What are the cheapest cars for young drivers?

, Jun 03 2013 at 1:59 pm

Updated: July 07 2016 – Which are the cheapest cars to insure?

It’s never been so difficult to be a young or newly-qualified driver. There’s rocketing fuel prices, tax, hefty running costs and, of course, steep car insurance premiums.

With this in mind, it’s absolutely imperative to do your research before you buy a car. Fuel economy, road tax grouping and the car’s insurance group are vital considerations that will influence your decision.

Together with DriversEdgeUK, we’ve looked at the total monthly and annual running costs of 10 of the cheapest cars for young drivers. We’ve found that the Seat Mii is the cheapest new car when it comes to monthly expenditure, with the average 18-year-old motorist facing a monthly bill of £346.63.

This covers the monthly purchase repayment, car insurance, fuel and road tax. The Mii comes highly recommended, having beaten off tough competition to win the 2012 MoneySupermarket Car of the Year title.

But what if you prefer two wheels rather than four? You could be onto a better deal financially, as the monthly cost of owning a motorbike is significantly less than for a car for young drivers. We found that a Honda CBR would cost the average 18-year-old driver just £224.10 per month.

Cheapest Cars For Young Drivers

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10 thoughts on “What are the cheapest cars for young drivers?

  1. Ambrose Daly

    I would like you to include the black box insurance for young drivers as this can reduce premiums considerablyy
    Thank you

  2. jordan

    hi i am 19 just got a quote on a 1.9 gt tdi golf and it only £1.100 and monthly cost of £95 this is with the black box

    1. Artur

      Hi Jordan, can you please send me a website of this insurance company? Did you add your parents on your insurance? What other things(i.e mileage,price of car,area you live in) did you state to get this kind of insurance? I’m 18 and i got my driving licence when i was 17. Since then im not driving because of high insurance prices, but this looks like a good deal. Did u get this insurance premium straight away or after some period of time? Usually they start at around £2000 and then after 3 months time they lower it down. Thanks

  3. Chris

    Me too my son wants a golf but we can only find insurance of £3000 plus he is just 17 and is learning to drive
    can you help with this with as much details as possible Jordan thank you chris

    1. julie finch

      Chris I got a learner driver policy for my daughter which cost £61 per month. company is called Collingwood.

  4. marissa

    If you can get your mum and dad to do a multi car policy – ie your car and their 2 – with someone like Admiral, Direct line etc – it REALLY brings it down – even as a brand new driver. My daughters in year 1 was £1200 (with me and her dad’s cars on policy) in year 2 it has come down to £720 again with our 2 cars (ours are cheaper in year 2 also ) – also she has a citroen C1 which was cheaper than Peugeot 107 – weird because they are same car really – but true

  5. Harsh Patel

    Any websites for cheap insurance for someone who has almost held their license for nearly 2 years with 1 years no claims binus


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