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, May 28 2013 at 9:43 am

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When a car insurance provider sells you a policy with a tasty discount on the premium on the understanding that you’ve not made any claims for ‘x’ amount of years, it’s understandable that they’ll want you to prove it somehow – otherwise we’d all just say we had pristine driving records.

At MoneySuperMarket, we recommend drivers not to renew automatically every year with the same firm but to check whether it’s worth switching provider. This is usually the case, as insurers tend to reserve their best prices for new customers rather than existing ones.


It’s common, as and when you switch, for your new insurer to ask for proof of no claims discount. The problem is, you’ll most likely have to get that proof from your last insurer, and each company handles this process differently.

One company might include your proof of no claims in your renewal or cancellation letter, another might send a specific proof of no claims discount letter, while a third company might only send proof if you request it.

We’re putting together a big guidance sheet on how to get your proof of no claims discount from every insurer on, which will be developed over time. Follow the link below to see it:

  • How to get proof of no claims discount 

    Insurer name How do former customers get proof of no claims discount from you? Do you automatically send proof of NCD to existing customers at renewal?
    1st Central Annual renewal letter serves as proof of no claims discount. Alternatively, call 0843 208 4000. Yes
    Saga Call 0845 900 8009 for standard proof of no claims discount letter. Yes
    Quote me Happy Annual renewal letter serves as proof of no claims discount. If you don’t have one, log on to your account here. Yes
    HSBC Call 0800 072 0581or visit the Self Service Centre online. Yes
    M&S Standard
    Call 0844 871 2349 for NCD entitlement or visit the Self-Service Centre online. Yes
    M&S Premier Call 0844 871 2349 for NCD entitlement or visit the Self-Service Centre online. Yes
    INSURE THE BOX Renewal invitation pack includes specific proof of NCD. Yes
    Drive like A Girl Renewal invitation pack includes specific proof of NCD. Yes
    Santander Renewal notice confirms NCD entitlement. Can also be sent by post or email. Yes
    Direct Choice Call 0844 836 0001 or Yes, when a customer cancels their policy.
    Swiftcover  Print off renewal or request ‘Proof of Bonus’ from your ‘Swift Space’ – or fill in this form. Yes
    Churchill Renewal notice or cancellation schedule serves as proof of no claims discount. Yes
    Direct Line Renewal notice or cancellation schedule serves as proof of no claims discount. Yes
    Sheila’s Wheels Sent if requested by the customer once policy is cancelled. Yes
    Hastings Direct Most recent renewal invite is proof of no claims. If you do not have this, contact 0844 800 3844 or request proof of no claims discount here. Yes
    esure Sent if requested by the customer once policy is cancelled. Yes
    Privilege  Renewal invite serves as proof of no claims discount. If you don’t have one, call 0800 051 6990 Yes
    Endsleigh Request it by Yes
    Swinton Proof of no claims discount  is included in a renewal invite pack sent out to existing customers 17 days before renewal date  Yes
    More Th>n All customers receive details of their NCD in their renewal schedule  Yes
    Tesco Bank Renewal notice serves as proof of no claims discount.  Yes
    Pink Proof of NCD is sent automatically.  Yes




































But then once you’ve got your proof of no claims discount in hand – whether that’s a letter, in an email or a PDF – there are stringent rules about getting it to your new insurer which, if broken, can leave you out of pocket or worse, uninsured.

To make sure you’re not caught out, here’s a look at some of the things to watch out for when you change car insurance providers and have to provide proof of no claims discount.

1. Your annual renewal letter may serve as proof of no claims discount, so hang on to it. Saga, Santander and HSBC, to name but a few, say their renewal letters should suffice as proof.

2. Not all insurers will automatically send you proof of no claims discount. Check our table to see if yours does, and what you need to do if they don’t.

3. There is usually a time limit on getting your proof of no claims discount to the new insurer. This tends to range from around 7 to 21 days.

4. If you don’t provide proof of no claims within the time limit, your new policy could be cancelled, leaving you uninsured, or your premiums could be increased as if you didn’t have a no claims discount.

5. Some insurers will not accept a photocopy of your proof of no claims discount letter, and will ask that you send the original. If this is the case, be sure to make a photocopy for yourself.

6. Most insurers only recognise no claims discount up to a certain point. For example, the greatest discount HSBC and M&S will recognise is nine years. Insurers also have different maximum percentages, usually 70% or 75%.

7. Your new insurer may contact your old insurer to get the proof of no claims discount itself, but it will tell you if it intends to do so.

8. It’s also worth a follow-up call if you’ve not heard anything a week after you’ve sent the proof of no claims discount. The insurer should send you some kind of letter or email to confirm receipt, but don’t assume they’ve received it because you could be driving around uninsured.

A real-life example

As a real-life example of how easy it is to get tripped up by all of this, MoneySuperMarket employee Hannah Jones found herself unwittingly driving around without any car insurance after sending off proof of her no claims discount.

Hannah switched to Sheila’s Wheels and was told to send proof of no claims discount within 14 days, which she did.

To Hannah’s surprise, she received a letter from Sheila’s Wheels saying the policy had been cancelled because they hadn’t received the proof. This was two weeks after it was sent, and the letter was backdated by a week.

Making matters worse, when Hannah called Sheila’s Wheels to explain it had already been sent, she was told that they would contact her previous insurer and that they didn’t really need the paperwork!

Though Hannah was able to explains matters and correct the situation, at first she faced a cancellation fee and higher premiums if she still wanted insurance with the company.

Clearly, even if you receive and send your proof of no claims discount, things could still go wrong, so it’s worth checking if you’ve heard nothing back.

Here’s how to complain

If you have a grievance with an insurance company, you need to complain to them, so get in touch as ask for details of their official complaints procedure. Always keep a note of the time and date of your call, and ask for the name of the person to whom you speak. Store any emails you send and any replies you get.

The rules give the insurance company eight weeks to look into your complaint and respond fully.

If you wish, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) – which is free to use – will contact the insurer and tell them about your complaint. Full details of this service here.

If you’ve complained to an insurance company and don’t feel you’ve been treated fairly, give the FOS a call: 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567. They will review the case and, if appropriate, take up the matter on your behalf.

Have you struggled to get proof of no claims from an old insurer? Or have you failed to get the proof to your new insurer on time and paid for it? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

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115 thoughts on “Get proof of your no claims discount

  1. Jonathan Scott-Smith

    If you have many years’ NCD it is worth checking, when you take out a policy, that the insurer will provide proof of the full number of years rather then just the number they recognise for discount purposes. A subsequent insurer may recognise more.

