been applied to high-performance versions of Audi's commercial models.

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The company's corporate motto is 'Vorprung durch Technik', or 'Progress through Technology', because of its focus on research and development into new and advanced auto-engineering techniques. Its cars are refined and powerful yet the engines are frugal. Audi cars are also known for their longevity, so although parts don't come cheap, you should rarely need to buy them.

Insuring Your Audi

Audi insurance quotes range from group 7 to group 50, as the brand's extensive line-up contains models from almost all the market segments. The cars' high-quality build and luxury status means Audi car insurance doesn't fall into the budget category.

Audi car insurance is cheapest for the brand's older small hatchback, the A3, although high-performance versions of this model go up to group 36. The company's newer supermini, the A1, has variants starting at group 9 and going up to 29.

Audi insurance on the brand's supercar range, the R8 and S8, is in group 50, the highest insurance category, thanks to the awesome performance and high value of the vehicles. These cars are prime targets for thieves but Audi car insurance premiums can be reduced by installing a premium security system that includes tracking and by storing the car in a garage.

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