drive like a girl Car Insurance

At drive like a girl safe drivers can earn big discounts and get peace of mind. Prove that you 'drive like a girl' and you could get a discount on your premium after three months and save even more on renewal.

Save time and money on your car insurance

A clever little box is fitted to your car at no extra cost to you. The box records data about your driving and lets you prove you drive safely. There are no curfews and no penalties, just rewards for your safe driving.

That's not all the box can do - if there is a strong impact on the car, drive like a girl will receive an alert so they can call you to see if you need help. They can even call the emergency services if they think the accident is severe. The box also acts as a tracker so they can help find your car if it is stolen.

†82% of shoppers obtained a quote in 5 minutes or less. Source eDigitalResearch December 2012.