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Bulb are a new renewable energy supplier in the UK. They’ve launched an energy company which aims to be more customer focused than any other supplier. By keeping costs down, they want to make 100% renewable energy something everyone can afford. They’ve developed one, single low cost tariff and invested in the most up to date IT systems to give their members the best levels of service possible. Bulb members can manage their account online at Bulb.co.uk or can call the dedicated, UK-based member support team. Bulb supply energy to both residential and business customers.

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Bulb - Price Change Indicator

See when Bulb changed their Gas & Electricity prices and by how much. Down arrows represent price drops and up arrows represent price increases.

Tariff Name Gas Price
Change %
Electricity Price
Change %
Updated Effective Date
Vari-Fair New Tariff New Tariff New Tariff New Tariff 14/07/2016 14/07/2016 More Details
Vari-Fair New Tariff New Tariff New Tariff New Tariff 07/06/2016 07/06/2016 More Details
Green Electricity + Gas no change no change 16/05/2016 16/05/2016 More Details