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Ebico Ltd is the UK's only not-for-profit energy company established to bring fairer prices to the gas and electricity markets. Ebico launched EquiGas in 1999 and EquiPower in 2002. EquiGas and EquiPower are designed for simplicity. Each has a single flat-rate and no standing charge, so customers only pay for what they use. In addition, the same unit rate applies whichever payment option the customer selects. So cash and prepayment customers, as well as customers who are able to use Direct Debit facilities, can all access the same fair price. Ebico uses SSE as the licensed supplier to deliver EquiGas and EquiPower so customers have full access to all the backup services provided by this major energy supply company.

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Added 19/08/2013, reviewed by anonymous (Manchester)

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I applied to switch to ebico online and I get a postcard asking me to call them. So I call them and they said they could not go ahead to switch unless I pay a deposit or opt in to pay via direct debit to which I explained I only pay on receipt of bill and have done all my life and also that I dont have any credit score problems plus I have been with sse for years and have not missed a single payment. The woman called through to another department and then came back to me still saying the same thing and then said we dont have your date of birth on the application (which I told her I had filled in) and that they dont take your previous address and billing into account. I told them to scrap it. An absolutely INCOMPETENT company who cant even get through application stage without messing up.

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Ebico is definately the best

Added 06/08/2013, reviewed by moira (liverpool)

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I wrote a review earlier, I praised the wonderful customer service from southern electric who Ebico are run through. I also said their tarrifs seem to be the highest, but I have since discovered that all other companies seem to have a daily standard charge for gas and electric. Ebico do not have this and so that is why the tarrif is a little higher. I am staying put as they have been great. Always correct bills, wonderful on the phone. I pay as I get the bill, it makes no difference with Ebico if you pay direct debit or just pay as bill arrives. Having read through reviews for various companies, I think I will definately stay with them.

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Rip Off 25% Dearer than others

Added 19/04/2013, reviewed by stephen (preston)

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Was with Ebico as they are non profit, and you are led to believe you are on the best deal because of that, energy supplied by southern electric, ebico rate for my area is 15.75 pence but southerns own rate is 12.016, even key meters are cheaper than ebico, my bills rose over the last two years and was consistently asking southern why, yet not once did they say the rate was expensive over 25% more, i feel let down as even though you are with ebico, the bills come from southern and it says you are on the best tariff, yet clearly you are not. I urge ANYONE that is using ebico to check the rates and if you are in the north west you can save over 30% by simply going elsewhere. i still can believe i paid 25% more in the last years even though i asked why my bills are so high BUYER BEWARE

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ebico do not go there

Added 02/02/2013, reviewed by anonymous (nottingham)

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i moved from sse in October 2012 and went to ebico. what a mistake that was. my gas bill doubled in price and my electric went up by £30. ebico will be putting a standing charge on you in july 2013 so move now to cheaper priced caped prices rather then try this rip off company. legalized theft on a massive scale so please take note and dont make the same mistake. ebico is controlled by another company called sse and i have had nothing but problems with these scum bag thieves. the only good thing that come out of all this was i moved. sse will be putting there prices up again in july 2013 so avoid them at all costs

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Great, Smashing,Lovely

Added 16/11/2012, reviewed by Mark (Bury St. Edmunds)

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Switched to EbiCo approx 5-6yrs ago & am totally satisfied with the service that I have received. Recently went to comparison sites (again) to find that the cheapest provider will actually cost me an additional £9.50 p.a. & that is taking into account of the forcasted usage for the next year, also taking into consideration that I am on pre-pay at no extra cost compared to my searching for companies & NOT being on a pre-pay meter. Will not be moving & urge others to seriously consider a move to them.

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