    1. RobbieK

      Why the hell are the insurance firms allowed to call all the shots, name the price, take our money and simply wipe their feet on us, creating hell for the general public by knocking people for a chunk of their NCD and simply demeaning us all by ignoring requests for NCD proof to be sent to yourself.
      Though not all Insurers act as such, when it does happen you will know about it and it does create a string of crap you’re helpless to stop, new insurance cancelled, premiums hyped up etc.
      It can cause untold damage to peoples lives, its blatantly obvious, common knowledge what goes on, and it needs stopping now. What justification is there to “play up” and not provide proof of NCD for you to pass onto your new insurer?
      What is the bloody point of it? Nothings gained financially by your previous insurer by doing this, the purposeful ignorance is an insult to our intelligence

    2. Huw Davies

      Very true. I had, I estimate, 12 years of claim free driving. Directline credited me with 9 years NCD. I changed my car with 3 months left before the insurance ran out. There was a hefty admin fee to change my policy details to include the new car and it proved a lot cheaper to just cancel the Directline policy and take out a new one with Aviva.
      Aviva only awarded 5 years NCD, their maximum.
      A year later Directline was a lot cheapest, as I was a new customer.
      Renewal time again and I find I ‘only’ have 7 years no claims when I have been driving for over double that time without a claim.
      If I insure with a company that only gives a 5 year NCD then this time next year I will, officially, only have 6 years NCD!
      The bottom line has to be the price/service balance.

    3. LizD

      I absolutely agree!. My real NCD is 18 years, yet RAC have it as 9. I have driven safely for all those years and want that recognized in numbers!. RAC: “The more years you have held insurance without claiming the higher the discount we will apply to your premium”. You see why RAC want to ignore the real figures!.

  2. Sharon Walker

    I have two scooters and I have two policies with two different insurance companies but I was trying to get my no claims discount put onto my new bike but the company I am with with my new bike won’t take this into account as I still have insurance on my old bike which I have my no claims discount with if I cancel the insurance with the old bike they want me to pay them money to cancel this I feel that as I’m still using both I want to protect myself whilst using my bikes


    aviva car insurance steal your no claims as they only give you back 5 years regardless of how many years you have

    1. George Mitzov

      It’s not only Aviva, Admiral Group has the same practice. I had 13 years NCB when I went with Diamond but had one claim and they reduced my NCB down to 3 years and that is because when one has a claim they will reduce one’s NCB not from the number of NCB earn but from the number of years they recognise which in their case is 5 years. So beware and check before you renew your insurance whether your new insurer has the same “cheeky” practice or get a NCB protection.

  4. john o'connor

    Beware Adrian flux insurance use finance company to pay for your insurance you end up dealing with two companies end up on a merry go round of phone calls they get all there money up front from finance company you end up paying a debt collection company and losing my no claims

    1. L

      I had my policy cancelled as they hadnt received my no claims proof. Although i had called several times to explain i had struggled to get the info from my old insurer. As i was working away from home i didnt reveive the letter saying they will cancel. I drove for two days with no insurance. I had to pay a cancellation feeand for my new policy as they had me by the short and curlies. They should increase your insurance not cancel it. As this seems like a money grabbing scheme. I had to use my credit card to Pay for it. Putting. myself in debt. Not impressed.

  5. CHRIS

    I have just had a problem regarding my future Proof of No Claims / No Claims History from RAC Insurance:

    I asked before insuring with them to confirm that I would be able to get proof of my exact amount of Years accrued No Claims History when I leave the Company – I was told Yes and I purchased the Years Insurance.

    What I mean by this is that I gave them proof of an 11 Years No Claims History from my previous Insurer and if I leave them after a Year of Insurance without claiming I wanted a Letter proving that I had not had a Claim for 12 Years.

    When I tried to get this confirmed in writing after becoming a Customer it was refused and I was told in a automated Email to Contact Customer Services on the telephone.

    I tried to put across the difference between their `Normal` Proof of the Customer`s Maximum No Claims Discount which is set at 9 Years and my request for actual proof of my accrued Years without a Claim which would be 12 Years at the end of this Years Insurance Policy.

    They still refused to put anything in writing that actually states that I would have accrued `12 Years of No Claims HISTORY`.

    They kept insisting that because of their `Maximum No Claims DISCOUNT` they would only be able to send that as `proof of any No Claims`.

    I argued that I should be able to obtain something that would prove my actual `History of No Claims` – i.e. the 12 Years.

    I should not have to accept that I come to RAC Insurance with an 11 Years Proof / History of No Claims and then leave with a 9 Years Proof of No Claims.

    Reluctantly it was agreed that they would if requested by Me provide an additional Letter stating that `I had come to them with an 11 Years proof of No Claims and had not claimed within the Years that I had been Insured with them`.

    They did not agree that they should just write that I had accrued a 12 Year period without making a Claim.

    It was even suggested to Me to use the 11 Years Proof of No Claims that I had sent to them [PDF] instead of their 9 Years proof if I went to another Company next Year – as it is valid for 2 Years.

    I was expecting to be able to obtain this actual amount of Years accrued `History of No Claims` because I had no problems getting it for the 10 Years Proof and 11 Years proof since I passed the seemingly `Industry Standard Maximum No Claims Discount` threshold.

    I had given the example of Insurers who have a 5 Years No Claims as their Maximum Discount period – I would NOT want to go to one of those Companies with 11 Years No Claims HISTORY and then leave a Year later with Proof of 6 Years !

    As I am accruing Years of not making a Claim I want EVERY Insurer to provide Me with Proof of the exact amount of Years that I have reached.

    I feel very aggravated about this and I am anticipating that I will have problems obtaining a Letter from them with the correct wording when I leave at the end of the Years Insurance.


    1. Michelle Narula

      Hi Chris,

      I currently have exactly the same issue. I wondered if you managed to resolve it to your satisfaction? If so, may I ask how?

      Many thanks.


  6. Patrick

    My problem has not been getting the letter as proof of no claims but one of getting the insurers to increment the years. I have been sitting on 7 years ncb for the past 3 years and I am unable to get the insurers to increment each year, they say, Oh Yes, we will, but don’t. I do change insurers each year following the cheapest one each time.

  7. Andrew Sims

    Zurich have an automated phone system to request proof of NCD. I used it and Zurich failed to send it within 14 days. I ended up calling their customer service number and it took 28 minutes to get through to a human to request proof of NCD. It finally arrived a week later – 2 days later than they said it would. So regarding customer relationship marketing on at the end of a contract? Will I use Zurich again for any insurance products in future? If quotes are similar – no chance

  8. Amanda jury

    I took insurance with lloyds who wanted proof. I scanned my renewal note stating the no claims on it and lloyds said they had not received it. I then re scanned it and sent the original by post. Lloyds still cancelled the insurance as they said that it was insufficient evidence. I felt that it was a con in order to get my business and charge a cancellation fee but I did not pursue it with them and took out insurance with Halifax and SAga instead who did not require proof and were only a couple of pound more.

  9. max irvine

    I have over 30 years of no claim discount all for nothing,because if you insure on line to many insurance companies and it asks in boxes if you have more tthan 5 years as a limit for NCD then if you take out the insurance ,12 months later at renewal you have only 6 years NCD and if you go to another company that has a ceiling of 5 years NCD you start again…They only go back 2years for NCD so all the renewals you kept are useless……

  10. ann wilkinson

    I’m going thru the very same thing with onecall, I sent off my details as required and the library assistant helped me to scan and send…the company sent me an aknowledhement email and I thought all was well, I’m away from home for a while staying with family, so any post would not have reached me, and last week I got an email to say that if I don’t send proof etc then my insurance will be cancelled by the end of the month, (MAY) which was just a few days ago I sent them a copy of their email saying they were in receipt of said ‘proof’ and I’ve not heard back as yet…is this a scam from said insurance …they’ve taken full payment from my account and say I’ll have to pay a forfeit cost and also they’ll inform DVLA that I’m not insured……what a carry on!!!!!

