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  • Money Matters episode 13 - Use your ISA allowance

    Money Matters episode 13 - Use your ISA allowance

    Updated: 28 January 2014

    As the end of the tax year on April 5 comes into view, our editor-in-chief, Clare Francis, speaks to banking expert Kevin Mountford about why you should use your ISA allowance before it’s too late...

  • Money Matters episode 11 - Saving for children

    Money Matters episode 11 - Saving for children

    Updated: 14 January 2014

    In this weeks Money Matters, Clare Francis takes a look at transferring your Child Trust Fund over to a Junior ISA...

  • What is peer-to-peer lending?

    What is peer-to-peer lending?

    Updated: 10 January 2014

    Peer-to-peer lending websites offer a way for savers to lend directly to borrowers, cutting out the need for banks and building societies – and their charges. Because of this, savers can achieve higher returns than they might from a standard savings account, while borrowers can benefit from lower loan rates. So how does each side work?

  • Money advice for new parents

    Money advice for new parents

    Updated: 22 July 2013

    As exciting as planning for a baby is, it can also be a daunting and stressful time. Having to adjust your lifestyle to cope with the new arrival is hard enough. In this video our mums and dads give their advice and tips to make things a little easier...

  • What is a Junior ISA?

    What is a Junior ISA?

    Updated: 05 April 2013

    It’s never too soon to start putting money aside for the future, and getting children into the savings habit with a Junior ISA can be a great idea. So how do these tax-free products work? Who is eligible, how much can you save, and what are the options when the child reaches 18?

  • What is an ISA in 90 seconds

    What is an ISA in 90 seconds

    Updated: 21 February 2013

    ISAs are the first savings account you should take out. But what are they? We'll give you the low-down in just 90 seconds...

  • Kids talk money

    Kids talk money

    Updated: 17 January 2013

    At MoneySupermarket we aim to help every household make the most of their money, so with that in mind, we’ve started a campaign to teach children both the importance of finance, and how to be savvy with their money.

    But to get things started, we asked our super kids savers a few questions about what money means to them...

  • Top 10 money tips for 2013

    Top 10 money tips for 2013

    Updated: 20 December 2012

    Taking control of your finances in the New Year is a lot simpler than it sounds. You can start the ball rolling with our 10 top money tips…

  • What kids think about money

    What kids think about money

    Updated: 28 November 2012

    How much is a lot of money? And if you had a lot of money what would you spend it on? Clare Francis spoke to some children from Euxton Primrose Hill Primary School in Lancashire to find out their views on money…

  • Teaching kids about money

    Teaching kids about money

    Updated: 21 November 2012

    Money is something we all need to manage and an increasing number of schools are including financial lessons in their timetables. The pupils of Southlands High School in Chorley, devised their own money management programme which they teach to local primary children. Clare Francis paid them a visit to find out more…

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