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They don't come much greener than 'Good Energy' - the only provider to supply 100% of their energy from renewable sources. Although their prices are not as competitive as the 'BIG 6', these guys are really in it for the environment and pledge to replace every unit of energy used by their customers with a unit of energy from renewable sources – wind, small-scale hydro and solar.

All Good Energy's electricity comes from certified renewable sources like sunshine, wind and water. Produced by a growing community of independent generators across Britain, it's local too. Founded in 1999, it was the first electricity supplier to have a 100% renewable fuel mix. Over a decade later, its mission to help tackle climate change and create a secure energy future stands as strong as ever. It supports a growing community of over 93,500 independent generators across the UK and is investing in new sources of renewable power.

Good Energy has been voted top of the Which? customer satisfaction survey three years running and has consistently topped Ethical Consumer’s survey as the best green electricity supplier.
Good Energy also works with the National Trust to help it develop its own renewable energy generation projects, cut its energy usage and inspire individuals and communities to do the same.

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We were charged for someone else's elect

Added 03/08/2014, reviewed by Hanni (Cardiff)

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We switched to Good Energy mainly based on its "green" profile. This was a big mistake and I'm sure our experience couldn't have been worse.. First of all, they were charging £50/month by direct debit even without explaining what it was based on. However, we were simultaneously using the British Gas meter and topping it up on a regular basis. The whole system seemed very messy and we started wondering what they were charging us for. When I started investigating this, it took them a long while to realise that we had actually been paying for our NEIGHBOUR'S electricity! How's that even possible? Altogether, we paid £150 to this company and still haven't gotten our money back. We would NEVER recommend this company to anyone!!! Terrifying customer service.

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Terrible customer service avoid

Added 25/10/2013, reviewed by anonymous (Llanberis)

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Signed up to gas & electric because I am supportive of green energy. Despite 3 (!!) attempts at setting up a DD it has not materialised hence am in debt. Responded to letters threatening a court warrant by phoning, outlining payment plan and making a token payment - was assured that the warrant would not be applied for. However 2 weeks later I have had a baliff on the doorstep to fit a prepayment meter - on the spot payment of £100 was refused by good energy. Customer services are polite but only open office hours, so very difficult for me to contact due to work. Cannot choose the date of your DD coming out so difficult to budget. I am waiting the reponse of my written complaint and will change suppliers the minute I have paid off the outstanding debt. Very dissapointed indeed. Avoid.

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Unbelievably Bad Customer Service

Added 26/08/2013, reviewed by anonymous (Meadows)

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I am SO ANGRY with this incompetent bunch. I signed up with them on 26th April. After receiving my initial sign up letters in May and June it all seemed to go quiet so I called to ensure they had all they needed. They confirmed they had and that they would take over my account on the 1st July and start taking funds from my account on 1st August.. O. n checking I discovered no funds had been taken and that my meters had not even been transferred. They have basically wasted 4 months when I could have been saving towards my winter fuel bills and screwed my budgeting right up. I thought it would be great to deal with a small local more eco friendly company but in reality the whole exercise has been a complete waste of my time and energy. I would not recommend them at all..

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Very satisfied with being green

Added 30/03/2013, reviewed by Darren Andrews (Uckfield)

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I have been a Good Energy customer for many years now and have no complaints. They are unobtrusive and polite and get the job done. It's easy to pay by quarterly bills or monthly payments and I've always been very satisfied with the service I've received. Even if my payment was a bit late, I only received a polite reminder in the post, not a nasty red letter full of threats that other companies send. Wanting to be eco-friendly is the reason I switched to Good Energy but I'm very happy that I can also enjoy good service. In fact, I'm going to switch my gas to them too.

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Good service, clear conscience.

Added 27/03/2013, reviewed by Steve (Ivybridge)

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I've been with them for several years now with no problems, and a warm glow inside from doing my tiny bit to help safeguard the future of our planet. I don't find them expensive and hey, even if they were, what's the price of coal and nuclear. I don't recall them coming very often to read the meter, but whenever I receive a bill, I check my meter against their estimate and, if necessary, let them know online. It's always amended promptly and taken into account on my next bill. I don't need them to read my meter. That costs money and we all end up paying in the end. All in all, a great company.

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