    1. Luke Withers

      Exactly what I am experiencing now – just recieved a letter saying they are going to cancel my policy in 7 days despite me sending the scan of my drivers licence and PDF of NCD multiple times. It seems they have my licence but not the NCD which were in the same communication!
      I paid for my insurance in one lump sum and now they are telling me I need to pay a cancellation fee.
      I used to work for an insurance company and this is as sketchy as it gets in my opinion.

      Really not happy. Avoid One Call Insurance like the plague!


  11. wayne

    Churchill failed to send it out after repeated requests and was unhelpful as I didn’t renew with them.

  12. wayne

    surprisingly co – op insurance were difficult to get no claims proof sent out and took ages to acknowledge receipt on joining them even when offered a faxed/emailed copy immediately.
    Not very (co-op)erative

  13. Kerrie Blennerhassett

    I hadn’t insured my motorbike for 2 years. It was coming upto the 2nd year of not being insured when I got the bike insured again. I sorted out new quotes etc and got detAils of my no claims from my previous insurer. I took up an an insurance policy just on the 2 year deadline when I would have lost my no claims discount. When I contacted my previous insurer the day after the 2year deadline to get the proof of no claims, they couldn’t give it to me as it had been erased from their system. The new insurance company were helpful and luckily managed to find a solution in that they were able to contact the insurance underwriters on my behalf who confirmed the no claims discount. Phew.

  14. Jeff burger

    Hi, I switched from Express Car Insurance to Tesco and what a joke Tesco requested the proof and the emailed copy wasnt suffiecient so Express demanded Tesco phone them but Tesco said its not their policy to do so and visa versa – I had to tell Tesco they had a copy and if they wanted anything else they need to get it – they eventually did?? took about 90 min of ringing one then the other?

  15. Lynda

    Yes. I have car insurance with the coop (CIS). Their renewal notice never shows the actual no claims years but shows a lower number of years. This makes it hard to make acurate price comparisons at renewal. When I phone the coop for actual no claims years I get varying information over the phone and if I use the wrong number of years no claims if switching to another company then I may find myself uninsured through no fault of my own.

  16. Robert Hodson

    I had a vehicle which had broken down on the motorway and was written off as the engine damage due to a failed cam belt was horrendous.
    I saved for three years to obtain a better car and in the mean time did not drive… However when I renewed my insurance with LV their operative claimed I had lost the right to my no claims bonus, would this be correct?
    S R H.

  17. Danny McShane

    I’ve noticed differences in how insurers treat ‘maximum’ NCB. Having had17 years ncd, continuous insurance and no claims, my current insurer lists this as 10 as that is their maximum, and that’s what their Proof of NCD now shows.

  18. Elaine French

    Last summer I was driving around for 3 weeks whilst on holiday with no insurance after OneCall cancelled my insurance by letter also backdated saying that I had failed to pay and extra £25 premium to renew my insurance after I had paid “the full amount” asked for over the telephone. Why was this sum not mentioned to me when I renewed? Why was I not contacted by telephone or text or email? Surely this should not be legal? Also it cannot be a 1 off it is just a con obviously I had to pay for a much more expensive insurance as we live in a very remote place and need transport.

  19. Reg Alston

    I would like to correct an error in your information. I am a customer of SAGA and in your script and your table you say that they provide proof of no claims at renewal. This is incorrect. I have just received my renewal notice and all it says is that I have 70%; nowhere does it say that I have 9 years. It’s about time that it was made a requirement that all companies must state in their renewal letters how many years NCD the driver has accrued. I actually have 46 years but can’t prove it! As for requesting it to be sent, this should be unnecessary with the amount of data that the insurance companies have access to about all of us, I feel sure that that data is held.

    1. Jan Jeans

      I had exactly the same from SAGA, stating my no claims period as 5 years and only 70%. They sent the NCD at renewal along with an inflated quote so I left and went to Halifax who required the document. They seemed alarmed at the 70%. I can’t recall claiming anything for over 20 years so have no idea why this is done. Also SAGA are now asking for that document back. I wouldn’t have thought they had any right to retain it but have now had to ring Halifax to try to get it back to return it to SAGA, WHY??

  20. R Brown

    I, like many others I’m sure, have been the victim of insurers who wipe out years of no claims at a stroke stating that it is their policy to give a maximum of 5years no claims on all policies. Saga tried to give me 3years no claims last year. I complained and was given 5years. Armed with this and a previous renewal I applied and sent in my 2letters to Sainsburys. They took my money and kept my renewals until 2days before my insurance expired. They then said they would only accept one renewal letter and requested an additional premium. I cancelled immediately and asked for my documents to be returned. A very rude telephonist told me I would have to wait 2weeks.(they were never returned) Black marks Saga and Sainsburys. Fortunately Aviva agreed to insure my whilst I obtained yet another renewal document from Saga.

  21. Brian Ashton

    Can you explain why a no claims bonus is only accepted by a new insurer on one car as I recently had a situation where I had a second car that I wanted to insure to be advised by another new insurer that as I had already used my no claims discount on the 1st car I couldn’t also use it on a 2nd car. Can you please explain the rules if adding a 2nd car for insurance purposes please?

    1. lesley

      Yes, you can only use the NCD you have per existing policy, for replacement policy.

      eg – I have 2 cars, when I purchased my 2nd car, I started a brand new policy, and as my accrued NCD was already being used on my existing car policy, I had nil ncd for the 1st yr of cover.

      Obviously as the yrs have passed, and I have remained accident free, I have now also accrued full NCD on my 2nd policy (having changed providers over the yrs) – so in effect I have 2 independent NCD qualifications, running on 2 car policies, which are both independent of each other …

      Hope that makes sense ….

      Although really if you have accrued NCD then you should be able to be used it from day one on a 2nd policy, if you’re claim free, you’re claim free end of ….. its just a way of the insurers making money where they can, and as long as they are allowed to get away with it they will. (same as the lost ncd yrs being discussed, which yes I’ve fallen victim to 3 times !)

      Hope this helps

  22. Tony

    When sending off any document alway get a certificate of posting from the P Office (no charge for this!) This would have helped in Hannahscase.

  23. Roger Elphick

    To rid us of these problems insurance companies should send out no claim bonus forms annually if the driver has not made a claim

  24. Elizabeth June Gronow

    I recently received my renewal notice from Aviva showing just 5 years no claims discount. When taking out insurance with them 2 years ago I provided proof that at that time I had 9 years n.c.d. Can you give me an explanation for this as I am now told I can only be allowed 5 years with other insurance companies. Many thanks.

  25. Wyn Marks

    I was insured by The National Farmers Union for approximately 40 years. I was fined for speeding while working under great pressure on the Foot and Mouth outbreak ( very much related to agriculture). The NFU bumped up my premium by a ridiculous amount claiming that I had become a higher risk. This was after 40 years of no claims. I refused to pay the inflated premium and the NFU refused to confirm my period of no claims. SO MUCH FOR LOYALTY!!!!

