Q. What do you think is a lot of money?

Joe (aged 3): 89 hundred!
James (aged 7): Erm, a £1,000?
Jacob (aged 9): A million pounds!
Kezia (aged 10): A hundred pounds?
Jacob (aged 7): A £1,000!

Q. What would you do with a lot of money?

Ryan (aged 9): Well, I’d buy the world!
Jacob: I’d buy the Beano every day!
Kezia: I would save some of it, and then I’d buy an iPad or something!
Jacob: Spend it...(what would you spend it on?)...Toys!

Q. How much pocket money do you get?

James: £2.
Ryan: Probably around £1 a week?
Jacob: £2.50.
Kezia: £2.50.
Jacob (7): £2 a week.

Q. What do you spend your money on?

Ryan: I like to save it up and go and spend it on something I really like.
Jacob: I mostly spend it or buy the Beano.
Kezia: I save some of it, but sometimes I spend it on sweets!
Jacob: Save it up!

Q. Would you rather have a daily 10p pick & mix, or pocket money?

Jacob: Pocket money.
Kezia: Pocket money which I can save up.
Ryan: I’d rather have pocket money I could save to buy things.
James: Pocket money...
Joe: ...Proper money....Yes!
Jacob: Pocket money to save up.

Q. What could you buy with £1,000?

Joe: ...I would buy a utility room (both laugh)
Ryan: Buy a new house, buy a new car!
Jacob: Hmmm...I’d save it!
Jacob: Errrrm...a car!
Kezia: I would save most of it and then spend the rest of it on things that I really needed.
James: I would buy...I think this might cost a little more...but I would buy a computer that let you download anything you wanted for free?

Q. How long would it take to save £1,000?

Joe: 89!
James: I think it would take...(thinks)
Joe: I know, it’s 89!
James: ...three and a half years?
Ryan: Probably about two years?
Jacob: A few years?
Kezia: A couple of years?
Jacob: Three years!

Q. How much money would you pay to stay up past your bedtime?

Joe: I know...
James: I think it might cost...
Joe: ...I know! I know, James...
Ryan: A pound!
Jacob: £50!
James: I would pay...£25.
Kezia: Erm...£10?!
Jacob: £5!
Joe: 89 hundred pounds!