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Utilita is an independent Gas and Electricity supplier who specialise in prepayment energy through the use of modern Smart Meters.

Utilita is the leading provider of prepayment Gas and Electricity in the UK, aiming to offer a fairer deal to families and energy conscious households through the use of modern smart meters. The first energy supplier to model itself on the needs of prepayment customers, Utilita is focused on maintaining competitive tariffs and developing user friendly ways to pay-as-you-go.

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Added 12/01/2013, reviewed by nathan (bracewell)

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So far I have been without any gas for 2 days. Everytime I call there so called emergency help line I have to listen to a 5 minute message about how my meter worksm I'm sure by now I should have a degree in those meters. Once you listen to all of the message I am passed to a voicemail and told ill be contacted asap. Is 2 days and counting asap? Got a small child who can't even stay at home it's that cold. Cheers utilita cold and can't see my child. To leave a family like this for this long is a discrase! Tried topping up online and at a paypoint neither will work. Avoid youu get what you pay for!!

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utilta is a joke

Added 16/12/2012, reviewed by anonymous (cumbria)

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I am a new tennant in a property that already had meters in! i have always paid my utilities by direct debit, until i moved into this new property! So 3weeks previous to moving i rang and set up an account with utilita at the adress i was moving to as was informed by the land lord that this was yhe the gas supplier! to cut a long story short there has been debt on the meter from previous occupants, this should of been cleared but has not been! In 4 days the gas meter has ate £40+, so i rang them and reported this and still nothing has been done about it, when i asked how im suposed to pay for it wile they drag there feet i was told to borrow some money off someone!!! This is! un acceptable!! The moneys not the problem its there attitude! Keep away they are a joke

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Added 12/12/2012, reviewed by Vicky (Denton)

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Been with utilita 3 months because I fell for the nonsense of the over enthusiastic salesman, smart meters that tell you how many days of gas you have and no higher tariff if u use emergency, online top up, no trampling round in the cold to get gas and leccy... RUBBISH.. Still got old meters that charge you more for emergency, it goes off when the gas or electric run out whatever time it is and it's costing me £35 a week in gas and that's without putting my heating on and £25 a week in electric, I was not told I was entering in a contract I would have keep or pay to get out of...READ MARTINS MONEY SAVING TIPS AND KNOW YOUR RIGHTS... YOU MAY BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF YOUR CONTRACT FREE AND WITH COMPENSATION...share your results whatever the outcome. GOOD LUCK

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Added 11/12/2012, reviewed by anonymous (parrot)

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Customer Services are abysmal. When you top up with Utilita, the payment is supposed to be credited to the meter automatically. This DOESN'T happen. The codes have to be entered manually, which defeats the object. Had several issues with Utilita, and still waiting for satisfactory response. Normally get no reply from them, or the Advisors know nothing. Deeply regret choosing Utilita.

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Added 01/12/2012, reviewed by anonymous (Derbyshire)

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As for the reviews slating this company about prices, isn't it your own duty to check on competitor pricing before switching? Rather annoying reading people moan who just moan for the sake of it!! How can people score this company down on payment options?? You have SMS, phone, online or pay point... How many more do you need? Prices are great with no standing charge, great customer service and the information provided was easy to understand. Can see why people are switching from the big 7!!

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