  26. allan

    Just changed car insurance from Aviva to Lloyds T S B. when i was quoted nothing was said about the length of N.C.D. they wanted and all the companies i have ever used before 5 years was all that was asked for. Two weeks after taking me on they inform me that they work on a 9 year no claims and i was only able to supply 5 years so my premium has now increased by another £22.48. I do not think this is fair. (I have not had a claim in 45 years of driving).

  27. Bill Crane

    It would be useful to have info on the LENGTH OF TIME different insurance companies will still accept proof of NCD as qualifying for the discount, e.g. I believe Co-op accept proof of NCD for four years from cessation of last policy (whether this is restricted to their own policyholders/different for others, I don’t know).

  28. Christine Goddard

    I took out a policy with Swinton all was fine then they sent me a letter to say that the direct debit had not gone through. I sent them a letter to say that I had changed banks and here were the new details. I then went away on holiday and they claim that they phoned me on my landline (we had someone staying at the house and an answer phone) and that they did not have a mobile phone number – this had been on the internet form that I filled in and they claim not to have had it and they never asked for it at any point or said it was missing. They then cancelled the policy charging me the full whack plus admin of £50.00 – I have challenged this as I had written to them – they left no message on our phone – they said it was their policy just to phone and not to leave a message ! They claim never to have received our letter – we are now at stalemate and I am threatening to take them to the ombudsman.

  29. Elly Somers

    I have been driving for over 40 years and never made a claim, so in effect I have a no claims bonus for that amount of years although I appreciate the max varies from one insurer to another and there lies the problem. I insured my car on line this year as is the norm, and learnt the hard way that the drop-down boxes which say 5+ years really mean only 5 years will apply for NCB. My previous insurer was Saga who say they make no checks as they take people on their word and no proof could be provided. I therefore was only credited with 5 years and now have to earn the remainder in time. I did take it further but was assured I did not have a case, so paid up reluctantly!

  30. Jim Mellin

    Problems if you move abroad for a few years then come back to uk and try to use no claim bonus. I had car insurance for several years with Direct Line and had full no claims discount. In 2003 I moved to Spain, bought a car and insured with the Spanish version of Direct Line, called Linea Directa and got the benefit of my No claim record supplied by Direct Line. I have now returned to the UK and am trying to insure with DL again. They will not accept proof of no claim from Linea Directa because they no longer own it and in any case will not accept any foreign proof of no claims .

    1. Rick Knight

      Just had exactly the same with Linea Directa – I am fuming. Did you find anyone that will accept it?

      1. Heather Russell

        I’m just doing the same thing after 15 years in France – RAC have taken me on and will accept the NCD BUT it has to be in English – French Insurer won’t provide that (don’t blame them – they didn’t require it in English when I went the other way) and it HAS to be translated by a registered translator – cost £75-90 !!!!

  31. Unimpressed with Swintons customer care

    Wife sent No Claims to Swintons Halstead Branch, but they claimed to have not received it & then wrote to us using delayed postage & a 2nd class stamp to cancel policy which they said was not reversible so suffered cancellation charges and charges for new insurance with another firm, even though offered to drive a copy over to them, Eventually complained via head office & few days after their response to settle disputed charges , the branch announce they have received the proof in post eventually, Have asked them to retain the proof & also envelope so we can track markings on it as to why Royal mail took so long to deliver. The branch still have not sent this to me even though we have now moved all our insurance elsewhere , Moral of Story Send all Proof recorded or with proof of Postage.

  32. igor Griffiths

    Ah Sheila’s Wheels I just got the same letter today despite sending them my paper driving license, no NCD as Dial Direct are uncontactable for anyone who works and have refused to deliver on all promises of delivering my NCD.

    Thus, I will have to contact Sheila’s Wheels tomorrow and see where I stand. Definitely regret having anything to do with Dial Direct.

    One question, do these companies legally have to provide a NCD and what is the point if they are all on the national database. And as for returning certificates of insurance that they never delivered well that’s a rant for another day.

  33. Chris Buck

    I have just renewed my insurance from NFU Mutual to Aviva. They requested my proof of NCD which was on the renewal from NFU so I emailed a copy to them. They then replied and said they wanted proof from my previous insurance company otherwise they would reduce my 7 years down to zero. I could not remember who the previous insurer to NFU was so I had to cancel my policy with Aviva and they charged me £26.50 for the privilage……total rip off if you ask me.

  34. Eileen Eaton

    I have the same problem as Jim Mellin. So far three companies have refused to accept no claims bonus certificates from Spain even if it was Linea Direct (Direct Line) Please, is there an answer to this?

  35. Michal

    My insurance policy with clements worldwide ended 3 weeks ago and i still didnt receive NCB though i sent few request by email and keep calling every day to just be told my request will be forwarded to right person. I already got cancellation letter from new insurance company and am not sure what can i do other then keep calling clements in hope one day they will send it. If they handle claims with same attitude then i say the customer service is worse then bad. Its really ridiculous that it must be proved but prove dont have to be provided. Dont use clements if you dont want trouble in future.

  36. Alex Jordan

    I was insured with Endleigh. After a couple of months I changed cars from a Vauxhall Zafira to a Ford KA, they wanted £408 extra! I looked around and found they were the most expensive by more than £299 so I asked them to cancel the policy. I took out my KA insurance with Marks and Spencer’s. To get proof of my no claims from Endsleigh to give to M&S I had to send back my certificate of insurance which I did, immediately. Six weeks later and numerous emails I am still waiting. M&S are obviously not happy and have given me the option to either cancel my policy or pay the extra. I am fuming, it’s not fair. Where do we stand legally?

  37. david


  38. Pete

    Being an experienced Private Hire Taxi Driver for the past 22 years I decided to move from Westminster/Tradex my previous insurer with whom I had been insured for the last 8 years after I received my annual renewal quote from them of around £1,500 over to Freeway Insurance Services UK Ltd when I found they gave me a £300 cheaper quote online.

    The changeover to Freeway who I’m now with was perfect, however, I have been waiting and still am to receive my original Proof of No Claims Bonus from Westminster/ Tradex for almost 7 weeks now, as I’m both worried and concerned that I might not be able to work if I don’t receive my Proof of NCB soon.

  39. Cheryl bache

    Churchill have lost my no claims discount, as I’m not on their systems! They were quite happy to take my money but now apparently I’ve never been insured with them.

    I have spent weeks chasing around and now am getting a fine from my current insurer.

    Why on earth don’t the DVLA own this process so you can get the document from one source!

    This is such a scam that the insurers are playing and getting away with!… When are the government going to step up. Instead I have to take matters into my own hands. (Solicitors)

  40. Michael Harris

    After switching companies many times for better deals over many years myproof of ncd has disappeared somewhere down ther line I cant remember some of the companis but have never ever claimed or had an accident is there anything I can do I am a 58 yr old man I have been driving since getting my license in the raf any help would be gratefully accepted

    1. Mark Hooson Post author

      Hi Michael.

      I spoke to the Association of British Insurers about this for you, and it’s a bit of a difficult situation.

      An insurer will want to see written proof of your no claims, rather than taking your word for it, so the only thing you can really do is go back to the last insurer which did acccept your NCD entitlement and ask them for proof.

