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According to the BBC's Top Gear motoring programme, no one can call themselves a real petrol head unless they have owned an Alfa Romeo - a testament to the Italian marque's long sporting tradition.

The current Alfa Romeo range consists of three models: the Mito, the 4C and the Giulietta. The Mito is a supermini with strong sports styling and the Giulietta is a five-door family car brought in as a replacement for the Alfa 147 whilst the 4C is a two-seater coupe with rear-wheel drive. This brand oozes quality and sophistication.

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Early Alfas were notorious for having temperamental electrical components that would often lead the fuel gauges to read incorrectly, a failing most notably used to dramatic effect in the 1967 Dustin Hoffman film, The Graduate. Alfa Romeos have also featured prominently in a number of Bond films including Quantum of Solace and Octopussy.

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The sporting heritage of the marque means that Alfa Romeo insurance quotes often tend to be higher than those for similarly sized cars. The smallest Giulietta falls into insurance group 16 whilst, depending on the specific model, a Spider may be as high as group 35.

If you want to cut the cost of your Alfa Romeo car insurance, it's a good idea to resist making any performance-enhancing modifications to the vehicle as these are certain to push up the price. For more expensive vehicles, fitting a sophisticated alarm or even a tracking device can also lead to a discount.

You can also keep the cost of your car insurance premium down by restricting the number of miles you drive each year. It is important to keep to the limit, however, as exceeding it means you might have to pay a stiff penalty and you could even find that your cover is no longer valid.

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