Brits get lost in a holi-daze

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Sun-starved Brits get so excited about their holidays that they get in a complete daze and forget to pack key holiday essentials, new research from TravelSupermarket has revealed.

  • Half of Brits have forgotten to take a 'holiday essential' away with them
  • 40 per cent of Brits sunburnt on holiday over the past year

Almost one in two (47 per cent) Brits have set off on a well-earned break and left behind holiday 'essentials' such as  plug adapters (14 per cent), phone chargers (12 per cent) and sunglasses (12 per cent), forcing them to fork out precious holiday money at the airport or as soon as they land. When it comes to packing their suitcase, three per cent of Brits admitted they have even set off without packing any underwear at all.

And Brits aren't just forgetting to take things with them; they're also forgetting to tend to the house before they set off. Twenty-one per cent of Brits have returned home to a stinking fridge after forgetting to empty it of perishable items and 12 per cent have forgotten to take out the bins. Eleven per cent of Brits said they've forgotten to switch off electrical items before heading away and eight per cent have overlooked locking their doors or windows - something which could invalidate home insurance.

This research suggests that in many cases the holiday 'daze' Brits appear to be finding themselves in could be down to a lack of preparation - with a quarter (24 per cent) leaving it until the day before they set off to do their holiday packing, and five per cent packing just hours before setting off on holiday.

It is these silly mistakes that are hitting Brits hard in the wallet. Seven per cent have had to pay for a last minute passport having realised theirs was out of date with an additional seven per cent having to shell out to change the name on their ticket. Four per cent of Brits have even arrived at the airport a day early or a day late.

Something else Brits appear to be forgetting is to put on enough sunscreen. Forty per cent of Brits have been sunburnt on a holiday in the last 12 months, losing precious holiday time staying out of the sun until they recover. However, most Brits won't let a few forgotten items put a dampener on their summer holiday - 45 per cent said falling ill while away would be the one thing that would 'ruin' their break.

TravelSupermarket's travel expert Bob Atkinson said: "Holidays are a great way of getting away from it all and a time to leave your worries at home. Unfortunately it appears that many Brits are leaving a lot more at home. Whilst a forgotten phone charger or travel adapter shouldn't ruin your holiday, you don't want to waste precious holiday time scouring local shops for a replacement and if you forget a few items, it can really eat into your holiday budget. Spending a few minutes double-checking you have everything might seem like a waste of time  as you rush off to the airport, but it could save you a lot of hassle as well as vital  spending money, whilst you are away."

See TravelSupermarket's downloadable packing checklist to make sure you don't forget any essentials:


* Opinium Research carried out an online survey of 2,004 UK adults on behalf of aged 18+ from 31 August to 3 Sept 2012. Results have been weighted to nationally representative criteria



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