      1. Cate mitchell

        Omg I’m having a nightmare with co op I insured with them last year sent them proof of 9 years ncd, Iv now sent 6 emails asking if they’ll send me 10 years proof ncd and I keep getting the same email back saying they can’t send ncd as the policy is invalid? Yes it’s invalid as you sent me a quote that was £250 more than other insurance companies, so what do I do now? Surely they don’t expect me to take out an insurance policy just to get my ncd, do they?
        Iv no idea what to do now as my new insurers are requesting proof. Help..

  41. Manoj

    Hi friends I had nine years no clam bones in September 2010 . Same month I had disability car they don’t du anything with no clams discounts . After three years I am back to square one .starting again . Nine years saving for nothing . Any one help

  42. Peter Carmichael

    Hi, im not sure if this is a daft question or not.

    i have currently worked up around 7 years NCD and im thinking of completely giving up my car so that i dont need to fork out huge sums each month, if do this it would allow me to save up for few months and then go and get a car etc.

    See if i get out my current contract for car and car insurance and keep my NCD can this be used again in say 6/7 months down the line when i get a new car? or do i need start from scratch again.

    Thanks for help and look forward to response.


    1. Les Roberts

      Hi Peter,

      Not a daft question at all – your NCD will still be valid in six or seven months. Although all insurers differ, most will probably just insist it’s been issued within the last two to three years, so you should have plenty of time to save up – speaking of which, (puts on salesman voice) have you checked our savings channel


  43. sari

    We took out insurance with One Call Insurance and like many others before us wish we hadn’t!! Firstly they charged us £53 to take a driver off the policy.
    But the big problem is now that we are without insurance and our good credit ruined.
    Our No Claims Discount was available from our other insurers, but the other insurers would not give a certificate as our policy was still running.
    All One Call had to do was call them to verify our 2 years no claims. Which they agreed to do. We sent an email to verify all details, as requested by the company,
    They claimed that they never received the email, even though we had an automated reply from the company saying that they had received it and can prove that their server received the very detailed message. I spoke to 3 people at the company Dale, Dan (manager) and Shane (sales) and they all denied that the email existed. Lies Lies Lies! My partner is an IT systems administrator and he can prove that the email was sent. However, the company didn’t even want any proof. They said “the policy was cancelled” and that was that.
    They had cancelled the policy whilst we were away for xmas allowing us to drive without insurance for 300 miles! There were no emails from them, just a letter that took 10 days to arrive. We are taking this further but cannot drive at present as we are not insured. They are trying to charge us an extra £1100 now and we are totally stuck!


    1. Joe Bloggs

      One Call are an absolute NIGHTMARE to deal with – do yourselves a huge favour and NEVER get involved with this company.
      I had an eight month battle, involving the Ombudsman, to get to square with this company. In the end the Ombudsman severely reprimanded them and ordered refunds and compensation.
      When One Call sent the money back, they wrote to me separately saying “sorry the money was taken twice in error, here is your refund”..!!! They simply could not bring themselves to accept responsibility, even at the death.
      They are not interested in car insurance per se – only in how much they can wring out of you in ‘fines’ and charges.
      Another thing we noticed was how they write to you saying ‘if you don’t pay this fine by (e.g. the 26th) then it increases by £25′, and you will find the letter poss dated (e.g. 5th) but not mailed out until 25th 26th i.e. they LIE and CHEAT to make sure you cannot possibly redeem yourself.

  44. Daniel

    Can I tell my new insurance company I have my ncd if I am going to receive it in the next week. But I would like my new quote to start before then.

  45. Greg Lengyel

    Be very sure to check that you new insurer receives documentation of your previous no claims discount.

    I took out insurance with Tesco Bank in August 2013. Wrote to my previous insurers to pass on proof of my no claims.

    Didn’t hear anything from Tesco Bank so assumed all was fine.

    On New Years day, I got stopped by the Police as it came up on their system that I had no insurance. Turns out they were right.

    Tesco cancelled my insurance in October. Although they were quite helpful on the phone. They still claimed to have sent me several emails of warning, none of which to my knowledge I received.

    I now face a court summons, with points and a fine looming.

    So always call to check.

    1. Ian M

      Might be worth checking if contract law applies to insurance policies. I’m not an expert on such matters but here in Scotland if you enter into a written contract for any goods or service then delayed payment or a change in pricing does not in itself give the contractor the right to unilaterally cancel the contract.

  46. Matthew Bostridge

    My last claim was March 2011. My new policy will start on 1 April 2014. My maths says this should give me 3 years no claims, however in Mach 2013 i switched insurers mid policy and Admiral insurance would only give me the 1 years no claims. Hence my new current insurers will probably only give me 2 years at the end of this policy. Is there anything I can do?

  47. Les Roberts

    Hi Matthew,

    Unfortunately if you switch insurers mid-policy then you won’t be eligible for any no claims for that period as no-claims discount is calculated and awarded annually.

    The only exception I can think of is that some insurers will accelerate the discount so you gte your discount early, usually after 10 months.

    In your position, however, you’ll just have to take the two years’ and put it down to experience. I know this because I’ve done the same myself! Be aware though that you may be asked by your next insurer why you only have two years no claims, so make sure you explain the reason for changing policy mid-term.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope that helps.


  48. ann newport

    hi, i have just been stopped by the police for not having insurance on my car, i was on the way to the hospital with my 4yr old grand daughter who was very ill.the police let me take her to hospital after taking my details. lucky they never took my car off of me.i phoned Lloyds car insurance the next morning to be told that they had cancelled my policy in november 2013, it’s now feb 2014.they said because the previous insurance company did not send my no claims bonus proof, and that they tried to get in touch with me by phone only, which was the wrong phone number, they had my email address but when i said why did’nt you contact me by email ,i was told that was’nt the way that they contacted policy holders. WTF, i now face a large fine and 6 points on my licence, what can i do ?

    1. Les Roberts

      Hi Ann,

      Really sorry to here about that, unfortunately, driving without insurance is an absolute offence as the onus is on you to make sure you’re insured – even though this is clearly something that seems to have been out of your hands.

      This means that as you were stopped for drivign without insurance, you’ll have no choice but to take the hit as far as a fine and penalty points are concerned. On the plus side, you’ll have save a couple of hundred quid by not having your car impounded – I realise this doesn’t seem like much consolation.

      Sorry I can’t be the bearer of any good news.


  49. Karen Walsh

    Yes, I was also a victim of Aviva theft. They stole a number of years NCD and I still haven’t yet worked back up to the 9 years I had, which most insurers recognise. Avoid Aviva or get ripped off for years!

  50. Ste

    Hi, I’m new to all this. I’m a recent first time car buyer, I was just wondering, My grandad has said I can name him as the policy holder and the owner of my car to bring down insurance, as I’m being quoted £400 a month on a 1.2 Fiat Punto 02 reg, I would be down as the listed driver, my grandad earned over 6 years of no claims bonus with Norwich Union but has not drove for a few years, so I don’t not know where to start with finding the proof of no claims bonus because without them. Do I have a chance to getting them or will I have to bite the bullet and fork out over 3 thousand pound a year on insurance?
    Thank you. All replies will be very much appreciated.

