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Utilita is an independent Gas and Electricity supplier who specialise in prepayment energy through the use of modern Smart Meters.

Utilita is the leading provider of prepayment Gas and Electricity in the UK, aiming to offer a fairer deal to families and energy conscious households through the use of modern smart meters. The first energy supplier to model itself on the needs of prepayment customers, Utilita is focused on maintaining competitive tariffs and developing user friendly ways to pay-as-you-go.

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Avoid - waiting for refund for 5 months

Added 11/03/2013, reviewed by anonymous (Rustington)

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Firstly when we moved in they billed both us and the previous tennants for gas / electricity and no one would ever have know if we didn't know the previous owners well. A number of mistakes by them on the Direct Debits lead to them pulling large lumps out in access of £700 without notice. We cancelled over 4 months ago and they have still not refunded £400 of over payments.

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Saving £5 a week just on Electricity.

Added 04/03/2013, reviewed by Steve (Chorley)

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Took 2 months to get smart meter installed, e mailed them a couple of times wondering how long it takes to switch, was not happy that never got a reply, was going to leave even before they had installed the meter. So glad I did not, little unit in my kitchen informs me of how much I am using each day, can top up online at home which is great, got free £5 on meter when installed, and to top it off, cannot beleive that we are now using about £13 a week electric when with previous prepayment meter with Ebico was putting around £18 a week in, what a saving that is, though I have a feeling we were being ripped off with the previous supplier, as when we topped up it always seemed to take about 40p off the balance, but no complaints at all......yet.

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Best advice? Stay away!!

Added 23/02/2013, reviewed by Mark Ashton (Killingworth)

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Joined Utilita in August 2012 after a salesman came to my door, sounded great and signed up, received information pack about a week later advising me that I would be contacted shortly about a installation date for my new smart meters. September came, nothing had been heard so I contacted Utilita, I explained why I was ringing and was advised my application had been lost, went through all the information again and another week passed, received my welcome pack, then NOTHING again until I rang the team again in November, received another apology and this time I was given an installation date for between 1pm and 5pm, received a call on the installation date at 3:50pm that they weren't coming, it's now February and still nothing, I have now cancelled my contract and went back to old supplier.

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Happy as Larry!!

Added 06/02/2013, reviewed by David (Gateshead)

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Changed about two months ago and was a little dubious to start with as no change when my key and card came. Had been told the benefits would show when the meters were fitted. Never a truer word was spoken. ot smart meter fitted 2 weeks ago and it is great. No more folding myself into the cupboard. And prices are superb now. Have topped up almost 10 pounds less each of the weeks since these were fitted. Thoroughly recomended!!

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can`t belive this company is still runni

Added 03/02/2013, reviewed by anonymous (high wycombe)

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This company never fitted the meter, i know about 10 people who live near me allso never had there meter fitted. The sales man comes round promis this system which sounds really good but your lucky to get it .The customer service just to rude.By the way if you do get your meter fitted the credit dose not go on like there say,often you will to tap in a 16 digit number and there price for energy is middle of the road not the cheapest as they claim.KEEP AWAY IF I WAS YOU FROM THIS COMPANY.

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