    1. Ste

      Sorry on the error, I meant to say without the proof of no claims bonus my insurance is sky high*

      Because Norwich Union now are a different company, will I be able to get the NCB or has my grandad left it too late to take up driving again after a couple of years.

      1. Les Roberts

        Hi Ste,

        Thanks for getting in touch – whether or not the proof of no claims is still valid after a couple of years off the road will vary between insurer, however, what you can’t do is list your grandad as the main driver and owner of the vehicle if this isn’t the case. This is a type of insurance fraud known as ‘fronting’ and not only will it invalidate your cover it’ll leave you wide open to prosecution.

        You can find out more about fronting here.

        Have you considered telematics insurance? It’s where your car is fitted with a device that monitors your driving style and, as long as you keep within the rules of the road, it can dramatically cut the cost of cover for young and new drivers. Even if the thought of having your driving monitored doesn’t appeal, it can get you significant savings – you can read more about telematics (including a case study on a young driver who cut his premium massively) here, and I also did a video explaining the pros and cons of it here.

        Hope that helps.


  51. susan

    Dont know if I can do this here but here is my question.
    I had 11 years no claims bonus back in September 2011 and to date of 24th February 2014 have not driven. Im now in the process at driving again and would ask how much if any no claims bonus should I say I have or had?

    1. Les Roberts

      Tough one to answer, this, as it will vary between providers.

      The best thing you can do is shop around for quotes putting in you’re full 11 years no claims discount, and when you find one you’re happy with, get in touch with the insurer and ask them whether tehy’ll accept your no claims discount even though you’ve been off the road for a few years.

      Hope that helps.

  52. Charlene Green


    I am insured with Churchill i have 8 years no claims. Unfortunately i had an accident and Churchill informed me i would lose 2 years no claims and added that because they only consider 5 years they will be leaving me with 3 years no claims bonus. Surely this is wrong because when my renewal is up and i search elsewhere there ARE other insurance companies who consider 9+ years. Does anybody have any advice regarding this.

    Kind Regards

    1. Les Roberts

      Hi Charlene,

      I recently got in touch with both Churchill and the Association of British Insurers to see what their respective positions were regarding your case, here’s what they had to say…

      Churchill: “Churchill offers an 80 per cent discount as an introductory offer for new customers who have eight years or more NCD, and continue to reward up to nine years’ NCD for existing customers who remain claim-free. However, if a customer makes a claim and they have over five years’ NCD this will be reduced to three years’ NCD after a first claim.”

      ABI: “The No Claim’s Bonus is a tool used differently by each insurer, there is no standard formula across the industry. That said, the UK motor insurance market is highly competitive and we would recommend shopping around to achieve the best quote possible.”

      Unfortunately, it looks like the insurer is well within its rights to reduce your NCD in this way – it does seem wholly unfair but it looks like consumers are at the mercy of each individual insurer’s rules.

      Sorry I couldn’t come back with any better news.

  53. Peter Walker

    Recently took out Insurance with Lancaster Insurance.
    Now I am out of the cooling off period they requesting proof of no claims for 9+ yrs.
    I have not made a claim for over 40yrs but how do I prove that, most companies only give 5-6yrs NCD proof?
    Contacted recent Ins companies who only keep records 5yrs.

    Suspect next move will be they will want to increase my premium as I cant produce 9+yrs NCD or hit me with cancellation costs.

    Could be a nice little scam for them.

  54. Drew

    I had 2 cars for a while, so 2 seperate insurance polices.
    I have now gone back to just one car.
    1 policy had accumilated around15 years No claims bonus where the other accumilated around 6.
    I am now using the 6 years no claims bonus but cant fing or remember the compny last using the 15 years no claims.
    Is there any way I can find this ?

  55. Don Hanney

    I’ve long been peeved by this insurance-company scam, having lost many years ncb through various companies recognising limited years of claim-free policies. Surely there should be an industry standard.
    I want to present this issue to a national petition via, but to which regulating body should the national petition be addressed?

      1. Les Roberts

        Hi Liz,

        Thanks for posting your thoughts, I agree entirely with you and this is something I am going to be looking into in more detail as it’s completely unfair that each insurer can just pluck an arbitrary figure from the air and take years’ worth of NCD away – and motorists have no recourse whatsoever.

        I’ll keep you posted.


  56. romilla gordon

    I signed up to the RAC for new insurance and two issues have arisen.

    1) I sent my current renewal as proof of NCD which recorded 3 years with them and five accrued from the previous insurer. RAC would only accept the 3 and said i need proof of the previous. I therefore found my last renewal from 2011 confirming 5 years NCD but RAC say its not valid as its more than 2 years old!.
    Are they saying for example that if you had a different insurer every year for 9 years you would have to approach each one for a recently dated proof of NCD and then have to keep doing it in theory. I cant believe that is possble
    2) Rather disturbingly the RAC person also said that i should go for 6 years NCD as if you go for 9 the premium goes up! Are they saying that the longer you havent had a claim the more chance there is you will have one in the future ! I Anyone else come across this.

    I think RAC should be avoided.

  57. Nicola Harland

    I phoned my new prospective insurers (Saga) to ask about their policy for obtaining proof of NCD. I was told they contact the previous insurers, but having signed up I received an email asking for to forward proof, which I already knew I didn’t have because my Zurich renewal quote failed to mention how many years I have (10 years by now).
    When I phoned Zurich they made me go through all their spiel and said they wanted to keep me as a customer but their improved quote was still much higher than Saga. They said they would send proof of NCD after my policy with them has expired, within 5 days. I will struggle to meet the Saga deadline. This policy encourages people to leave renewal until the last minute. I appreciate that I could potentially make a claim on the last day of my existing policy, but there ought to be a way that insurers can check with each other, or on a central data base, what a customer’s claims history is.

  58. TweetL

    Hi I am a qualified ADI and having taught my son to drive I wanted him to be able to drive the car. My insurers (there are few who do driving instructor insurance) were unable to offer me cover to include an 18+ NQD so I had to find a company that did. Because I changed policies within 6 weeks of the renewal date I have lost this whole years NCD but I was unable of this when I said I had 4 years NCD. The new insurers checked with the old insurers who will only validate the three so the new insurers called me to say I had to pay an additonal £300 + on what was already a hefty jump from my original insurance. The tone of the person that called me sounded like he really wanted to call me a liar but I think it’s unfair that almost a whole year’s NCD should be lost because the original insurers were unable to offer me the cover/extension to my cover that I required. Truly hacked off and extremely disappointed.

  59. Tim McLelland

    I have just bought insurance from Direct Line (yesterday). I haven’t had a car for four years but DL were my last insurer. They have just mailed me and said that if the last cover was over three years ago they would not provide proof of No Claims Bonus. I assume that the cover I have bought will not be valid so I will have to cancel it and look elsewhere? Surely they should have my last cover on their database – it’s only four years ago?

    1. Mark Hooson Post author

      Hi Tim,

      In researching this article we found that many insurers consider NCD to be expired if it isn’t used for two years, which seems to be the case here, unfortunately.

  60. Jeff

    Most Car Insurance firms try the same trick. What I now do is threaten them with complaining to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

    All Databases have to be registered, all data on a database should be correct, if its not you have the legal right to request the data a company hold about you. You also have the right to have wrong information corrected. A company can be fined up to £500,000 for serious breaches of the data protection act!

    My NCD says “Sixteen years” from my insurer I just left….I had to threaten them with the ICO before they corrected the “9 years” to “Sixteen”.


  61. Anuj

    I had 2 years car insurance with Clements Worldwide. First year i was driving on International driving license but i got my UK driving license subsequently before my first policy renewal. I gave the information to insurance agent but i was still given 0 NCD which i did not noticed as i was unaware of procedures and got my policy renewed with them though paid higher annual premium. They further did not updated their record to show that i am holding UK license. This year i am struggling to get my NCD from them and my policy is due for renewal next week. I had made no claims in last 2 years but dont know what i should do to get my NCD documents. I am calling them everyday but no results. What can i do to get my NCD from them.

  62. Claire

    I recently switched from Ford Insure to Lloyds and accrued 4years no claims. I requested my proof from Ford the day before my policy expired on June 4th. I never received this and when I called them to enquire last Friday 16th June, was told that it had “been returned to them by the PO as I was unknown at the address”. This is not the case. They advised me to call and inform Lloyds of the delay and that they would resend it. Lloyds told me that my renewal letter from Ford would be proof enough of NCB if it had my name and address on. I photocopied and sent them all 10 pages of this document. All good I thought.

    I then received an email from Lloyds yesterday 23rd June that told me the proof I had sent was not valid and I should resubmit it by 25th June or risk an additional fee. I called Lloyds again and they told me that they had only received “1 page” and it didn’t have my name and address “so it could’ve been anyone’s!” I them emailed them a photograph of the NCB document that had arrived that day from Ford.

    I received an instant automated response, thanking me for submitting the document and that they would be in touch in “the next few days”. I called Lloyds at lunchtime, only to be told that it would take 48 hours to be scanned into their system, so wasn’t showing up as received yet. The NCB department of Lloyds closes at 5pm. I sent the email at 6pm yesterday. By my reckoning, I won’t hear anything until Monday at the earliest!

    I then came home this evening to open a letter from Lloyds dated 22nd June saying “as we have not received evidence of your NCB we will therefore need to deduct an additional £422.25 on July 3rd” this is more than I paid in the first place and they are are saying I will loose my NCB and be returned to “starter”.

    Please advise me as to what to do next. This is really a problem of Ford Insures making and I regret switching now!

  63. Cezar

    I am about to renew my insurance. I am insured by RAC underwrited by AVIVA. one month ago i’ve found my wing mirror smashed next to town center. called the police and next day rac to ask them how much will cost me to change the mirror on the insurance. at the end of the day this is what fully comp mean. BIG MISTAKE!! they ask me to call aviva. done that and AVIVA quote me £370 plus 1year ncb (i have 4). Obviously i said no thanks and bought a mirror from ebay for £26. when i’ve login in rac self centre now it appears i have made 1 claim for an accident!!! i called them many time to remove that as i haven’t claim anything but they refused under the pretext it’s a non fault claim and is there for there own records!! i’ve made a written complain and if they will not remove it i will take the matter to ico and ombuondsman. there are strict rules to process the data, they cannot do whatever they want..

  64. mike barrow

    Hi my name mike barrow when I first started driving I insured my car with a company called ‘budget’ with ‘budget’ I have about 6 years worth of no claims bonus with this company but since then they have gone broke and I would like to no how could I possibly get this no claims bonus back

  65. Sheri

    My car insurance is due for renewal on the 24th, we had someone go into the side of us in July…their fault, they took the blame, we had the money come through as it was classed as a CAT D….now my renewal has come through, and where i should be getting my 8 year no claims bonus this year….they’ve reduced it to 3! I’ve rang n noted the mistake, and they’ve said that because the third party insurance are dragging their feet to pay them and all the costs haven’t been recovered yet then my no claims is reduced to 3 years?! If this doesn’t get fixed in time for my renewal but after…so i have to give 3 years, can i ring a new insurer that i’ll have to go with at a later date to change it from the 3 years to 8 years…or will it my 8yrs be lost forever if it doesn’t get fixed in time?!

  66. Matt

    Hi Guys and Girls,

    Not sure if anyone can help but I have a question.

    I have 2 insurance policies on my 2 motorbikes. Recently I have had to make a claim on one policy as a guy pulled out in front of me and left the scene of the accident. My question is, if I claim on one policy, do I lose my no claims discount on my other policy?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.


  67. Ian M

    For the second time in my driving career I’m faced with a situation where a change of insurer was necessitated by a skyrocketing premium despite no claims, and now, the new insurer won’t accept the previous insurer’s paperwork as proof of NCB. In spite of that paperwork clearly stating 19 years with no claims.

    The worst thing is that there is nothing you can do to forestall this situation, because NCD proof is not asked for until AFTER you have bought and paid for the insurance. So, by the time you’re caught in this trap, it’s too late to avoid it by choosing a different insurer.

    In view of the amount of information held on computer about drivers and vehicles these days, this situation is completely and utterly unacceptable. I think we can assume they know perfectly well if any claims have been made against the customer since the year dot, and are simply ‘playing the paperwork’ to deliberately make things difficult for people.

    They will be aware that making a change of insurer a traumatic process works to their benefit, by creating a captive market in which they can steadily increase premiums year by year without losing the customer. Hence the motive.

    The insurance cartels claim that Continuous Enforcement is to stop uninsured driving, but I think we start to see the darker motives behind this, and frankly it stinks of corruption.

    It’s (way past) time there was a governmental inquiry into this malpractice. Just as there should also be an inquiry into the new malpractice of renewing policies automatically without customer agreement. For a start , there needs to be a compulsory standardisation of the means of proving NCD, so that no lame excuses can be made for rejecting it.

  68. Pete

    All now becomes clear. I’m in the process of being stung by Lloyds for having no NCD because my lack of claims for many years with Admiral was for another car. They’ve got free access to my bank account, and can do whatever they want: massive increase in premium; summary cancellation with large fee; premium phone access to dismissive ‘advisors’. Why do government and regulators allow such widespread thievery? Can we have a list of MPs who are paid by the insurance companies, please?

  69. James Greaves

    Trying to sort my sons insurance with Tesco, they asked for proof of no claims, we sent his proof that he had 55% NBC. They are now threatening to cancel his policy if we don’t send the Ncb in years not %.WHY

  70. Joanna Jackson

    Time and time again I get caught out by the NCD scam…I can never find it, send it and then its not received/lost, have to ring the old company etc
    The last few years have been hell.I was with Tesco they didn’t receive my Churchill policy , I resent it and then they accepted it and confirmed this. Then I changed to Lloyds. Same scenario. I couldn’t find the Tesco NCD evidence asked them for a copy and they sent a letter that said ‘9 years ncd not seen’! Even though they sent me a letter thanking me for receiving it!!! Lloyds then sent me a letter saying they hadn’t received it but I didn’t look at the back until this time when I changed and I discovered that they had decided my husband had no, no claims and whacked the premium up. When I tackled them they said it was because the policy was in the name of Mrs Vincent Vosper not Mr!!! This was clearly a typo on behalf of Tesco’s but they did not accept it. So now for my new insurer swift cover I only have a letter saying he has 0 no claims….what a monumental mess and we have both been driving for 20-35 years and never claimed a penny…something needs to change and an Ombudsman should take this up. Insurers have a MID why can’t the inforrmation required be on that?

  71. Mike Wallace

    I am with Saga – not bad, but give your NCD in % which is fairly useless. I have 9 years without a claim, but at best, if Saga does provide it, will only show the time I have been with them – 4 years.

    Direct line gave a good quote £37 cheaper – but needed proof of 9 years – I had to cancel the policy with them before it started and go back to Saga.

    Stupid people – yes they can get more money short term, but wont know who the safest drivers are costing them more in the long run.

    BTW if you have two cars and two seperate policies – a claim on one may well affect the other policy. Fair? only if they accept the same NCD on each policy.

  72. Phil Street

    I have just moved from Aviva to AXA. AXA required proof of my no claims discount. I contacted Aviva and they sent me a proof of discount document, but for just 8 years no claims discount. I sent this to AXA. AXA have now told me they will increase the premium they quoted as the proof of NCD does not match the period of time I said I had amassed. I have not made a claim since 1976, but as a result of Aviva’s proof of NCD It appears I have now lost 30 years of no claims.
    Is this legal? Do I have recourse to FCA?

  73. Phil Street

    My post of 10.22 p.m. on October 21st should have read 1976 not 1076, even I’m not that old!!
    Please delete original message please.

  74. jason

    Can anyone tell me if you have had no claims in the past but have not had an insurance policy for 5 or 6 years do you lose your no claims discount? Thank you in advance.

    1. Les Roberts

      You’ll have to check with whoever your next insurer is, but it seems NCD entitlement usually has a shelf-life of about two years – if you’ve been off the road or haven’t had a policy for five or six years it’s unlikely your NCD from the past will be taken into consideration.

  75. Aleks

    Dear Sirs,
    My policy with GoSkippy expired end of Aug14, I renewed with Tesco Bank after using a comparison website. Tesco Bank needed my NCD history (I have 1 year) which they gave me 2 weeks to send them. I’ve been in the UK since 2012 and purchased my own car and driving under insurance in 2013.
    After numerous telephone calls Go Skippy had not sent my NCD via email as requested. This took so long that the time given by Tesco Bank expired and they automatically cancelled my policy. Finally, it turned out GoSkippy took down my email details incorrectly and then I received the NCD but it was too late to reinstate my policy with Tesco Bank.

    Now, the number of insurers available to me are limited as I need to state that ‘I have had a policy cancelling in the past’. On top of this the premiums are 50% more expensive, which I cannot afford. Is there any way of reporting the above problem, It was not fully my fault and more importantly I have the NCD but was unable to provide it due to the incompetence of GoSkippy. All I’d like to achieve is somehow removing the ‘cancelled’ record from my name to enable more competitive premiums?

    I hope the above makes sense, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Les Roberts

      Hi Aleks,

      Really sorry to hear about the trouble you’re having with your insurance – following your query we updated the article with a ‘How to complain’ section.

      It looks like this could be one to take up with the ombudsman, but before you can do this you need to make a complaint to your insurer, in this case Go Skippy.

      Here’s what you need to do…

      If you have a grievance with an insurance company, you need to complain to them, so get in touch as ask for details of their official complaints procedure. Always keep a note of the time and date of your call, and ask for the name of the person to whom you speak. Store any emails you send and any replies you get.

      The rules give the insurance company eight weeks to look into your complaint and respond fully.

      If you wish, the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) – which is free to use – will contact the insurer and tell them about your complaint. Full details of this service here.

      If you’ve complained to an insurance company and don’t feel you’ve been treated fairly, give the FOS a call: 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567. They will review the case and, if appropriate, take up the matter on your behalf.

      Have you struggled to get proof of no claims from an old insurer? Or have you failed to get the proof to your new insurer on time and paid for it? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

      Hope that helps, do let us know how you get on and get in touch if you need any more help.


  76. sue

    Although Saga say they inform you of your no claims, they give it in a % not a year, when you try to get a quote from other companies they all want years, Saga make it very difficult until your policy has not been renewed, they then send it in writing! apply for it in writing in good time to get alternative -accurate- quotes.

  77. Madli


    I’ve just switched from InsureTheBox to Bell and have discovered that InsureTheBox haven’t provided me with protected NCB which I had asked for in the beginning of my cover with them and I’m sure I’ve been paying for it. And I had an accident earlier in the summer, so now of course Bell is asking for the proof of my 2 years worth of NCB but InsureTheBox is going to say I have ZERO NCB (due to their mistake which they’re probably not going to admit) and I’m in the risk of having my policy cancelled. I would appreciate any reply, thanks!

    1. Les Roberts

      Hi there,

      You need to check your old policy documents as soon as possible to see whether it says you had your NCB protected and whether you were making the payments for protected NCB – if your policy documents say you did have protected NCB and/or you were paying the extra premium to have your NCB protected, get in touch with Insure The Box and make it clear you need your proof of NCB right away. Make sure you take the name of the person you speak to and ask them what the complaints procedure is should they not carry out your request.

      You then need to make a call to Bell and explain the situation to them, hopefully they can take steps to ensure your policy isn’t cancelled.

      IF you’re not satisfied with the response from Insure the Box, complain via their standard complaints procedure, if this doesn’t work you should go to the ombudsman.

      However, if your policy documents don’t indicate you had your NCB protected, and/or you weren’t paying the extra premium to have it protected, you’ll just have to take it on the chin and start again from zero years’ no claims.

  78. jedi


    I had built up 16 years no claims bonus via various insurance companies and have made NO claims in that time, My present Insurer will only give me proof of no claims for “10 years or more”?

    what does that actually mean? have I lost those 6 years through no fault of my own?

    My to be new Insurance company wants proof in years totalling 16 years, my present Insurer stands by the “10 years or more” quote. My new Insurer will only discount me 10 years as opposed to 16 years……I loose out!!!!

    Is this right?

    1. Les Roberts

      Hi there,

      Unfortunately, the area of no claims discount (NCD) is a very murky one and differs from insurer to insurer – if you go with the insurer offering a discount of ’10 years or more’ the chances are that not only will the remaining six years you’ve amassed be disregarded, you may also find when it comes to renewal and you ask for your proof of NCD, you may found that has dropped to just 10 years too.

      It’s best you speak to the insurance company in question about this matter, and find out if adding NCD protection will mean the 16 years’ you’ve built up stays intact.

      You can read more on how it works in this article – – it is worth a read as it goes into more detail than I can here.

      Hope that helps, and sorry I couldn’t come back with any better news.

  79. Angharad

    It is renewal time again and we got quoted for 14 years no claims. Despite my husband having not claimed for 14 years, our documents from the old insurer only say 7 years. We have been with them for 2 years. So the new company now say that they will charge us an additional £63 premium plus £30 admin fee as we cannot provide proof of 14 years, only 7. We are loosing what we saved by switching. Its just another way for insurers to trap you. Has anyone come across a solution to this?

  80. LizD

    Maybe an HM Government e-petitions should be used to force this NCD issue, I say this as this issue will/should effect the suits in parliament also.


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